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Hi Kimbra!

Super excited to see you in Los Angeles on your upcoming tour!

Wanted to give you an idea of what your next tour can be, so if you could please make that happen, that would be lovely… :)

The Kimdrick (or Kendra) tour! You, Kendrick Lamar, Thundercat, Anna Wise, Bilal and your old band will get together and play jams! A lot of To Pimp a Butterfly sounds like it is a companion piece to The Golden Echo and vice versa, so this would be a match made in heaven. I know, I know, you guys are both on to new albums but this could be a nice re-imagination of older hits.

Easy as that right??? Haha

P.S.- I just discovered the Artist Journal of As You Are with Van Dyke Parks and the symphony. Wanted to say thank you for that, as it’s crazy beautiful and the best thing I’ve seen on YouTube in I can’t remember how long.

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This is super important. Which fast food french fries are #1?

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Do you feel like New York will play a big part in this album's sound compared to how I feel Los Angeles did in the The Golden Echo?