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A few months ago, a segment from your show received a lot of flak about two of your contributors writing off the importance of discovering water on mars, and it came off as disrespect to your guest, Bill Nye. My question is, did you have any reservations when planning this segment? It seems like a pretty easy read to see that it would have gone poorly, but it still made air. What would you have done differently, if you could go back and do it again?

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Hey Aquabats! Congratulations on the Kickstarter, I'm so glad you reached your goal and happy to have helped along the way. My question goes back to your earlier days. A while ago I remember listening to a recording of you on the radio in which you covered the Beastie Boys song Girls. Did this actually happen or an I misremembering hardcore?

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Thanks for the response, Larry. For me, I don't think it came off as a conversation as much as it came off as two people saying "Who cares?" to the discovery of water on Mars. That didn't really accomplish much to me, other than trying to take away from a discovery. Regardless, I do really enjoy your show, and appreciate that you took the time to come on here, and answer a question that a lot of people wanted an answer to.

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Do you plan on sending Random Erin through the Hero's Journey?

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Yeah, it seems that way. I thought that since the video is still on YouTube and the ratings are visible, maybe he'd at least try to say something about the segment.

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