Hey reddit, I am a convenience store worker. I have worked there for over a year and quite enjoy the job for the most part. I believe there is a culture behind all convenience stores, and I'm here to answer any questions you may have on what it’s like to man a convenience store at a gas station.

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El_Oso_Blanco3007 karma

How often do people drive off with the gas pump still in their car?

JCquitt4178 karma

A lot of the time lol. One time someone drove off, and immediately stopped once they realized what happened. Of course they then saw me walking over to them and drove off. We eventually found out who it as and they paid for it. Which made me smile. Most of the time though people will stay and give their information. The world is honest most of the time... Most of the time.

El_Oso_Blanco588 karma

Just curious, and not saying this is what you should have done, but would that be an arrestable offense? Seems like theft.

JCquitt202 karma

I'm not sure, possibly just a big fine.

NeedlessCritique2758 karma

When did the Mongols rule China?

JCquitt1243 karma

You got me there.

JCquitt1044 karma

OOOOOOHHHHH! Someone just told me what you're referencing. God I feel stupid.

kpdevy2099 karma

As a cashier, has someone ever tipped you by giving you an item they had just purchased. If so what was it?

JCquitt3573 karma

Surprisingly yes. I have been given Ice cream, chips, drinks, as well as other items. My favorite tips to receive are from the extremely generous people who win pretty big on a lottery ticket and share a little bit with me.

MT20900 karma

I thought you said the lottery wasn’t worth it?

JCquitt1232 karma

It's rare I get those big winners coming into my store.

elsjpq380 karma

How often do you get winners?

JCquitt748 karma

All the time, but they are relatively small like $2-$25

94ChryslerLeBaron339 karma

Is nobody gonna ask him what his biggest winner has been? I guess I have to

So what's the biggest amount someone has won and then shared with you?

JCquitt788 karma

Biggest I've ever cashed was $500 and I think they gave me $20 which was cool.

kpdevy183 karma

I used to work at a BiLo and would receive soda and candy on the regular. Happens more often than you'd think

JCquitt249 karma

Some people are surprisingly nice.

EmergencyBoyfriend1714 karma

Do you judge people on what they buy? Why or why not?

JCquitt3825 karma

When I started working there I had some judgements on some people, but over time I started seeing so much that I stopped questioning what people were in there for. After a while of working there I grew the mindset that I want people to come into my store, get their shit, and leave without being judged for what they get. I would be lying though if I said I never judge anymore. Typically I judge the most with lottery buyers. Especially the ones that spend everything they got just in hopes they win big. I recommend nobody ever fall into the trap of lottery. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

Billynabs278 karma

I decided to get a scratch off the other day for the first time ever. It was the cheapest.. a $1. I won $3 whole dollars the first time ever!!! I went back today and decided to buy $10 of the same $1 scratch off. I won $10 (broke even). I thought about buying more, but I want to remember myself as a winner, so I probably won't ever buy another ticket again.

JCquitt187 karma

That's what I said to myself the first time... It didn't last.

readersanon185 karma

I also work as a convenience store cashier with a gas station. It's been 5 years this month. I mostly judge the people who come buy a 6 pack of beer 3 or 4 times during a shift. Like dude you're not fooling anyone, just buy a case of 20 the first time. I worry about these people driving to get their fix...

JCquitt167 karma

I have regulars who are drunks. They come in 3 times a day to buy beer. They're great guys don't get me wrong! Very fun to talk to!

Olivertwist20161631 karma

Ever been robbed? If so, how?

JCquitt2441 karma

The store has never been robbed as the area we are in has a fair amount of police. There was however a bad drug deal that took place outside our store 5 years ago that my boss told me about. The guy shot someone who didn't give him money. The man lived and the shooter went to jail.

Devils_-_Advocate910 karma

Did the dude who got shot get to keep the drugs?

JCquitt1691 karma

I'm gonna make a wild assumption and say no

Devils_-_Advocate997 karma

Worst. Drug deal. Ever.

JCquitt525 karma

Lol Seriously

Devils_-_Advocate284 karma

Dude are you redditing right now while at work?

JCquitt626 karma

No it's my day off. I just put on the shirt and name-tag for the picture.

I_Am_Not_A_Banana1367 karma

Do they train you to say "Take it easy" at the end of every transaction? Or is it just a coincidence every circle k cashier says this? lol

JCquitt1390 karma

We were never trained to say anything really. I always say "Have a good one."

I_Am_Not_A_Banana442 karma

Maybe it's a franchise thing than. At the circle ks by me, they always end with that. Even when they forget and already tell my have a good day they'll add it in when they remember.

