Q. Do all people with tourettes swear?

A. No the disorder for swearing and saying inappropriate things is called Coprolalia. Only 10% of people with TS have coprolalia, I am one of those 10%

Q. Is tourettes involuntary?

A. Kind of, its disvoluntary, meaning I don't choose to tic, however I SOMETIMES can stop it. Controlling tics causes TS patients either pain or discomfort, and eventually does need a release, there's a build up of pressure similar to holding in gas. Some people with TS can control it all day, some people with TS get breaks from their employer to tic for 5 minutes away from customers, and come back to work, I can only safely control it for less than 10 minutes.

Q. Can you joke about it?

A. Sometimes. Sometimes my tics surprise me, and make me laugh. Sometimes the reactions are pretty golden. Personally I don't remember ever laughing when I was away from people who knew me, because the reactions of strangers towards me is a lot different when they see people next to me acting totally normal. When I'm with friends strangers act less afraid of me, and they don't make fun of me. I get made fun of by teens a lot when I'm alone, and sometimes even adults!

Proof: I'm a moderator of r/Tourettes https://www.reddit.com/user/Ieatbabies154

EDIT: I've been answering questions for hours, I have a request for anyone artistic that reads this. Can you help me design a nice shirt that explains my situation? Pm me if so, might not see it here

EDIT2: People who want to spam I'm trying to do a job here, just fuck off and quit wasting my time, or at least say something clever

EDIT3: holy shit its been 7 hours of non stop answering questions, jesus, glad it died down a bit. If I didn't answer you its probably because I lost you on a reload, feel free to try again. [Also more proof I have TS! This guy knew me](https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/8yj4fv/iama_person_with_sever_tourette_syndrome_ama/e2bozz0)

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MusicManColin479 karma

Trumpet player Shelly berg also has tourettes and when he tics it's very violent cursing. But when he's playing the trumpet, he can go without ticking for as long as he's playing. Do you have any activity that'll suppress your tics or know of anyone else who deals with their tics in a similar way?

Ieatbabies154623 karma

Singing lessens it, if I'm busy with my body doing intense activity, like exercising at the gym, it normally stalls to a halt. Can't think of any other activities when that happens.

EDIT: doing this AMA has stalled it to a halt

Busenfreund94 karma

Does sex stall it? Thanks for all the answers!

Ieatbabies154103 karma


assassassandtitties6 karma

had a gf with Coprolalia, and yes, sex was like the only time (pre-DBS surgery [twice!] and before tetrabenazine) when she would hardly have tics.

Ieatbabies1547 karma

tetrabenazine worked well on me, but holy shit did it make me depressed

badluser87 karma

Can you get into states of hyperfocus where the effects are reduced? For example, if you really get into a game or book or coding, does it become less apparent?

Ieatbabies154143 karma

general answer yes, doing this AMA I'm really not ticcing much

badluser13 karma

Thank you. Have you ever tried meditation? I am asking cause i imagine ts could make being in the present very challenging?

Ieatbabies1546 karma

not yet

ki10_butt428 karma

What do you wish more people knew about Tourettes?

Are there any medications that can help you control it?

How's your summer going?

Ieatbabies154643 karma

I wish more people would know what TS is as a starter. In Israel where I live, most people seem to have never heard of it, but they do understand the concept of tics. I also wish people would understand tics like to make themselves seem voluntary. Tics come and go, so a lot of people think since its not 24/7 that means I'm faking. Tics change over time, so I may be hiccuping one week, swearing the next, and week after that doing both, people seem to believe that since tics change they are voluntary. Tics can change based on how the conversation is going

me ticcing "I want to get my dick sucked"

friend: "You meant to say that?"

me: "no" then ticcing "I really want to get my dick sucked" the tic in a tone that asks why doesn't he believe me already

There are countless other examples of how they make themselves seem voluntary, so I'll just answer the next question. Yes, there are tons of medications. For anyone with severe TS, in order to function we generally need anti psychotics. Side effects include ED, extreme exhaustion, severe and crippling depression, and many more! Intended effect, to reduce our ability to feel emotions, this causes a reduction in tics. I'm in middle of trying to get medicinal marijuana, which my neurologist says won't get me high, and will only stop tics. Considering I work with power tools, I just can't afford to get high at work, I'd lose a finger.

