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A lot of the time lol. One time someone drove off, and immediately stopped once they realized what happened. Of course they then saw me walking over to them and drove off. We eventually found out who it as and they paid for it. Which made me smile. Most of the time though people will stay and give their information. The world is honest most of the time... Most of the time.

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When I started working there I had some judgements on some people, but over time I started seeing so much that I stopped questioning what people were in there for. After a while of working there I grew the mindset that I want people to come into my store, get their shit, and leave without being judged for what they get. I would be lying though if I said I never judge anymore. Typically I judge the most with lottery buyers. Especially the ones that spend everything they got just in hopes they win big. I recommend nobody ever fall into the trap of lottery. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

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Surprisingly yes. I have been given Ice cream, chips, drinks, as well as other items. My favorite tips to receive are from the extremely generous people who win pretty big on a lottery ticket and share a little bit with me.

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The store has never been robbed as the area we are in has a fair amount of police. There was however a bad drug deal that took place outside our store 5 years ago that my boss told me about. The guy shot someone who didn't give him money. The man lived and the shooter went to jail.

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I carded a WWII Vet one time and he was very happy. I thanked him for his service and shook his hand. It was awesome!