JCquitt1092 karma

Tell them their store is an oppressive piece of trash.

-claudine-1322 karma

You're probably not there any more, but who is the oldest person you have ever carded?

JCquitt2429 karma

I carded a WWII Vet one time and he was very happy. I thanked him for his service and shook his hand. It was awesome!

massafakka966 karma

I enjoy carding the lil old ladies when they come to buy their scratch tickets. Makes em blush or laugh

JCquitt720 karma


BSnIA1272 karma

Decades ago when I worked at one, minors were always trying to get smokes or booze with fake id's. Do you still see alot of that?

edit: kant spel

JCquitt1725 karma

I have yet to come across a fake ID, but I have turned down countless amounts of people for not having their ID's on them. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR ID ON YOU. I can't stress this enough. If you come into my store and try to by some beer or smokes, and you don't have your ID on you. Unless you're clearly of age, I'm gonna turn you down.

BroBronum1321 karma

I had a guy try to make a scene once about me turning him down without an ID. He was clearly most likely over 21, but he was also obviously under the age that we have to card for, and of course if I ask and he doesn’t have it there’s no going back. He starts to insult me and this giant ripped dude waiting in line behind him tells him to shut up and leave. All the customers laughed and told him to get out. It was very satisfying.

JCquitt1181 karma

My customers stood up for me one time because of a rude customer and it felt amazing!

Mobius97P995 karma

is there a video rental place next door with a guy called randal?

JCquitt853 karma

That movie is why I love convenience stores.

RearEchelon365 karma

Are you even supposed to be there today?

JCquitt450 karma

No I have the day off, I just put on the shirt and name tag for the picture.

glyder78199 karma

Are you wearing pants?

JCquitt414 karma

In that photo? Do monkeys throw their own shit?

nksdabomb879 karma

How often do people buy those penis extender pills hanging up on the wall in front of the cashier window?

JCquitt1186 karma

We don't sell any of those, thank God.

Daintyoaktree745 karma

What's the biggest bat-shit crazy costumer you've ever gotten? I worked in Fast-Food when I first got out of high school, and let me tell you.. It was an amazing way to meet weirdos.

JCquitt815 karma

There is an incredible amount weirdos that come into the store. I'd say the most bat-shit crazy ones are the ones that accuse us of making a mistake when clearly it was their fault, and because the conversation doesn't go their way then they take out their anger on us. Sometimes this results in them throwing stuff at us, or yelling slurs and storming out. No one is crazier then the other tho.

Sirduckerton634 karma

My fiancee worked a similar job. Her worst crazys were the homeless schizophrenics. There was a guy that tried to buy a beer, it was two dollars. He proceeds to reach in his pocket, grab nothing and slam it on the counter. He stares at her expecting her to take his imaginary money. She said, "Um, its still two dollars.". He goes, "I gave you two dollars! Right there!", and points at the empty counter. She says there is nothing there. He starts yelling that she stole his two dollars and to give it back.

Same guy pooped on the building two weeks later.

JCquitt303 karma

Well I can happily say we have not gotten that crazy of customers before.

wtfisgoingon23630 karma

Ever got offered a blowjob for cigarettes or any other item?

JCquitt2043 karma

We have this college right next to our store, so we get a lot of drunk college kids coming into the store for alcohol. After 11:30 we legally aren't suppose to sell alcohol to anyone, and yes I have gotten offers to get a blowjob for some drinks. Only twice though and the girls were not that attractive for me to me to risk my job. If they were wicked hot tho, I probably would not gonna lie.

Yawn_Rape782 karma


JCquitt566 karma

No problem man! Glad you like it!

knobunc539 karma

How often are strange things afoot?

JCquitt976 karma

Since the Mongols ruled China.

jaguarjoe542 karma

You learned!

The_Super_D532 karma

I used to work at a gas station back in the day, and there were a couple times I had to clean bathrooms so nasty I seriously considered quitting on the spot. That ever happen to you? Also what is your go-to response to people who ask you why gas is so expensive, as if it's personally your fault?

JCquitt637 karma

I have never had to clean a bathroom so bad I've contemplated my job, but they have gotten pretty gross sometimes. And my go-to response typically is, if i'm joking, "Because they hate you." But sometimes I'll say "Couldn't tell yuh." And they accept that and walk away.

hardturkeycider490 karma

What's the funniest thing you've ever seen while working?

Also, are there times where a circle K isn't bathed in red and blue police lights?