Shitty, tourettes just makes my life so hard I want to give up some days. If medicinal marijuana doesn't work I'm going on anti depressants next, because I just can't deal with this shit anymore.

StrawberryMoney94 karma

Since you work with power tools, does that mean that your tics are entirely verbal? My first thought when reading that was "what if your hand starts ticcing?"

Ieatbabies154223 karma

Never had a hand tic, or any motor tic that would interfere with my work. You know never really thought about that, but I guess I've never really had motor tics while working. Maybe my tourettes doesn't hate me enough to lose a finger?

bluePMAknight22 karma

So, I believe I have an extremely minor version of TS but I’ve never had it confirmed by a doctor. A very quiet vocal tic and small facial ones too, but I’m a trumpet player. When I’m busy playing, all of my tics go away, so maybe it just has something to do with keeping whatever body part tics (in this case my lips and nose) busy?

Ieatbabies15424 karma

More normal than not for it to disappear when playing an instrument you love to play. You probably have a tic disorder, although not necessarily TS.

justrealizednarciss7 karma

Is it possible to tic but in your head? Sounds like something I would say, but in my head

Ieatbabies15411 karma

Yes, sometimes I don't even need to say it, its just in my head

ieatconfusedfish6 karma

As far as verbal tics, what do you feel when you're saying them? Are the words "I want to get my dick sucked" coming out of you more like a hiccup, or a sneeze? Hiccups being kinda more unforeseen and unstoppable, while you might feel a sneeze coming on and be able to stop it

If you put all your effort and willpower on pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth, would that stop the "I really want to get my dick sucked" 2nd tic?

Ieatbabies1546 karma

you can definitely see my whole body tighten when I hold it in, people have asked me whats up from holding in tics without even ticcing. I almost always feel a panic when they happen. They usually happen in my head first, and then I just have to repeat it.

khenti-amentiu347 karma

Do you think there's a reason why this disorder started when you were 19? Was it a sudden outbreak or did you feel it incoming for years but you could control it?

Note: since you said it's ok to joke about it: I read at first the title as "I have server Tourette" and I imagined a computer yelling "404!" at random.

Ieatbabies154256 karma

I don't know why it started, my doctors are all confused on that question too. It started extremely slow. Used to just happen when i thought no one was around, then they got louder at home, then they started leaking slowly into work, and now here I am.

Froggy0225266 karma

May be a stupid question but how do you sleep? Do ticks just naturally slow down come the nigh time or do you have to take medication to put you to sleep?

Ieatbabies154410 karma

Sometimes tics get in the way of sleep, but they do die down as I get more tired. Sometimes I'll be almost asleep and scream suddenly, then be wide awake. No I don't take sleeping medication.

juarmis244 karma

Hello from Spain. Have tourette ever get you in trouble with strangers? Like a fight or calling the police?

Have a nice summer and I hope marijuana does some good for you.

Ieatbabies154359 karma

I've never been in a fight, but there have definitely been people who thought I was talking to them when ticcing. I remember one time someone called be a bitch after I tic'ed cunt in his direction. Recently someone on the bus shoved me with moderate strength and told me to stop. Nothing too crazy.

And thanks

eddied96116 karma

Did you explain to that person on the bus? Or just ignore, its a pity people aren't more aware of tics

Ieatbabies154166 karma

I explained and he left me alone. His stop was 2 away anyway.


Related to the parent question, do you ever feel unsafe going out by yourself, out of fear that someone might get violent to you? Or do people generally understand when you explain it to them?

