Hi Guys, I'm Mirai and excited to chat with you today as I head into the busy winter season traveling the globe to earn a sport on TEAM USA. I won the women's U.S. national title at 14 years old and was the youngest woman since 1997 to win the U.S. title and the first since 1938 to win back-to-back junior and senior national titles. I made my Olympic debut at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, where I placed fourth. Following back-to-back fourth-place U.S. championship finishes in 2016 and 2017, I am making a run for my second Olympic appearance in PyeongChang.

My parents are Japanese and own a delicious sushi restaurant in California, I am an only child and I have three kids with tails named Lexi, Liberty, and Lincoln (rescues). So Ask Me Anything!

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mirainagasu/

Proof: https://i.redd.it/d3fz5l0i3q301.jpg

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ChasingPesmerga2736 karma

In the movie "Blades of Glory", there is a figure skating move there called the Iron Lotus.

If given the chance to team up with a robot skater with 0% chances of error, would you consider doing that move to get gold?

Mirai_NagasuSkates5075 karma

Anything for the gold medal.

guoit1213 karma

At the Olympics, do you find yourself hanging out with athletes across all of the sports? Or are there sport specific cliques?

Mirai_NagasuSkates1850 karma

The athlete dining hall is a huge cafeteria in which all the athletes gather for some grub. I find that I naturally gravitate towards Team USA athletes since I know there won't be a language barrier, but I remember sitting with other skaters from other countries as well when I was there last time.

HGpennypacker347 karma

How was the food in the cafeteria? Anything of note? Also I seem to remember that McDonald's is an option, is that true?

freakame331 karma

Been years, but in 1996 Olympics, the food was fantastic. McDonalds was in name only - they had high quality meats, etc.

ExtraAnchovies176 karma

What did you compete in?

Mirai_NagasuSkates557 karma

Figure skating!

mattthebarbarian698 karma

Any recommendations for a hockey player trying to improve stability on my outside edges?

Mirai_NagasuSkates903 karma

Don't be afraid of putting on a pair of figure skates. I think they could really help.

Also, I do a lot of stability on the Bosu ball at the gym which might help.

almondparfitt580 karma

Hi Mirai, what do you enjoy most about the competing having been in some of the top competitions in the world? Also what's your diet like during training season? Thanks and good luck on PyeongChang!

Mirai_NagasuSkates699 karma

I enjoy challenging myself and trying to better myself in a high pressure situation.

During the season, I try to eat a balanced diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables. I eat to fuel and have found that finding the right balance has been extremely important for my regime.

ilikefreshsocks571 karma


Mirai_NagasuSkates716 karma

Hot but not burning lava hot, so whatever tempurature that would be. Comfortable.

just4lizzy557 karma

How many pairs of boots/blades to you have ready at any point in time? (Also, I absolutely love how you’ve spray painted the heels on your Pianos.)

Mirai_NagasuSkates705 karma

Thanks! It's actually nail polish. Way easier than spray paint.

I always have two pairs just in case anything happens.

red_oak_drinker463 karma


Thank you for doing this AMA and representing the US in the Olympics.

At what point did you know that you wanted to be an Olympic athlete?

Who is the Olympic athlete that you were most star struck when you met in person?

Mirai_NagasuSkates835 karma

Thanks for having me!

As a little girl I watched skaters like Kristi Yamaguchi and Michelle Kwan and wanted to be just like them. However, I didn't have a definitive moment where I decided I wanted to be an Olympic athlete. I've just always wanted to the best and I think becoming an Olympic athlete was a part of that goal.

Every time that I see Michelle Kwan, I'm awe struck because she is the epitome of a role model. She's always so nice to everyone and the way she conducts herself is something I truly admire.

Shogunyan442 karma

Have you watched Yuri on Ice? If so, what did you think of the skate routines?

If you (or anyone else) haven't watched it, I'm linking to a video with two of the routines below. If you love ice skating, it's worth a watch.


Mirai_NagasuSkates277 karma

Thanks, I'll check it out!

olepone421 karma

There is a guy here in Norway that has a tv show about driving to the olympics except that he doesn't have a license so he got to ask random people to drive his car to SK. Would you watch that?

