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Do you plan growing more vegetables? What about fruits and trees? What kind of engineering did/do you use to develop all this? I'm Mech engineer and I'm curious, specially the Mechanical aspects.

Btw, good luck! Amazing project, I would love to participate in that kind of project, specially when being student!! Kudos!

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I never received lessons to improve my life skills, rather than the ones I learned by experience or taught by my parents. To read yo do this as a "school lesson", what kind of life skills do you teach and how do you developed these matters?

Thank for being an amazing person, people like you give me hope in humanity.

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Hello! Hi!

In your criteria, at what point should I change a car for a newer model??


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I love your games. A friend and me are trying to make one in Flash but it's harder that it looks :S

  1. What steps do you make while developing a new game?

  2. Of all the games you've developed, which one do you like most? Why?

  3. Where did you get your degree in Game Development????


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You are the living example for many people, thank you so much. My questions:

In your experience, what would you do to change people's minds (specially youngs) before commiting illegal activities? Murder, drug dealing, rapes, assaults.

After that experience, your meditation, many activities to do after jail, how do you feel today?