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First off, I have been listening to you guys since 1999 and I've been to every concert you've played in the DC/Baltimore area. The first CD I ever bought was the Fury of the Aquabats. You guys are amazing. I want you to know all to know that whenever I'm down I play the Aquabats and you have always been able to cheer me up. Thank you for that.

MC Bat Commander, I've listened to a few interviews with your good friend Christian Jacobs and it sounds like he's had some rough times, but he keeps going! He's a huge success! If you see him, let him know he's an inspiration to me.

For the band as a whole what is the best way to deal with naysayers? How do you remain positive when people put you down or tell you your dream will never come true? It's tough man.
Love you guys <3

Cockroach_spaghetti58 karma

Most beautiful response I could have hoped for.