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Hi Jay, huge fan here! Out of all the Broken Lizard movies you've made, what's been the most fun you've had on set?

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What do you wish more people knew about Tourettes?

Are there any medications that can help you control it?

How's your summer going?

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How do you recoup the money? Is it based off the student's income once they are employed? What happens if the student doesn't get a job, at least not immediately? How are you different from the For Profit schools that are getting shut down?

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God, I can't even imagine having to go through this. Sounds like you're handling it better than most. What do you think you'll miss most about seeing? Have you started preparing for when you're completely blind (like learning braille, etc)? There are so many questions, but I don't want to inundate you...Thanks for doing this!

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What are some items that most people would be amazed that are in the National Archives?