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Just FYI for anyone reading: most health departments (local and state) get some national funding, and allocating funding to promoting vaccination is 100% something you should reach out to your congressperson and senator about.

On the other hand, school exemptions are state laws which your reps in Washington can't do much about. For these laws, contact your state representatives and senators.

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I assure you, everyone behind them in line is just as pissed as you.

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The only thing I could think from my read is the shaving thing. If the hygiene issue is that her vag smells and has TP stuck to it, yeah, gross. But if it's not a hygiene issue and more a natural hair issue then an objectification/"every woman isn't a porn star" argument can be made.

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But as a rate, blacks are still are killed more often since 63% of the US is white and only 12-13% are black.

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I lived in another West African country just a few years ago and in a decent sized road town I paid $50/month for room and board, so this is probably a fair comparison.