Ieatbabies15426 karma

No, fights normally have more build up than that, there's discussion before a fight breaks out on the street. I can also count on one hand how many times my tics have insulted people, they offend people, the difference is between "you're a piece of shit" and "fuck my cunt" I'm not calling anyone a piece of shit, however I'm describing vulgar thoughts that tend to make people uncomfortable.

hanswurst_throwaway97 karma

Because of the IAMA format: Do you tourette-write?

Do you have the urge to write out tics (that you can correct afterwards) or is it just spoken language?
What about singing? Or foreign languages?

Ieatbabies154272 karma

I have coprographia, which is the same as coprolalia for typing and writing, for me only typing. Its not a severe tic usually, so if I'm on discord I usually don't and its very rare I hit enter. Some people can't stop themselves from hitting enter. When singing I tend to tic less. I'm in middle of learning hebrew just tic'ed out zayin be'ayin yesterday, which means a dick in the eye, this was my first tic in hebrew. I imagine as I get more fluent I'll tic more and more in hebrew.

505gaspar80 karma

Thanks for sharing with us, you are braver than many.

I don’t mean to be insensitive and apologize if I am, but I am curious to know how you deal with your stress daily? How do you escape negative and self-deprecating thoughts at times of frustration?

I hope marijuana will work for you, and wish you much good health and peace of mind.

Ieatbabies15498 karma

I don't, TS just isn't something I can get used to. I feel like my existence here disturbs others, and although not my fault, it is my problem. There are things I enjoy though, like video games, music events (so loud no one can hear me) and hanging out talking to friends. If marijuana doesn't work, I'll start on anti depressants next.

asian_princess116 karma

I assure you your existence here is the furthest from disturbing. Clearly you're needed here because You're educating people and raising awareness and I'd like to thank you for that. Wishing you all the best.

Ieatbabies15442 karma

Thank you

djdirka73 karma

Hey there! I haven’t necessarily been diagnosed with Tourette’s but I do have a tic disorder in which my neurologist has told me it would go away...8 years ago.

I guess my question is have you found a good way to explain what is happening to people who don’t understand the concept of Tourette’s?

Ieatbabies15480 karma

Depends on your tic, I say "I have tourette syndrome, these are tics, I can't stop from making loud noises" what's your tic?

djdirka72 karma

The only tic I know for certain are motor tics, mostly having to do with my head and face, but I do jerk other body parts as well. I also had to quit playing baseball in high school because the tics would get in the way of me keeping my eye on the ball.

I try to hide them in front of customers at work but some people notice still and ask if I’m okay and I’m not exactly sure how to explain that it’s normal

Ieatbabies15468 karma

In those cases I just say "I'm fine" and move on

NoahVincenzo63 karma

I've got this feeling that I have Tourettes but I'm too scared and maybe even too embarrassed to go to the doctor. I can mostly control my tics in public but they are going crazy when I'm alone in my room or while I'm playing video games. Does getting diagnosed change anything?

Ieatbabies15469 karma

There's medication. If you're in the US there's guanfacine which has tolerable side effects. I'd say go get diagnosed if it affects your life, you get more rights after being diagnosed. Also you're welcome to participate in r/tourettes and ask us anything anytime day or night.

AlyJ2248 karma

How did you get diagnosed and when did the tics start? Did you get in trouble when you were younger before the diagnosis?

Ieatbabies154112 karma

Diagnosed August last year. I'm 23 tics started when I was 19 probably, I lived with my parents when things were getting out of hand, and yes I got in trouble. My mother didn't seem to believe it could possibly be TS, despite doing research, until I got diagnosed. She screamed at me plenty, and even cried cause she hates the word cunt so much. Honestly, I think she was doing her best, but its just tough to adjust too, for a parent of an adult.

keto-matt49 karma

Does she still hate the word after hearing it 1000s of times now?

Ieatbabies15490 karma

She always has a look of pain on her face everytime the word comes up.

Oh_No_My_Salt40 karma

Greetings from Canada, our marijuana will be legal in October.

Previously, I'd only heard about tourettes through South Park, of all things. But their episode was complimented for being "well researched" and for getting accurate info to the public.