JCquitt564 karma

The funniest and also most annoying thing I see everyday is the drug addicts that come in. Also known as tweakers. Their mannerisms and actions can be funny as hell, but often I find them wicked annoying.

As for the police lights, there are a lot of times people get pulled over here, but that's because they constantly sit outside of our store either to fill up gas or pull over speeders.

nottoeat395 karma

How are you? Also, what's the worst thing that happened at the store?

JCquitt710 karma

Regarding work I'm great, but I'm going through a rough spot rn outside of work. But who isn't right? As far as your question though, the worst thing that's happened while i've been there is this druggy who came in sober, shot up in our bathroom, then almost OD'd outside our store.

Zapk354 karma

Yeah man life sucks. Up top brother, high five my man.

JCquitt278 karma



If you were to quit in spectacular fashion how would you do it?

JCquitt887 karma

Lower the gas prices a shit ton on the big LED sign on the road to mess with all the customers.

TheMartinG281 karma

i actually filled up my tank for 18 cents once! I didnt realize it until i got to work, across the street. I called the gas station and asked if i could make it up and they said no. I think someone got fired that day or quit

JCquitt136 karma

Damn thats crazy!

sjmiv313 karma

Do you think that any independent contractors who were working on the uncompleted Death Star were innocent victims when it was destroyed by the Rebels?

JCquitt305 karma

Oh without a doubt. I knew this one guy who was renovating a house for a gangster.

VatriHerself282 karma

What are the best and worst value items y'all sell?

JCquitt484 karma

I'm not great with prices in my store, but most of the things we sell are up-charged because we are the closest convenience store in our area.

MsNewKicks240 karma

Biggest customer pet peeve?

JCquitt506 karma

Easily my biggest pet peeve is when I finish ringing up a customer, and then they give me that "Wait, and I need this." So I ring them up again, and after that they do it again! Think of what you need so I'm not ringing you up three plus times in a row! By far my biggest pet peeve.

ouishi221 karma

I assure you, everyone behind them in line is just as pissed as you.

JCquitt314 karma

Oh I know they are. They tell me as soon as the person leaves.

chiaros220 karma

Shuffles over with an armful of cheap snacks

Y'all take EBT?

JCquitt142 karma

Oh my gosh I get this all the time!

AdvancedAlpha213 karma

how nervous are you of being robbed? Is the security and procedures enough to take away that thought?

JCquitt289 karma

I'm not at all nervous of being robbed. The area we are in isn't too bad, and we're a big enough store with cops patrolling all the time where if someone did try and rob our store, they wouldn't get very far.

minenotyours212197 karma

What do you think of the movie Clerks?

JCquitt238 karma

It is the reason I love convenience stores.

JumpForWaffles174 karma

As a former Coca-Cola delivery guy, how much did you hate our sales reps? They always were trying to order extra and the customer usually acted like it was our fault. I didn't mind taking stuff back but does it bother you as much as myself?

JCquitt182 karma

Most of the sales reps that come to our store are wicked laid back and fun to talk to.

Martag02142 karma

Do you have a lot of no shows that you have to cover for? I used to work at a Kum and Go (I know, lol) and that drove me crazy. I actually kind of liked a lot about the job aside from 90% of the crappy, irresponsible people who also worked there. So many funny customer stories and interactions.

JCquitt100 karma

I have covered for coworkers in the past, and thankfully I get along with all my coworkers and most of the customers are good people.

JacksinthePulpit132 karma

Have you ever witnessed someone trying to and or succeeding in shop lifting but just decided it wasn't worth calling out?

JCquitt249 karma

I have witnessed two people trying to shoplift from the store. One person was a regular customer who was really nice, so I kinda just let them take the candy bar that I saw them pocket. The other person I called out because they tried to grab one of our drinks and I told them to put it back. They did and acted like they didn't know what they were doing. We then banned them from the store. People of course steal from our store all the time, which is why our audits are bad sometimes.

icelollies76130 karma

Hello John. Do you enjoy your job and why (or not)?

JCquitt306 karma

I very much enjoy my job. I love it because it's pretty easy laid back work. Most of the work that needs to be done is easy and not much of a back breaker. There are a lot of moments where hard work does need to be done, but for the most part it's pretty laid back. So much so that on somedays I will get high and do simple tasks I find enjoyable like stocking the coolers, sweeping the lot, or wiping down the counters.

theshoegazer124 karma

How often do you get old/valuable/unusual coins and bills from customers (or from bank rolls)? Do you keep those sorts of things when you suspect they might be valuable?

