I am a singer, songwriter, artist, expressionist, kiwi, and my heart is primal! AMA! Xo

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jark_off760 karma

Long time fan, first time question-asker: What's the most recent song that made you say, "Damn! I wish I could've written that!"?

Love your work and can't wait to see you at the Metro on Feb 3rd!

kimbramusic1063 karma

Hi! 'Ivy' - Frank Ocean!! x

melomanium624 karma

How can a today's musician fight the "all has been already done before"/ "music cannot be invented anymore" feeling?

kimbramusic1125 karma

Re-invention yo!! No one has done it the way YOU do. We all bring a different set of circumstances/perspective to what we create.

kimbramusic366 karma

Thanks for asking me anything! Time to go and rehearse for my tour but see you again here soon before the album comes out :) LOVE Kimbra. x

xoxo_alex173 karma

Hi Kimbra! I'm coming to New York for the first time EVER to meet up with a bunch of friends and see you at Brooklyn Steel! I first saw you when I was sixteen at the Aragon ballroom in Chicago and I think of your performance that evening as a pivotal moment in my life!! It was magnificent. The way you speak about creativity connection and expression has inspired me in my daily life for almost a decade and this year I finally began to make my own music after learning guitar and keys with a teacher, often looking to you for inspiration. Writing is a life-saving catharsis for me and I just want to thank you for providing indirect encouragement! So so so looking forward to your show on Monday.

I'd like to ask you what is the best advice you would give an amateur singer-songwriter? What are you usually thinking about when you're singing? It is so evident that you're feeling the emotions behind the songs/melodies but you sing with such impeccable tone. I really enjoy to sing with abandon as you do so effectively but I find that I struggle to hit notes a lot of the time. I have a pretty huge range that I'd like to learn to use with more control.

Truly moved by all that you give. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

kimbramusic260 karma

Very cool. Thanks for sharing xx

Best advice : If you start to get comfortable, shake things up. You are at your best when you push yourself and learn the capacities of your gift. Lean in and reveal yourself to your audience. People are longing to connect with artists. Find a way to let them in. Even if you have to create an entirely different alter-ego!

What am I thinking about on stage? The best nights are when thoughts escape me. I feel very close to g-o-d and my spirit kind of soars for a second. I feel a unity with the audience, like we are just breathing together as one. Some nights I am very hard on myself, those are the more difficult shows. But I draw energy from the kind faces in the crowd.

felipemnsantos129 karma

Hello Kimbra! I really love your first album Vows, specially the song "Call me". That groove/funky/jazz/disco beat gives me goosebumbps every time I listen to it. That bass lines fits perfectly with your voice ! So, is there any chance you compose more songs like that in Primal or maybe in a future work (pleeeeeease hahah) ?

kimbramusic117 karma

I think you'll find some collaborations I have lined up later in the year (some with the same producer of that song!) will sound a little like that ;)

-Omega126 karma

Kimbra! I am such a long time fan of yours, Primal Heart is by far my most anticipated album so far this year, I am seriously so excited for you. I can tell how much of yourself you’re putting into it, it’s going to be so beautiful.

What kind of artists are you listening to? Also what kind of sounds and styles have been inspiring you the most in the creation of this album?

kimbramusic196 karma

During this album I listened to Mr Twin Sister from New York... the new Frank Ocean... a lot of Fyfe.. I appreciated his very personal vocal approach and more minimalist production.... I listen to Steve Reich almost every morning when i start my day. I listened to a lot of the band Amason as well - they are amazing!!!

0Camus0114 karma

Hello Kimbra,

Thanks for doing this AMA! I have some questions:

1- Any plans to come to Mexico someday?

2- How do you feel about the Music Industry as a whole?

3- What bands inspire you?

kimbramusic335 karma

  1. I REALLY WANT TO COME TO MEXICO. I tell my booking agents almost every time we speak!!! Ha. It will happen.
  2. The music industry is a confusing place. There are a lot of good people. There are a lot of people hungry for power too. But hey, aint that any institution really?
  3. Grizzly Bear, Meshuggah, Jaga Jazzist, Tame Impala, Jackson5.... Earth, Wind and Fire

charlietheginger2245 karma

Kia Ora Kimbra! I have been a huge fan of yours for such a long time now, and I have to say you are my all time favorite artist. I feel very connected to you and the way you see the world, and your music/fashion has influenced me so dramatically. I see you playing with themes of vulnerability in your music more and more, and was wondering if you ever feel scared to talk about your thoughts/feelings directly with your audience (outside of music)? I know that you are a deep thinker, and contemplate philosophically about our world all the time. I wonder if it is hard to bring up these deep conversations with your audience outside of music? I know in our world it can be hard to speak so vulnerably in that sense, and we can easily be shunned for thinking differently to the masses. I really feel the roots of your songs, and the bigger themes you are speaking to in music. Thank you for being so brave and authentic, this album is the rawest I have seen you yet.. you are such a beautiful HUMAN. I'm coming to see you in Boston, and know I'll literally cry tears of joy seeing you :') Look out for the ginger (and her sis) in the front row! Love from a kiwi <3

