What's up, reddit homeslices?! We're superhero rock band The Aquabats! We've been around since 1994, put out 5 studio albums, and had a TV show called The Aquabats! Super Show! 2019 is our 25th anniversary as a band and - thanks to the raddest fans in the world - we're going to be releasing and touring our first new album since 2011's Hi Five Soup!

We are:

We're also bringing back our live action adventure show, The Aquabats! Super Show! as an online series next year, with Jack Black as an executive producer! Our fans have been asking us to crowdfund new music and episodes for years, so we finally did it! We're counting down the final hours of the campaign RIGHT NOW in an epic 4-hour live stream. We're even gonna answer some of your questions LIVE ON THE STREAM!

Order a pizza and come party with us, kids!


OUR ROCK PARTY LIVE STREAM (starts at 2pm PT / 5pm ET): http://theaquabats.com/live

OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: https://theaquabats.com/reddit

EDIT 1: Keep em coming! We're prepping our Live Stream and will be back at it at 2PM PT! Tune in, homies! You might even get your question answered on air!

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jp_books1047 karma

Do you remember in 2004 at Jerry's Pizza when you scratched Todd One off the setlist but a few teens wouldn't stop yelling for it so you threw a water bottle and hit one of them in the head, then promised them shirts from the opening band if they didn't tell their parents? That was my friend and me. The opening band didn't sell shirts so they put us on the guest list for the next night's shows so we ended up playing pool with you at some place in Lancaster until about 20 minutes into the game you stopped pretending to know who we were and walked away in the middle of the game.

Thanks for the good times. I've been to a lot of weird, surreal concerts but Bakersfield & Lancaster took the cake.

The_Aquabats754 karma

Never happened. - Crash

Schaafwond722 karma

What kind of atrocities would a cat with three heads commit?

The_Aquabats632 karma

Well for one thing, there would be a shortage of milk. Because... well kitties love milk!

- Ricky & Crash

ZEN797681 karma

What's a song that you don't normally play live that you'd like to bust out more often?

The_Aquabats865 karma

- Radio Down

- All My Money

- Food Fight on the Moon

- Not enough Danzig covers :(

AjaxTFC611 karma

Jack Black and the Aquabats sounds like a match made in heaven. I haven't really kept up with you guys over the past 10 years, so maybe it's a silly question, but how did that happen? Where did you meet Jack, and how did he get involved?

The_Aquabats649 karma

Jack came on to Yo Gabba in Season 2 and it was love at first sight... for us!

bertnor491 karma

Any of you guys keep in touch with Travis Barker? Just curious - he's has such a strange trajectory!

The_Aquabats679 karma

We grab smoothies every once and a while. Plus he even joined us recently for our 20th Anniversary of The Fury! Rad dude - much love to The Baron von Tito

jonassteele232 karma

Who is Mike Gerudo?

The_Aquabats310 karma

He's that one guy when you're in high school and you need your windows tented. - MCBC

Cockroach_spaghetti219 karma

First off, I have been listening to you guys since 1999 and I've been to every concert you've played in the DC/Baltimore area. The first CD I ever bought was the Fury of the Aquabats. You guys are amazing. I want you to know all to know that whenever I'm down I play the Aquabats and you have always been able to cheer me up. Thank you for that.

MC Bat Commander, I've listened to a few interviews with your good friend Christian Jacobs and it sounds like he's had some rough times, but he keeps going! He's a huge success! If you see him, let him know he's an inspiration to me.

For the band as a whole what is the best way to deal with naysayers? How do you remain positive when people put you down or tell you your dream will never come true? It's tough man.
Love you guys <3

The_Aquabats290 karma

What naysayers? - MCBC

We just say, "Nay hey!" - Jimmy

Usually people who put you down have something going on inside, they're hurt or they're scarred. But I put out love vibes. I feel your pain. But we're here to heal the hurt! We're human band-aids! - MCBC

Boneheadspazmotron186 karma

Got any plans to commemorate the Floating Eye of Death anniversary? It’s my favorite album and I’d love to throw more money at you guys.