Mirai_NagasuSkates398 karma

Yes, is it on Netflix?

zntrm346 karma

We love your Miss Saigon free skate and your dogs!

Have you seen Miss Saigon on Broadway yet?

What has been the hardest part of getting your triple axel consistent?

As an avid Drag Race fan, what is your favorite season and favorite lipsync?

What is your favorite musical?

Is Michelle Kwan as magical as she appears to be?

Mirai_NagasuSkates574 karma

I just recently saw Miss Saigon on Broadway and it was amazing!

I've had all of my jumps for almost ten years now, so I've had time to get a feel for them. The triple axel is still a new jump for me, so it's been a little more challenging to conquer.

My favorite season of Drag Race is season 5 because I love all of the queens' personalities, but favorite lip sync has to be season 9 Shea Coulee vs. Sasha Velour singing, "So Emotional" by Whitney Houston. The rose petals were everything.

simonm17213 karma

Any chance we’ll get the name of the restaurant to try some delicious sushi?

Mirai_NagasuSkates793 karma

Restaurant Kiyosuzu in Arcadia, CA. Be kind to my mom, her English isn't the best but that's how you know you're getting authentic sushi.

Insightful_Digg288 karma

We love Kiyosuzu (Pasadena represent) - best neighborhood Japanese restaurant and have been going for 10+ years. Everyone there is so very proud of you!

Mirai_NagasuSkates113 karma


just4lizzy207 karma

What’s your most and least favorite jump, and what’s your least favorite move (rockers, brackets, counters, chocktaws)?

Mirai_NagasuSkates403 karma

My favorite jump is my double axel and my least favorite jump is definitely my triple salchow. Favorite move would have to be counter clockwise twizzles!

theatretrash169 karma

What's the process of choosing your music? Are you the one behind it, is it Tom Z., or Jeffrey? Also, how long have you been working on that Triple Axel? (Also, congrats on NHK! Slay at Nationals and PyeongChang! Love the Saigon free skate!)

Mirai_NagasuSkates236 karma

I've been working on the triple axel for a long time, especially during the summer when we don't have to focus so much on working on programs. This summer was an extremely good summer for me!

Choosing music is a team effort. Jeff has to feel like he can create something special for me and I have to feel like I can listen to it everyday and perform it to the best of my ability. Tom also makes sure that it's music that the audience and the judges can relate to and will love.

Pikacharizard166 karma

Do you think there will be a point in ladies skating where quads or triple axels will be a normal thing? I ask because of the crazy technical evolution in men's skating these past four years.

Mirai_NagasuSkates172 karma

Yes absolutely!

WhiskeyMakesMeHappy162 karma

Ooh nice Deathly Hallows pajamas, what's your house?

Mirai_NagasuSkates231 karma


yomts128 karma

What song would you choose for a Last Chance Lipsync?

Mirai_NagasuSkates176 karma

Listen by Beyonce

radicalsnackeater121 karma

Hey Mirai! Big fan of you these past few years, I watched you skate in person at Skate Canada GP last season! Thanks for doing this AMA! I have 2 questions for you.

I saw on USADA.org that you were one of the most tested figure skaters this year, do you think they saw videos of your 3A on social media? I hope you get +GOE on it soon ;D

Also this season has been pretty injury plagued for a lot of skaters due to a variety of reasons, how do you personally, as a skater who has been on the senior circuit for a long time, ward off injuries?

Mirai_NagasuSkates237 karma

I didn't even know that you could see how many times I was tested but yes, USADA can come test me to makes sure I compete clean at any time. Although it's sometimes inconvenient, I am open to testing at any time since I make sure I compete clean.

I make sure I get enough sleep in order to recover adequately and when going for difficult jumps, I'm not embarrassed to put in my butt pads. Safety first!

smoogrish83 karma

hi mirai! i'm seeing miss saigon tonight and i'll be thinking of you! how is lexi? how the hell do you even own that many dogs and maintain your schedule? i have one puppy and i've missed the gym for a week.

Mirai_NagasuSkates105 karma

You're going to have a great time!

Lexi is doing great! Three dogs is definitely a lot but it was hard to say no when I knew they needed a home.