kimbramusic55 karma

Thanks so much. It's really important I get the chance to discuss my deeper feelings outside of music, wether that be on topics like philosophy, faith, and my other interests which have more to do with being a human living in this strange orbit and trying to decipher the meaning of it all. I keep a blog for this. And I've enjoyed using my mailing list emails to share a little more of who I am aside from just Kimbra The Musician. Of course i get scared like everyone to be vulnerable. But I'm realizing more and more that this is truly what the world needs more of. People being real about their brokenness and their strengths.

sphenodont39 karma

Hi Kimbra!

I was really looking forward to the Golden Electric tour and was really disheartened when it didn't happen. Are there any plans to try to make it happen again, or are there complications from Janelle Monae's side?

(Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago next week!)

kimbramusic44 karma

It is VERY possible I think! See you in Chicago!

bambi_gunz23 karma

Hey Kimbra!

My questions stem from you interview with Hollywood Life. You mention striking the balance between connecting via social media, but retaining some mystery. Is that mystery more for privacy and wanting some distance, or do you like to keep people guessing?

It interests me because it's becoming more common for people to share every bit of their lives online, hoping to find connections that they can't find locally. Reading that you acknowledge that you desire a balance struck a chord because I've be trying to find it also. I've thought a lot about identity attachment, and what defines healthy/unhealthy attachments. I think it has to do with the motivations behind the post. If it's not feeding into any insecurities or desire to hurt others, then it could be healthy. What do you define as healthy or unhealthy attachments?

Right now, I feel like humanity has been given this powerful tool, but we haven't matured culturally to handle it responsibly. Many users are just shooting their thoughts not really looking to have a discussion, which defeats the purpose of the Internet because it's mainly for communication.

Sorry for the lengthy post! I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, but tried to boil it down to the essentials. Here are some quick questions I have:

What do you feel is the biggest difference, culturally, about New York and LA? Do you like one more than the other?

What about Japan's culture interests you?

Do you watch any anime?

Have you heard the band Death Grips? What do you think of their music?

kimbramusic63 karma

The biggest difference about NYC is that you are forced to confront reality and people in a very up-close way, in LA I find it is easier to escape reality if that is what you desire. Or perhaps create a new one. Japan's culture is fascinating. It seems very built on the qualities of respect, tradition, work-ethic and an understanding of stillness and aesthetic. I LOVE anime. Animation is probably my favorite genre. I also really dig Death Grips. Super creative. I want to listen to more of them actually.

Social media is a confusing one for us all I think. But its great you are thinking about the role it plays in your life and how you can be most present in the real world :) We're all working out how to do that I think!

HesiPullOutJimbo15 karma

In 90s music, why did you choose to say “TLC, Left Eye” as separate artists?

kimbramusic49 karma

....haha cos it flowed better!!! And she was my fav from TLC. Wanted her to have a special shout out.

nessesque11 karma

Kimbra! I’m a huuuuge fan and my favorite song has to be Waltz Me to the Grave. Could you maybe explain your feelings around it and the time signatures in the song? Thank you so much!

kimbramusic20 karma

Ha! I think it goes to 7/8 at the end actually! I miss playing that song live with the band. Always a lot of fun. I guess its a song about making peace somehow with death and looking at it romantically... from a place of gratitude... life and death being both a dance of sorts.

KLJohnnes9 karma

I got so many questions.

First, how it was to do twice the work you usually do for a music video for Human? Did you enjoyed having a twin?

kimbramusic23 karma

Yes! And I am going to reveal her personality to you soon!!!! haha. Yes sorry to break it to me I wasn't actually able to technically clone myself for that video. Pretty convincing though right?

JohnConnor77 karma

Kimbra, I love you. Any plans about coming to Mexico soon?

kimbramusic15 karma

I WANT TO SO BADLY! It will happen.

TheVecan6 karma

Hi Kimbra! I adore your work, you are definitely in my Top 5 musicians!


  1. Do you ever feel pressure to go back to your poppier roots like you had on Vows? I absolutely love your more experimental work, but I wonder how you feel.

  2. What made you decide to put Lightyears on Primal Heart, I know it existed for a while before even Golden Echo I think, why now?

  3. Also, who's a musician that you know that needs 100% more listeners than they already get?

Can't wait for Primal Heart!

kimbramusic18 karma

  1. I still think Pop is popping! hehe. In some ways this record is my most direct & relatable perhaps so maybe it's my most pop yet? Who knows!
  2. Well I was gonna put out an EP. But I decided to wait to do a full length and revised Lightyears to fit more with the aesthetic of how the new record was sounding. Cant wait for you to hear it!
  3. Ofrin! From Israel/Berlin. Arc Iris! King! They are both supporting me on dates round US!