JCquitt200 karma

I have kept a few things. I love getting stuff like that! I got this coin that was pure silver. I also love seeing really old 1's or 5's or 10's, and contemplate it's made up journey through time.

southernrail120 karma

Thanks for doing this, i used to pull 3rd shift at a 7-11 (DO NOT RECOMMEND, BUT TIMES WERE TIGHT) and my mind would wonder. does your mind wonder or do you have a pretty cool view of the street/neighborhood to look at?

JCquitt134 karma

My mind wonders a fuckton! I like to hook up my phone to the speakers in the store and play my music, so when it's a slow day I can just chill and listen.

ChiefSquintyEye92 karma

I worked as a cashier and was curious to see if you ever have received a counterfeit bill before?

JCquitt158 karma

All my coworkers have except me, and this kind of upsets me.

CaptAlexKamal84 karma

Are you even supposed to be there today?

JCquitt80 karma

Day off

JC617078 karma

Have you ever caught someone with a fake id? What would you do if you suspended someone was using a fake id?

JCquitt109 karma

I have never caught someone with a fake ID before, but if I did all I would do is refuse them service and kick them out of the store. I have turned many people down though for not having their IDs on them so just remember... ALWAYS CARRY YOUR ID.

Azrapse74 karma

How many polar pops do you sell a day? I remember in highschool we use to always buy one after school.

JCquitt85 karma

Too many to count.

enki94172 karma

Why does the Circle-K near my house always have like half the gas pumps out of service? Not even always the same ones. They seem to break constantly and it takes forever to fix them. Even after upgrading them to the knew models with annoying GSTV units inside. I go there because the price is the cheapest around, especially with Fuel Rewards but it is very annoying to have to wait because 3/6 pumps are broken.

JCquitt136 karma

Our pumps do break often, sometimes for unknown reasons, other times cause people are stupid. I promise you though that we report it and call for someone to fix it immediately. We then are put on a waiting list for GAFTEK to come and fix them. And they take FOREVER.

awwyeebiatch54 karma

Have people referenced Bill and Ted while you're at work?

JCquitt50 karma

I mean I feel like I've heard it mentioned, why?

awwyeebiatch70 karma

The plot begins when they meet Rufus outside of a Circle K. Also Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

JCquitt65 karma

NO WAY! I didn't know that was Circle K! That's awesome! Thank you for showing me that!

RossMaestro32 karma

Do you have plans to move on to another line of work in the future, and if so, what would it be?

JCquitt57 karma

I plan to run my mother's buisness, after I graduate college.

vikinghooker30 karma

Do you ever have regulars that just disappear one day and you wonder what happened to them and make up scenarios or ever actually out what happened to them?

JCquitt35 karma

Yes, eventually I find out what happened to them, but sometimes I never do.

ingressagent27 karma

Would you want to run your own circle k one day? How about run your own independent store instead of a corporate chain?

JCquitt46 karma

I have other plans for my future, but I have said to my boss if I ever become insanely rich then I would by somme shares into that store.

YoureInGoodHands26 karma

When working early mornings, what percentage of customers hand you their junk food to check out, and say "Breakfast of Champions!"?

My brother works at a c-store and this is his pet peeve.

JCquitt43 karma

I get that all the time oh my gosh. It's almost as annoying as when customers ask "So that means it's free right?"

nnote25 karma

Have you learned to spot the scammers, the meth heads and the pill poppers yet?

JCquitt53 karma

Scammers are hard to spot, I have caught some, especially the ones over the phone, but scammers in person can be tricky. The meth heads are easy to figure out as soon as they walk in the store, and the pill poppers can look normal so they're especially hard to notice.

Parkor12345678925 karma

What’s the most bought item? What kind of soda is the most bought? What’s the most disgusting hot food and best hot food y’all sell?

JCquitt46 karma

Definitely cigarettes is the most bought item, Coca-Cola is the most bought Soda, and the most disgusting food we sell is our gas station quality hot-dogs.

eatonsht18 karma

Obligatory question mark? I worked for quick trip (a midwest gasnstation) for a year. They taught me how to count back change, for which I am ever grateful, otherwise they can suck a bag of dicks. I got written up for asking a dude if he was going to get it on after he bought a box of condoms. In hindsight it was a little insensitive, but in my 15 year old virgin addled mind it was a legitimate question.