How do you feel about people with tourettes in shows/movies? Or any representation in media?

Ieatbabies15464 karma

I've watched the South Park episode which did a decent job of explaining TS in the time slot allotted. I'm very happy it exists since I started ticcing after watching it, and that was my only hint as to what was going on with me. I've also watched Front Of The Class) I think they did a shitty job of it, and could've given a lot more explanation into living with it, however at least two people I've met only heard of TS through that movie, so all in all glad it exists.

hanswurst_throwaway8 karma

Speaking of legal marijuana: Are your tics influenced by substances? Do they change when you are drunk and/or high?

Ieatbabies15424 karma

Regular weed makes it worse, uppers make it worse, alcohol better, benzos better

KronktheKronk38 karma

Why do people with tourettes never involuntarily shout nice things?

Ieatbabies15455 karma

Stealing that line from Daniel Tosh? Sorry there's no real answer to that question that I know of.

LeonardSmallsJr31 karma

I don't know the Tosh line, but seriously - do you shout the curse words you typically use? Like would Ned Flanders shout "darn willikers" or something? Can you get hypnotized into thinking "fluffy kittens" is a curse word? I understand none of this is really the issue. It's the tic not the word. But still curious.

Ieatbabies15465 karma

Never in my life outside TS have I said "fuck my cunt till it fucking bleeds you bitch ass mother fucking pussy fucking suck my dick mother fucker" I consistently say "fuck my cunt" which I never say outside tics. So no not related to my common day speech.

DasBarenJager34 karma

Do you believe there is any link between Tourettes and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder?

Ieatbabies15441 karma

Not a doctor, but my doctors definitely all asked me I was OCD, so I guess there must be a link.

TD74624 karma

Have you ever taken psychedelics before?

Ieatbabies15437 karma

Yes. They don't affect my tics.

slaptac23 karma

Went to college with a guy that had tourettes. His was combined with OCD to the point that if you touched him, he would have to touch you back X number of times. He had routines before getting drinks, yada-yada...and boy he swore like a sailor! Point of the story, He played basketball with no tics, no evidence of any kinda disorder. You could body up and play hard defense on him and It wouldn't affect him at all. He would run up and down the court, handle the ball, run plays...no tics. But the second he subbed off...back to Tourette OCD guy we all knew. He would spend all of his time Balling because It was where he could be "normal" (and he was pretty dang good too) After a while he got a boatload of meds that really leveled him out..took away the tics and all that...he could even drive after a while.

I read where you can control it for 10 min or so...So my question is do you have a release like this where you can tune it out? Is that common?

Ieatbabies15417 karma

This is common with TS but we have to genuinely be into the activity. It wouldn't work for me with basketball. When I went to the gym I never felt the urge to tic in middle of a set

TNSepta21 karma

Does the urge for coprolalia also apply to non-spoken conversation? For example, do you get the urge to swear in an inordinate amount on the internet, and does screaming at random internet strangers count towards a "release"?

I mean, people already scream at random internet strangers, and I don't think it's easy to exceed the bar that people without Tourette's have set.

-edit- saw in a post below that the technical term is coprographia, and it even applies to different languages. Then, I guess the question remains: does coprographia count towards a release of coprolalia?

Ieatbabies15423 karma

My coprographia can take place instead of my coprolalia. The general order of events is I first think the tic, then release it either through typing or speaking.

kedimobey18 karma

Do sportive exercises help or does your TS interfere with those activities as well?

Ieatbabies15423 karma

I can do any normal activity, my motor tics aren't particularly severe though. I remember one person on r/tourettes saying his hand shaking tic broke a glass he was holding, that's the best I can tell you about tourettes interfering with day to day necessities.

I started going to the gym years ago, I remember thinking it helped a little when I started. I've done the gym on and off since then, I don't really remember it helping at all last time I tried.

currac17 karma

Greetings from eire!

What do you hope to do with your life?? And do you think you tourettes limits your opportunities or have people been pretty understanding?