The puppy stage is probably the hardest since you have to potty train them and you have to let them out more often. Word of advice, puppies go through a serious chewing stage. I always have bones lying around so that they have something to chew on and don't chew something you don't want them to. Soup bones from the supermarket are great for them.

carrotynoid74 karma

hi mirai!!! i've been a fan of your personality, your work ethic, and drive for success since your junior days! you're a big inspiration to me!

question: what do you see yourself doing/getting involved with after you finish your skating career? has any class at your college open you up to a new possible career path in the future?

Mirai_NagasuSkates166 karma

Thank you!

I'm going for a degree in international business and I'm hoping that my background in Japanese can open up some opportunities there.

Alexjessa02030871 karma

So excited for Figure Skating! Can you tell me what goes into the process or decision making for choosing your costumes? Good luck. We are routing for you!

Mirai_NagasuSkates133 karma

A quick sketch and I talk to my dress maker about the concept I'm going for. Then bang, there's a dress at my door.

Reddit_newguy2471 karma

I'd seriously like to know how you manage your skating time with other things in your life like school and such?

Mirai_NagasuSkates268 karma

Coffee. You're welcome.

doublestop2362 karma

Who was your favorite figure skater when you were a kid?

Mirai_NagasuSkates155 karma

Michelle Kwan. Her parents owned a restaurant and so did mine. Of course, I wanted to be an amazing skater as well.

Pikacharizard60 karma

What's your most memorable competition experience?

Mirai_NagasuSkates126 karma

Vancouver Olympics! It's more than just competing. The Olympics are so much more and it's so exciting!

kapachow56 karma

What’s the worst thing about being an elite child athlete?

Mirai_NagasuSkates177 karma

Making tons of mistakes in the public eye.

Pourablemustard54 karma

What is the name of your parents' sushi restaurant? I would love to -roll- on by for a visit!

Mirai_NagasuSkates88 karma

Restaurant Kiyosuzu! Make sure you send me a post! I'd love to see photos!

peanuts_for_sale49 karma

I'm a sports psychologist who works primarily with professional baseball players. Would you be willing to shed some insight into your mental preparation techniques as a figure skater?

Mirai_NagasuSkates94 karma

I also work with a sports psychologist because I get really nervous before I compete. I find that focusing on my breathing really helps since I sometimes forget to when I feel so much adrenaline!

SuddenlyC448 karma

Do you speak to your parents in Japanese or English?

Mirai_NagasuSkates121 karma

It's a mix. When I don't know the word in japanese, I just substitute it with English.

SmartestIdiotAlive46 karma

Do you take your doggo with you to events or does your doggo stay with a sitter?

Mirai_NagasuSkates98 karma

I wish I could, but can't fit the husky in my luggage unfortunately. They stay at the dog hotel!

cliff_diver43 karma

Since you've started skating, how has your training evolved over time? Have you used any new techniques, or recovery methods?

What is your favorite kind of sushi?

Do you have any plans after skating?

Were is your favorite place to skate/visit?

Thanks for answering!

Mirai_NagasuSkates85 karma

Yes. I used to skate at 6 am but I don't think my body could handle triple axels that early anymore.

I like all types of sushi.

After skating, I want to sit on the beach with a Mai tai.

I love Japan. It definitely helps that I can speak the language as well.

crazyisraeli40 karma

How do you feel about no NHL players being involved in the men's hockey tournament this year?

Mirai_NagasuSkates74 karma


rhythmplusrhyme35 karma

I've been figure skating for close to 10 years now and I've gone through several rough patches that have made me want to quit skating all together. Have you ever gone through through something like this and what advice would you give to someone going through this as well?

Mirai_NagasuSkates79 karma

Yeah absolutely! Not making the 2014 team was one of those moments for me.

I think about if quitting is something I truly want or it's a temporary feeling. I still love training even though I hate falling.

travelgalhere34 karma

I know you travel a lot, but do you get to see most places that you compete in? If so, what has been some of the most memorable places? Thanks.

Mirai_NagasuSkates155 karma

I got to go into the White house and shake Obama's hand. Wow, right.