The manager always made me restock the freezer and fill up ice bags while he did fuck all. When i asked him why he didn't do anything, he said it was because he was the manager. Fuck you Randy, you lazy piece of shit

JCquitt16 karma

15! That's crazy! I haven't heard of any gas station in New England hire lower than 18.

mamind17 karma


Why do you thing your customers keep comming back? Do you proactively do something o thats someone else job? Its seems gas stations are a very competitive niche.


JCquitt28 karma

Customers come back because, we are what our name suggests... Convenient. We have gas, snacks, and drinks, as well as an assortment of other things. We could be a terrible convenience store (which we aren't), but people will always come to us for gas, snacks, etc.

Xyzeus14 karma

Circle K fried chicken is surprisingly good. Can you share any secrets? Is it made at station or brought in or injected with gas? JK about injection. Thanks for any thoughts!

JCquitt30 karma

We have a fryer and stove in the back. It's all cooked at the store.

Imhaveapoosy12 karma

Did your boss make you do this?

JCquitt23 karma

Lol no I did this cause I wanted to know what people were curious about regarding convenience stores.

flanigan20048 karma

Have you ever seen any famous people at your circle k?

JCquitt27 karma

I have never seen any really famous people, but the closest I could say I've seen to a celebrity is this one time Kevin Skarupa, a weatherman from WMUR, came to my store. I didn't know who he was until he was out the door and my boss pointed him out. The richest person I have ever seen is definitely the CEO of Circle K when he came to visit our store. I shook his hand and he congratulated me on the store which felt pretty cool.

spanmanspaz11 karma

Are you in NH?

JCquitt10 karma

Yes I am, how did you know?

Alvarez_6420 karma

No response, prepare to move

JCquitt20 karma


dcast7777 karma

You just listed the local tv station.

JCquitt4 karma

Oh yeah lol

ArtemisAlive8 karma

Are you able to support yourself financially? I'm currently planning on moving out and surviving on a fast food/convenience store pay. I'm excited and nervous!

JCquitt6 karma

It depends on the position you're hired for and the store and state you're in. I can't help you there. I suggest contacting a financial advisor or someone you know who knows about that field.

TyrannosaurusFlex148 karma

I work over night at a convenience store, and because I'm too busy cleaning and stocking the rest of the store I have a reputation with the morning shift for being lazy because I never get to the cigarettes.

I fucking hate the day shift cashiers.

Any bullshit like that at your store?

JCquitt16 karma

Everyone gets along at my store thankfully. We all work together the best we can to get shit done. Yeah sometimes we criticize each other on doing what we think as shit work, but there are two sides to every story. I typically don't judge what my coworkers do because I look at myself at think "Do I do that too?"

jrocnk7 karma

Are you aware that the glass roses you sell are actually crack pipes?

JCquitt9 karma

We don't sell glass roses.

uUpSpEeRrNcAaMsEe6 karma


JCquitt13 karma


Randomcdn23 karma

Maybe this is only a Canadian think but when I buy gas and pay at the pump, once the bank transaction is confirmed/finished and I have the pump ready with my gas type selected I still have to wait for you to authorize it.

What exactly are you confirming/reviewing before you authorize it?

JCquitt4 karma

Must be a Canadian thing because at my gas station the customer can do everything themselves. They first slide in their Irving rewards card (if they have one) then select if it's Irving debit pay or not. If not they hit no and slide in their debit/credit card and proceed to type in the pin/zip code. They then remove the nossle and select their desired choice of gas.

FeelLikeAnAstronaut3 karma

Ive never been to a circle k in my life, but I used to follow them on Facebook for some reason and every Friday they would give away free food/drink to a random commenter. This was in Georgia. Does this still happen?

JCquitt3 karma

I am not aware of this promotion.

ANDYBellco3 karma

Has anyone ever tried to do this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLCL6OYbSTw

JCquitt6 karma

No, but whoever would I'd be sure not to inquire about their business.

OptimusGinge2 karma

Why do you think this is a relevant AMA?

JCquitt7 karma

It isn't. I'm doing it cause I was curious what people wanted to know about what it's like to run a convenience store.

Canadian_Neckbeard1 karma

Why do you think your job is interesting enough to be doing an ama?

JCquitt1 karma

I just feel there is a culture behind convenience stores, and I find that culture interesting which is why I took the job. It's not my career obviously, but it's a fun job.

LittletonLegend1 karma

When do you plan on getting a real job?

JCquitt1 karma

When I finish college obviously.

Bluelabel1 karma

Are you supposed to be there today?

JCquitt1 karma

Day off

diggdead-1 karma

Can you hook me up with some free beer?

JCquitt2 karma