Ieatbabies15428 karma

I want to go to school to be an electrician. I start a new job as an electricians helper soon, fingers crossed my boss doesn't fire me the second he finds out I have TS, which has happened to me before. Worst case scenario I should be able to find an employer who does solely new construction work, where it won't matter if I swear. TS definitely limits employment opportunities.

People in general are more understanding than employers who stand to lose money. I used to have coworkers that actively mocked me for having tics in the meanest ways they could think of, but most have had some level of understanding.

AtlasWontPutMeDown14 karma

An anecdote first. My high school boyfriend’s best friend had Tourette’s. Nobody told me. The first time I met him, was in his basement, and he just kind of started screaming. Nobody else reacted, so I just kind of sat there awkwardly, eventually putting two and two together.

Do you feel like you need to warn people ahead of time, or do you just like to go with the flow and let them figure it out?

Not saying I should have been warned or anything, I’m just telling a story about a time when I had to play it cool because I had no idea what was happening.

Ieatbabies15414 karma

First off question for you:

What exactly was going through your head? I'd love to know and please PM me a copy of the response so I'll definitely see it.

My friends normally warn people, so like I cam home a few days ago and my roommates were studying with some randoms, they didn't react at all to me so I have to assume they knew. I do my best to give out a general warning when meeting a new group of strangers, I went to a music festival with a group on the internet, and posted in the fb group once. I can only assume there's probably always at least one person who doesn't read my post/message in these situations and I assume they have the same experience you had. Some don't seem to notice under their own noses when its only mildly bad, something I've heard more than once "I thought you just swear a lot"

AtlasWontPutMeDown12 karma

I’ll post here for others who are interested, and then PM.

I walked down into his basement, and they were all playing video games. He was sitting in a reclining chair, and just started screaming. First reaction, I thought he was mad at the game. I thought nothing of it. Then the game was over, and he was talking, and he’d tic while talking. This was 10 years ago, so I don’t remember exactly, but I mostly just remember him making loud noises. He was in the middle of saying something and just started making loud noises, that’s when I realized something was up. I’d only ever heard of Tourette’s from middle schoolers who were just being vulgar and pretending they had Tourette’s. So I thought he was a little off. A little weird. I texted my boyfriend and asked him what was up, and he explained. After that, it was completely normal to me.

Ieatbabies15416 karma

I’d only ever heard of Tourette’s from middle schoolers who were just being vulgar and pretending they had Tourette’s

People do that?!?!? Those little shits

Thank you for responding :)

joesilvahhh14 karma

Do you go to Jeff Siedel Shabbat dinners in Be'er Sheva? If so, I'm pretty sure I've met you there a few times. Anyway, I didn't know that you suffered from tourettes, and I hope you're doing well.

Ieatbabies1546 karma

Yes and small world. What did you think was going on? At the time I was on stronger meds, which worked better but made me more depressed so had to stop

joesilvahhh6 karma

Small world for sure. I can't say that I thought anything in particular, but I remember sensing that something wasn't right when certain guests got angry with you at dinner. Looking back I wish I'd stepped in. I hope that future groups are more patient with you

Ieatbabies1548 karma

people were angry at me? shit...

My tactic there was I told everyone I met in person and expected they would tell those I didn't. Guess next time I should just get up on a chair and make an announcement

antikama11 karma

I have tourettes too so I understand what you are go through. Have you found any treatments that work other than medication? There is a dental device you can wear that opens the jaw a little and aparently does something like block the nerve signals and stops tics. Ive thought about getting it for myself but can't find anywhere in Australia that sells it. What are your thoughts? See video below. Also Ive tried CBD oil in the past for my tourettes and it worked but had to stop because of the side effects. Maybe look into CBD oil, just my opinion


Ieatbabies1546 karma

No I can't find a reasonable solution. I'll ask my neurologist about that device though, thanks!

Wh0rse10 karma

Is the brain chemistry different for someone with Tourettes compared to someone without? like for instance GABA ( a neurotransmitter ) which is important for breaks in thought processes and speech and inhibition.

