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Hello Kimbra,

Thanks for doing this AMA! I have some questions:

1- Any plans to come to Mexico someday?

2- How do you feel about the Music Industry as a whole?

3- What bands inspire you?

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Great! I am sure you will post it on twitter if you come to Mexico, you may love the food and all the cultural background around here. You have a lot of fans here :)

I love that you are original, following your art, keep it that way, that is why we like your work/art.

Wow, amazed to see Meshuggah!Do you like Progressive Rock as well?

Thanks for replying!!

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Hi Steve! two questions:

1 - Back in Sevilla EXPO 92, that was the genesis for the G3, the concept for it?

2 - How many hours did you practice at your different ages? There was a rumor that you used to practice up to 15 hours a day, is that true?

Thanks for the AMA!