Chtorrr33 karma

What is the very best dessert?

Mirai_NagasuSkates89 karma


typesett29 karma

How do you feel about Surya Bonaly's backflip?

Mirai_NagasuSkates57 karma


impactedwisdom26 karma

Do you plan to continue competing after this season?

Mirai_NagasuSkates70 karma


dreamsaremade24 karma

Hello Mirai! My daughter would like to ask you what one piece of advice you would have for her to be just like you when she grows up (she's five and she's been skating for a year now)? Also, she's hoping that she can watch you on TV in PyeongChang!

Mirai_NagasuSkates33 karma

As cliche as it is, as long as you keep loving the sport and believing in yourself, you're going to be golden!

MargaretTudor6320 karma

Hi Mirai! Will you be going for 2 3Axels (one in combo obviously) in your Long Program? Rooting for you all the way! xo ♥

Mirai_NagasuSkates46 karma

One for now. One step at a time :)

darthlim20 karma

I'm at a sushi place right now. What is your favorite sushi?

Mirai_NagasuSkates34 karma

Blue fin tuna

Annmjensen20 karma

How are you managing the holidays given that Nationals is so early this year???

Mirai_NagasuSkates46 karma

Singing Christmas carols in the car!

Cam707719 karma

Can I do an AMA for the dog please?

Mirai_NagasuSkates44 karma

Great idea. Let's make it happen.

shadowsinwinter19 karma

What is your favourite program that you have skated so far? And also, with the amount of musical theatre karaoke sessions in your instagram stories, what is your favourite musical? :D

Mirai_NagasuSkates44 karma

I love Broadway. I think Wicked and the Lion King are two of my favorites. Also, Miss Saigon was amazing. I just love them all.

I love Miss Saigon and I also loved skating to Pirates of the Caribbean.

lourayy18 karma

I really want to get back into figure skating at 19 years old; what is the best way to do so, and what times do you consider the rink to be near empty?

Mirai_NagasuSkates53 karma

Skating is for all ages. Show up and give it a go. I'd say that during the day when everyone is at school is when the rink is at its emptiest.

roygbiv_sun15 karma

Is there a story behind your setup for the 3A?

Mirai_NagasuSkates49 karma

Get it done!

chrissichang13 karma

Hi Marai! Do you have a certain boot that you like? Harlicks are so sturdy, but they are so heavy and it's hard to point the foot. Any advice on choosing the right equipment and taking care of your feet (especially when breaking in your boots)? And best wishes during the the Olympic games in PyeongChang!!!!

Mirai_NagasuSkates36 karma

Right now, I wear Edeas and I love how light they are!

I have flat feet and find that the Edeas fit me really well.

I take a lot of baths in order to relax my sore muscles. Baths are great with 2 cups of epsom salts!

grouphugintheshower13 karma


Mirai_NagasuSkates26 karma

Rinku de suberu no ga daisuki desu!

jimu de cardio suru no wa nigatedesu!

coolhandsarrah12 karma

Who are your favourite skaters to watch right now? What do you love most about the sport?

Mirai_NagasuSkates28 karma

I really like Aliona Savchenko and Bruno Massot's long program with the infinity arms everywhere. It is so cool!

DannySFL12 karma

Do you ever visit Japan with your family?

Best of luck with the Olympics.

Mirai_NagasuSkates36 karma

My parents spend a lot of time working at the restaurant, so I've only gone to Japan with both of my parents once, but I remember it fondly.

barkingfish0111 karma

Did you start figure skating on your own? Did your parents ever put pressure on you to do well?

Mirai_NagasuSkates46 karma

My parents wanted me to be a golfer but they took me to the rink one day and I asked to be taken to the rink all the time.

Yes, my parents put pressure on me to do well, but I would equate it to expecting a kid to get good grades in school. (I like to think that I did both)

fubu11 karma

Thoughts on Kim Yu-Na? Do you think she deserved a gold at Sochi?

Mirai_NagasuSkates28 karma

She's an amazing skater!

justaway_throw_away11 karma

Hi Mirai! What are your dogs' favorite treats?