Ieatbabies15420 karma

TS is linked to autism and OCD. We tend to have trouble controlling our impulses in general. Aside from that don't know.

jeharu9 karma

so when you tic, do you constantly have to explain to people around you that you have tourettes? i mean, from the standpoint of the bystander it would be weird if the person next to me in the train suddenly starts violently cussing, for example.

Ieatbabies15420 karma

I'm trying to find the right approach. I stopped taking the bus when I don't have to, walked an hour to the bank each way yesterday instead. I used to just stare intently at my phone, and pretend I didn't notice all the people changing seats. Its kind of a tough call when to explain, I'm known to start conversations in large groups with "Hey I'm me, I have tourette syndrome" but when it came to the bus I just couldn't tell every person getting on and off, it would be non stop.

robotikempire9 karma

What are your tics?

Ieatbabies15417 karma

Coprolalia, coprographia, coproxia, echolalia, head jerking, weird faces, staring, shuckling, gasping, hiccuping, barking, howling, many more. They however don't all happen at the same time.

onewilybobkat6 karma

What is coproxia? I'm having trouble pinning it down on Google.

Ieatbabies15422 karma

DOing inappropiate things with my hands. In my case just flipping people off, but in others not being able to stop from touching people inappropiately, which is no doubt impossible to live with.

mgt_a9 karma

Hi ! Do you feel the « need » to swear even when you’re writing on a computer ?

Ieatbabies15412 karma

Yes I have coprograpia, which means I type out swear words.

janiepuff8 karma

What's the best thing a stranger can do for you after you have an episode? (sorry not sure I am using the right term) ask how your day is ? Or would you rather be left alone? I wasn't sure what your mindset is like when you have episodes (if it makes you feel vulnerable), and if I ever encountered a stranger having an episode, I wanted to let them know they have my support, especially since a lot of people are generally bastards about things they don't understand

Ieatbabies1546 karma

Left alone is best option, if you're next to me and a stranger "hey do you have TS?"

saipanne7 karma

What do your ticks come up with at airports, and has that ever gotten you into trouble?

Ieatbabies15412 karma

I've been in an airport once since I started tic'ing, I took a lot of benadryl to sleep through the flight, and was just one of those days I didn't feel the urge to tic that much.

SacredWeapon7 karma

To what degree do your tics interfere with activities you're already concentrating on doing?

Ieatbabies1548 karma

Generally zero. Sometimes I spit out food and mumble stuff in a tic, thats about the worst of it.

MegaStarlyEX6 karma

Hey, fellow r/Tourettes mod here :)

What kind of tics do you have? Motor, vocal, mental, etc, and how do you hide/hold these back?

Ieatbabies1549 karma

All of the above, when I'm holding in tics I have to like pay attention to my mouth non stop, and keep it closed.

Madridstaa6 karma

Do you tic when singing? My dad produced an artist who has had tourettes syndrome ever since he was a child but for some reason he never tics when he’s singing and I thought that was so cool.

Ieatbabies1543 karma

Yes but not as much. The more I get into an activity the less I tic, I've actually been ticcing less since I started here.

rataktaktaruken5 karma

Cant you tic in a very low tone? Like whispering?

Ieatbabies15412 karma

Sometimes when I'm trying to hold it in it comes out as whispers.

EKHawkman5 karma

Do you ever think of your disorder as an independent part of you? A part that has its own desires and such? How do you think of that aspect of yourself?

Ieatbabies1545 karma

Yes and it hates me. I'm known to say things like "My tourettes did that" instead of "It was a tic"

ILoveToEatLobster4 karma

Do you have a favorite word or phrase when you tic?

Ieatbabies15412 karma

I haven't said it in a while, but "fuck my cunt till it fucking bleeds you bitch ass mother fucking pussy fucking suck my dick mother fucker" I'm also kind of proud my TS invented the insult "cunt headed whore" I really am not creative enough to come up with either of those phrases on my own.

Tamegrimanchero4 karma

How is your love life going? How do you cope with the hurdles if there is any? Wish you the best.

