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To her credit, it was casual Friday.

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Oh, hell! I was an Aqua Cadet back in the day! Fury of the Aquabats was the first CD I ever bought. I still have it in my car. It skips a bit, but still good! You guys had a huge impact on my childhood and early teens. Thank you for being you!

When I saw you as a wee lad in Tampa back in... I wanna say 2003 (maybe?), you had an opener who did some crazy things on a weird pipe instrument. It was like nothing I've seen before or since. I never got his name, and it's drivin me crazy for years. Who was that opener act?

Edit: the pipe instument looked like a collection of metal pipes that he "played." I suspect the music was digital, and he had choreography to give the illusion of playing. Either way, it was a unique performance that haunts me.

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How does/has your career affected your romantic life, if at all?

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You guys rock! You've no idea how long that stuck in my craw.

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Why is it when characters speak simple spanish sayings, they arent often written as spoken? Sometimes I'll hear a character say "Buenos Diaz,", "si," or, "adios," but subtitles display [spanish greeting] or something to that effect. Am I overestimating the number of people aware of those words?