Mirai_NagasuSkates37 karma

They eat everything. I wish I could insert a laughing emoji here.

brushbender11 karma

Hey Mirai! You're my top pick for the Olympic team; can't wait to see you in PyeongChang!

You've talked about wanting to push your technical boundaries. With the triple axel looking better and better at each competition, will we see a quad Sal/Toe attempt at some point?

Kind of related - are you more comfortable with toe or edge jumps?

Mirai_NagasuSkates28 karma

Toe jumps.

If I can compete with the pole harness when I go for the quad, I'll consider it.

labrev10 karma

Hello! Also a Japanese bilingual here.

I wanted to ask a bit of an unconventional question. I really love your name "Mirai" as it sounds so fresh and Gen Z! Were your parents looking for something unique/current when they thought of it rather than the likes of other names like Mari, Haruna, Kana, etc?

I'm sorry it's a boring question.

Mirai_NagasuSkates25 karma


I think they really liked the meaning of my name, Mirai.

Also my middle name is Aileen which is usually spelled Eileen but I think they spelled it with the A since Ai means love in Japanese.

Nixplosion8 karma

You're name means "Future" correct? Do you use that as a little jab at competition when you win? By saying things like "I am the future!"

Because if not, you should!

Mirai_NagasuSkates14 karma

I'll take that advice! haha

NaBr07 karma

What would Brian Boitano do?

Mirai_NagasuSkates13 karma


26648877777 karma

What Harry Potter house?

Mirai_NagasuSkates11 karma


LinksMilkBottle6 karma

What do you think of Patrick Chan?

Mirai_NagasuSkates19 karma

Great guy. Great sense of humor.

katehawks6 karma

Hi Mirai. What was the moment you realized you could become an Olympian?

Mirai_NagasuSkates11 karma

I believe.

Drlights6 karma

I hope this doesn't come off the wrong way but being an Asian American, do you get dirty looks from asian athletes that represent their home country? Like a, "why are you not with your people" type of thing.

Mirai_NagasuSkates17 karma

No, I consider myself an Asian American. Growing up in the American school system, I have more knowledge on US history than of any Asian culture. As far as the potential dirty looks from others, I'm proud to represent the USA and there isn't anything they can do about it!

Redd_Hunter6 karma

Have you ever watched Yuri on Ice?

Mirai_NagasuSkates11 karma

Not yet but I will when I get the chance!

Bepo26365 karma

What's your training regimen like?

Mirai_NagasuSkates12 karma

Work work work.

I usually skate morning through mid-afternoon with breaks in between and then am at the gym from 4:30-6:00 pm.

redditsupernoob5 karma

What are your thoughts on the documentary, Icarus? The film highlights Russian stated sponsored doping and I'm curious how you feel about having to compete with athletes that have been using performance enhancing drugs for most of the careers.

Mirai_NagasuSkates8 karma

I just watched it and would definitely recommend seeing it if you haven't already. I think it's insane that what started off as a documentary to see how doping could help an athlete ultimately ended in Rodchenkov in the Witness Protection Program. I also cannot wrap my head around the fact that there was such an elaborate plan at the Sochi Olympics and that they were able to pull it off.

At the end of the day, my responsibility is to myself and I can only control what I'm ingesting.

ohgee_k5 karma

Do you remember going to Kodomo no Ie? When I used to go, I remember how Enchou Sensei would talk about you and she was really proud of you:))

Mirai_NagasuSkates7 karma

Yes! I still get a Christmas card every year. It was so much fun!

rcher875 karma

Ahh thanks for doing this!!!! I’m so excited for the Olympics!

What are some songs on your pump up playlist?

Good luck this year!!!

Mirai_NagasuSkates13 karma

Waka Waka by Shakira!

Carlosc1dbz4 karma

What advice do you have for moms whose daughters want to be in figure skating? Any type of predatory behaviors to watch out for?

Mirai_NagasuSkates26 karma

Be supportive but not overwhelming!!!!

forava73 karma

favorite disney movie?

Mirai_NagasuSkates13 karma

Moana. I love Disney though. I had an annual pass to Disneyland for a year!

misoranomegami3 karma

Some of the recent changes to gymnastics scoring have really changed the make up of top level gymnastic teams and resulted in more physically demanding and technically difficult programs. Do you feel that recent or future changes to skating scores will have a similar impact on skating?