Ieatbabies15415 karma

I have a gf, she doesn't mind. I cried a few a weeks ago, does that count as dealing?

JohnnyNintendo4 karma

How does a "tic" feel?

Is it completely uncontrollable, like someone else is doing it.

Or is it more of "I must do this" kinda OCD thing?

Ieatbabies1543 karma

Really hard to describe. I like have to do it, holding it in almost always has a physical response like my entire body is on edge. They do normally come with warning signs but they're so subtle I can only notice when I pay attention.

poboy2123 karma

Have you read Motherless Brooklyn and if so, what did you think of its portrayal of Tourette’s?

Ieatbabies1544 karma

Sorry didn't read it. I thought the south park episode was really fucking funny though.

redcolumbine3 karma

Are there other forms of Tourette's that cause people to say specific kinds of things? (e.g. sound effects, other languages, yelling for help)

Ieatbabies1546 karma

I definitely have yelled for help more than once, I've made various weird sounds. Not sure what you're asking with other languages.

redcolumbine3 karma

Like whether there are people whose first language is English who frequently tic in French.

Ieatbabies1546 karma

I don't think so, they'd have to learn French and have it ingrained in their brain "this is an insult"

srslybr03 karma

so the word has to be engrained in your head as a "swear" or "bad" word for it to become apparent during your tics, right? any idea why specifically inappropriate words are specified?

Ieatbabies15416 karma

Skip to 6:55 thats my best guess. Swearing is also accompanied by saying inappropriate things in most cases. Things like "I have a bomb" in an airport. Or my favorite one for when I'm in front of my mom "I have a boner"

DS_Johnny3 karma

The things you say when you tic are total random or have some relation on what you are doing or talking about?

Ieatbabies1547 karma

Both. The latter is called situational tics. Sometimes I say "I have a boner" because it's true, sometimes at random. Many other cases as well

namkash2 karma

Hello. I used to study with a boy who had this issue, it wasn't that severe but we could notice it very often. He was on my group and most of us helped him get through, but before us he was in another group where kids were assholes to him. Unfortunately he left few weeks after changing to our classroom... I still feel pretty bad, actually we had fights against the other group about this.

How did you manage to survive school years? What can schools do to reduce this bullying? Did someone help you in your activities? Thank you.

Ieatbabies1543 karma

I got it as an adult, so I'm not sure, you're welcome to ask again in r/tourettes I'm sure they'd love to help you work towards a solution. In general I just wish TS got a tenth as much airtime as other issues like being born black, gay, or transgender. I think ultimately it will take that before people like me and your friend can feel like we belong on this planet.

TheBroDingo1 karma

Why did you remove the description? I was literally just about to read it :(

Ieatbabies1542 karma

Will be back soon, mod needed more proof

Munkei1 karma

How comes i was able to see this post whilst scrolling through the homepage, but the second i click on the post itself, it gets removed?

Ieatbabies1541 karma

Coming back soon hold your horses

Zkennedy1001 karma

Hello, as someone with relatively mild TS, I'm wondering how the whole cursing tic works. What causes your brain to pick curse words? Is it because you know you aren't supposed to say them? I would assume so because you need to know the word before you can tic them. Do you know what words you're going to say before you say them? That's really interesting to me.

Ieatbabies1541 karma

Cursing almost always comes with saying inappropriate things in general, like saying "I have a bomb" in an airport. My TS just wants to upset people as much as possible. I often think tics without saying them, and usually think tics before they're actually said, its kind of like my brain gets upset and says "fuck my cunt" then I have an uncontrollable impulse to say it outloud

MelissaArt941 karma

Have you ever had emotional breakdowns after knowing you have Tourettes? How do you pacify your soul and gain emotional strength? How do you deal with people judging and not understanding (in other words, mean people)?

Ieatbabies1542 karma

Right now I'm holding back tears reliving all my worst memories. I don't deal with it well, sometimes laughing about tics and reactions help, but mostly its just pain in my soul.