OverseerBurris6 karma

You're a dope artist Kimbra, love Teen Heat.

My question:

What do you for fun outside of working on/producing music?

kimbramusic57 karma

Watch The Room while high, haha.

ZedzDEMIZie5 karma

Will you be releasing the stems for the songs off Primal Heart? I noticed in the email you sent out you said that there would be projects involving the fans. so I'm hoping that's what it is :)

kimbramusic15 karma

You'll have to wait & seeeeee! x

hopscotchclock4 karma

Hi Kimbra! Today I'm getting a tattoo inspired by my favorite song of yours, "Waltz Me To The Grave." When did you start to write the first song of Primal Heart? Will there be more US tour dates for later 2018? Thanks! Hope I get to see you live soon!

kimbramusic9 karma

Wow! Thats so cool! I wrote Lightyears & Like They Do On The TV ages ago back when I was going to put out an EP around Sweet Relief. I changed them for this album but Primal Heart has been in the works since 2015 really!

KLJohnnes4 karma

Vocally speaking which track was the hardest to record?

Also, will Hi Def be a hidden track? It's a fan favorite and you usually put a hidden track into your album.

kimbramusic12 karma

Version Of Me was difficult to record because it was so confessional in many ways and its the most exposed I've felt on a recording (just piano and strings). But its probably my favorite on the album now.

BalanceMercy3 karma

Hi Kimbra! I absolutely adore your music, style and everything else! Are you glad to have pushed Primal Heart back? And will you ever come to Ireland? I need to see you live! X

kimbramusic13 karma

I've played one festival in Ireland but would love to come back!!! My ancestry is Irish so that'd be special too :) I am glad I pushed it back because it's giving me so much more time/ opportunity to do exciting projects around release!

bineleven3 karma

Hey Kimbra! I was very lucky to see you perform in Chicago on your Golden Echo tour, it was a very magical experience! The set, lighting, music, your glitter dress made for an surreal atmosphere! Also the band dressed up for Halloween was a nice touch!

Listening to your first two albums and upcoming songs, it seems like your style and emotions in the music change with every album, and I've actually noticed that you have recorded these albums living in three very different regions, NZ, Cali, and NY. So I guess my question would be, where do you think you'll go to work on your future music? Europe maybe?

Also I will see you in Chicago again February 3rd!

kimbramusic14 karma

I would love to do some writing in Japan! That place made me so inspired and I can imagine doing some really great collaborations there too. I love a lot of Japanese artists!

ohitsmark2 karma

Before you go on tour, what process goes into song selection and how each song is played?

kimbramusic9 karma

I'll be releasing a video about this soon! Me and my amazing musicians work hard on reinterpreting aspects and retaining what is special about the essence of the songs. We love to create spacious sound design and also leave room to improvise. I chose the songs I enjoy playing / singing most at that time! I trust that my fans will get the most from a concert when they feel I am inspired & joyful in what I am performing. x

Thomasww12 karma

Hey Kimbra, have loved your tunes forever. It’s clear that your music/visuals/vocals have evolved exponentially over the last 8 or 9 years and it seems your music is more truthful than ever; can you talk a bit about the path to finding this era of Kimbra and artistry?

kimbramusic4 karma

You might like my blog called The Catacombs on Tumblr. I talk a little about what i've learnt in the last few years and how i've come into some new insights about myself and my relationship to music. Especially in the post 'Dark Nights of The Soul'. xx

hopscotchclock2 karma

Are there more music videos in the works? Which music video is your favorite?

kimbramusic6 karma

There are certainly more music videos coming!!!!

Odekel2 karma

Hello! Okay so a while back maybe in October or so, you posted a video on Instagram of you playing bass and it was super cool. Being a new bassist myself, are you still playing the bass? And if you are, do you have any tunes to recommend learning? What have you enjoyed playing? And another question, you do a lot of live shows for your music. Do you prefer your songs in the way you portray it in the album versions, or do you like the way you perform it live more? Thanks!

kimbramusic8 karma

I always like playing live more because i can completely re-approach things if I like and it gives the lyrics new meanings sometimes. I am more plugged into guitar at the moment as I've been playing it a little in the new live show! But I definitely want to stick at bass. Oh and I love playing Khruangbin on bass. They are so dope.

grandbrand2 karma

Hi there, Kimbra! Recently, you had sent out your song, "Hi Def Distance Romance" out to your fans that didn't quite make it to the album (I absolutely LOVE that song, by the way). What are some songs that didn't make it to the final cut on your albums that you wish did?

