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Hey Kimbra!

My question is with the Golden Echo you kinda went for a whole album of different sounds, song structures, genres etc. I mean it’s hard to believe that 90’s music and Waltz me to the grave are in the same project but this works so well and it really makes this album stand out as one of the best in my opinion. With Primal Heart have you tried to create another crazy mash up of different styles or stuck to a more cohesive type of theme, genre or sound throughout the lp?

Also who are some artists that inspire your music? I’d love to give them a listen new or old. Maybe learn a thing or two since I’m relatively young at 17.

Thank you so much for all the extraordinary music you have gave to us so far and soon too come. Your amazing, keep it up Kimbra!!


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Awesome thanks for the reply Kimbra!!

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Hey Kimbra!

What is your opinion on traveling? In your own experience how much has it broadened your mind when it comes to songwriting and your outlook on life in general?