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Re-invention yo!! No one has done it the way YOU do. We all bring a different set of circumstances/perspective to what we create.

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Hi! 'Ivy' - Frank Ocean!! x

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It was crazy, he gave me courage to open up my vocal styles and pushed me in new directions which was so exciting. He started free-styling during this jam and I just started kinda following along and he was really into it so we kinda started this back an forth where i'd takes a more melodic route and he'd rap and we'd bounce back and forth and suddenly I was finding all this new confidence with spoken word and started hunting for new pockets to fly around him. it was so inspiring. That session changed a lot for me in terms of inspiration and trying new directions that resulted in some cool new angles for this new record. I'm real happy for him and all that he's doing with acting & directing right now. A true artist.

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Thanks for asking me anything! Time to go and rehearse for my tour but see you again here soon before the album comes out :) LOVE Kimbra. x

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  1. I REALLY WANT TO COME TO MEXICO. I tell my booking agents almost every time we speak!!! Ha. It will happen.
  2. The music industry is a confusing place. There are a lot of good people. There are a lot of people hungry for power too. But hey, aint that any institution really?
  3. Grizzly Bear, Meshuggah, Jaga Jazzist, Tame Impala, Jackson5.... Earth, Wind and Fire