One more question! What equipment/software do you use in your live performances?

kimbramusic22 karma

There are some others yes! One I wrote with Donald Glover which hasn't come out - I wanna re work it a little but I'd love that to see the light of day one day.....

I use a lot of different stuff. Ableton Push & Maschine are used on stage. I use Kaos pads, H9 pedals and various loopers. Plus Arturia controllers!

Kiblets2 karma

Hi Kimbra!

Super excited to see you in Los Angeles on your upcoming tour!

Wanted to give you an idea of what your next tour can be, so if you could please make that happen, that would be lovely… :)

The Kimdrick (or Kendra) tour! You, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, Anna Wise, Bilal and your old band will get together and play jams! A lot of To Pimp a Butterfly sounds like it is a companion piece to The Golden Echo and vice versa, so this would be a match made in heaven. I know, I know, you guys are both on to new albums but this could be a nice re-imagination of older hits.

Easy as that right??? Haha

P.S.- I just discovered the Artist Journal of As You Are with Van Dyke Parks and the symphony. Wanted to say thank you for that, as it’s crazy beautiful and the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube in I can’t remember how long.

kimbramusic7 karma

Haha I'm so down for this!~! I love all these people. And Thankyou xoxox

kingtomm2 karma

Hey Kimbra!

What is your opinion on traveling? In your own experience how much has it broadened your mind when it comes to songwriting and your outlook on life in general?

kimbramusic9 karma

Yes it's a big part of what informs me as a writer, it teaches you empathy and the ability to view things through a new lens. Especially when i've travelled without the responsibilities of tour! Just being an observer....

melomanium2 karma

Talking about collaborations... Are you featured in 'Adieu' by What So Not? (no lyrics but very moving!). Is there a duet with Surahn coming? Much love from Spain.

kimbramusic5 karma

No! and Yes!

hobnobbinbobthegob2 karma

What are your thoughts on Asian food?

I gotta admit, that's just a throwaway question. I just wanted to say that I'm pumped for your show in Minneapolis on the 5th. I'ma be there in bells.

kimbramusic11 karma

Japanese takes the cake for me. Hands down. See you there! xo

Gutaa_chan2 karma

Hi Kimbra! I wanted to ask if music is for you rather like a diary, a tool to express emotions, deal with them, keep memories, thoughts etc or maybe music is like a gift for others, to give, to make others feel, experience, discover? Or maybe music is about being given, to get back emotions and energy?

kimbramusic15 karma

It's definitely both. It's hard to give back to other authentically when you don't first go deep within and learn to express from the deepest part of who you are. It's like sharing your dreams with others. But you can't take them somewhere you haven't been first.

littlechino2 karma

Hi Kimbra! You have such an incredibly rich and diverse sound over your catalog. With that being said, how do you go about forming an album and making sure the songs tie in together as a coherent body of work? Were most of the songs on Primal Heart written around the same time?

kimbramusic8 karma

Bringing my co-producer John Congleton was a big part of helping tie the songs together. It's a lot to do with the overall approach of the vocal tone and the choice of instruments throughout. I think its very thematically tied also and he helped me recognize that. Mixing is a big part of that coherency aspect too. Making sure all the songs kind of sonically speak to eachother.

KLJohnnes2 karma

Will Guy Franklin direct more videos or you will continue to work with diferent directors? How do they influence the way the video end up being?

kimbramusic6 karma

We may or may not have another one coming out verrrry soon......

Rediet832 karma

Hello, Kimbra, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Other than the fact I went on Reddit yesterday at 3pm and 10 minutes later as I was wondering where everybody was I realized it’s Wednesday and not Thursdays (SMH)…… besides that …..I just want to start by saying Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for making Atlanta, GA happen I still can't believe it. In addition to that, so when will the tickets for the new dates be on sale? Plus, when you drop by Atlanta in May make sure you drop by Desta Ethiopian Kitchen....I promise you won't regret it; all your Injera cravings will be satisfied.

Once more thank you for making Atlanta Happen can't wait to get those Tickets!!

Fun fact - my name is Rediet and every time you say Reddit it sounds like you are saying my name Rediet.

kimbramusic4 karma

Ooooo can't wait to bust that restaurant! Thanks xxx

ScousePenguin1 karma

Was at your Manchester show and you were amazing!

Which of your songs do you think you've poured the most emotion and true feelings into. Is there a certain one that jumps out at you for being how you felt at an exact moment of time?

Excited for the new album!

kimbramusic5 karma

Version Of Me. x

beesnack1 karma

I'm beyond beyond excited for Primal Heart. Last album you spoke about becoming a gear nerd and I was wondering what your favourite equipment was while writing this album? Thanks so much and please come and play Wellington at some point :)

kimbramusic7 karma

I loved using Izotope plug-ins, the Maschine and also playing with the YamahaVS200. There's a lot of pocket pianos (Critter & Guitar) throughout the album too. So fun.