The_Aquabats137 karma

Yeah! Sure! - MCBC

SeanBroney159 karma

Hey Aquabats! Congratulations on the Kickstarter, I'm so glad you reached your goal and happy to have helped along the way. My question goes back to your earlier days. A while ago I remember listening to a recording of you on the radio in which you covered the Beastie Boys song Girls. Did this actually happen or an I misremembering hardcore?

The_Aquabats139 karma

Nawww... that was Hanson.

tzghvb118 karma

How many kilos of papermache were used to make all those monsters?

The_Aquabats219 karma

There's no way of knowing that. And we're a little offended. You're assuming we're keeping track rather than just winging it. But clever question. You get 1 brownie point. Redeemable at your nearest Brownie Center. - MCBC

mak10z91 karma

I know its most likely a financial reason, but why did you drop the majority of the brass section from the band?

I love me some horns damn it!

The_Aquabats107 karma

We've never heard that question! Rumor on the street is that Crash kicked them out. Fake news!

shigogaboo85 karma

Oh, hell! I was an Aqua Cadet back in the day! Fury of the Aquabats was the first CD I ever bought. I still have it in my car. It skips a bit, but still good! You guys had a huge impact on my childhood and early teens. Thank you for being you!

When I saw you as a wee lad in Tampa back in... I wanna say 2003 (maybe?), you had an opener who did some crazy things on a weird pipe instrument. It was like nothing I've seen before or since. I never got his name, and it's drivin me crazy for years. Who was that opener act?

Edit: the pipe instument looked like a collection of metal pipes that he "played." I suspect the music was digital, and he had choreography to give the illusion of playing. Either way, it was a unique performance that haunts me.

The_Aquabats92 karma

That one guy... Yes. Really. That's his name. That One Guy.

piranhapunk64 karma

If you all had to trade superpowers for one (1) whole day, which superpowers would you most want to be stuck with besides your own?

The_Aquabats163 karma

- Ricky: I'd like to be invisible!

- Jimmy: I'd like to be a real boy.

- Eaglebones: I would like to fly.

- Crash - There is no better super power than mine.

- MCBC - I'd like the power to restart my metabolism. Maybe age 6?

Choke_M63 karma




The_Aquabats131 karma

Have fun with your friends and buy a tuner.

- Crash

JenHarveyArt53 karma

Is Carl still in prison, or did Cobraman bust him out?

The_Aquabats86 karma

STAY TUNED!!!! (But that was literally a treatment for an episode we had.)

Bluemoon279952 karma

have you guys ever thought about making a lil bat puppet?

The_Aquabats95 karma

We thought about it but then we realized we'd have to use so many tons of papiermache that it wouldn't be worth it.

WeinerlessHotdog50 karma

is pineapple on pizza suitable for Pizza Day?

The_Aquabats137 karma

There's no rules on Pizza Day! Put cranberries on it if you want! - Ricky

EmoKiddio36 karma

MC Bat Commander, do you have a myanimelist? Any anime and/or manga recommendations?

The_Aquabats159 karma

I'm more of a connoisseur of the old school stuff. The new school kinda blends together. So I got back to Gatchaman or Cashaan Robot Hunter. I like Yamato (Star Blazers). Captain Harlock. And Cowboy Bebop is amazing. -MCBC

7fries31 karma

What is your favorite song that you've released so far? What's your least favorite?

The_Aquabats118 karma

MCBC: Pretty Fly For a White Guy is my LEAST favorite song. Oh wait... mean ones we've released??

Crash: Bone Machine is my favorite.

Jimmy: Favorite of all time - Rollin from Limp Bizkit.... MY WAY from Mr. Frank Sinatra!

Ricky: Into the Groove by Madonna

Eaglebones: Hope by the Descendants!

This isn't what you asked at all!

Boneheadspazmotron20 karma

Why is Lil Bat always so angry looking? Who hurt him?

The_Aquabats38 karma

Some people misinterpret the look of anger for being driven! You don't look at DMX and thing why are they so mad all the time?? - MCBC

greenghosty15 karma

What is your favorite venue to play?

The_Aquabats47 karma

The 9:30 Club in DC & Slims in SF & State Theater in St. Petes & Paradise Rock Club in Boston - Eaglebones