Mirai_NagasuSkates13 karma

I believe that sports are always evolving. I bet the skating in the future is something I'll look at and not even be able to contemplate.

druckvorlage3 karma

Seen as you're wearing Deathly Hallows sweatpants: which is your favourite HP book, and who's your favourite character?

(Edited for grammar)

Mirai_NagasuSkates8 karma

I really liked the way Luna was portrayed in the movies. She was really likable even though she seemed loony in the books. Also how can you not like Hermione.

I liked all of them but I think I would say the Prisoner of Azkaban was my favorite.

starknolonger3 karma

Hi Mirai! Fingers crossed for you- love your programs this season.

Do you think that figure skating is suffering in the US? It seems like there's a lot less dominance for US women internationally than in the past. How do you think this can be corrected?

Mirai_NagasuSkates7 karma

No, there are so many talented girls! Because there's so much talent it's hard for one girl to stay at the top for a long time.

justreadmycomment3 karma

Do you ever feel like being an Olympian at such a young age affected you negatively?

Mirai_NagasuSkates10 karma

Maybe but I wouldn't change it for the world.

summersnow__213 karma

Hi!! What’s your favorite show to binge on Netflix?

Mirai_NagasuSkates8 karma

Once upon a time!

burningember672 karma

What does your hand writing look like? Would you be kind enough to write out a verse of Plain Jane by A$AP Ferg?

Mirai_NagasuSkates9 karma


bloomingOrchids12 karma

Hi Mirai! What is the biggest hurdle you've had to overcome to get where you are today?

Mirai_NagasuSkates5 karma

My own doubts.

burningember672 karma

Mirai, When did you start learning japanese? What do you think the most difficult part of learning the language is? *Also, do you like japanese rock music?

Mirai_NagasuSkates9 karma

Japanese is my first language although it's not my primary language.

The kanji is so hard to memorize. Why are there so many of them!?

I was really into Greeeeeeeen. I don't know that they'd be considered rock though.

RhysticStudy2 karma

Do you have any good stories about Max Aaron?

Mirai_NagasuSkates7 karma

He's a hard worker!

Mutt12232 karma

What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Mirai_NagasuSkates9 karma


edit4112 karma

What's something fun/funny that fans don't know about your coach Tom Z?

Mirai_NagasuSkates6 karma

He has severe anxiety when he travels.

zenmunkey1 karma

Youre pretty. Whats your favorite ice move?

Mirai_NagasuSkates3 karma

Thanks! Double axel!

walkingsouth1 karma

Did you have a discrimination for your obviously foreign name and appearance?

Mirai_NagasuSkates14 karma

I'm proud of being Japanese American and wouldn't change my name or appearance.

TwizzyKola1 karma

I'm 15 years old and an overweight transmale. Is there any way I can become a famous figure skater like you?

Mirai_NagasuSkates9 karma


CovertCoding1 karma

Ice isn’t a soft surface to land on, when you’re learning or perfecting a new move are you ever worried that a slight mess up could injure yourself permanently, what steps are taken to avoid such things?

Mirai_NagasuSkates3 karma

Butt pads. Get one of those softer yoga mats and cut it into a pad.

tb29241 karma

what was your hardest fall while skating?

Mirai_NagasuSkates4 karma

I fall every day! All the time!

Quackmandan1 karma

Do the spinning routines ever make you dizzy? I can hardly make it through a merry-go-round without losing my stomach.

Mirai_NagasuSkates3 karma


DressCodeBlack1 karma

Is there any current or ex figure skater you look up to?

Mirai_NagasuSkates5 karma

Kristi Yamaguchi and Brian Boitano. I really admire how they are constantly giving back to the community. Also, they are both Olympic champions!

killerbeeman1 karma

What's your daily/weekly training schedule look like? How many hours a week would you say you train?

Mirai_NagasuSkates4 karma

3 hours on the ice

MBAMBA01 karma

Do you feel like tech callers are unfairly harder on under-rotations as opposed to pre-rotations?

Mirai_NagasuSkates3 karma

Yes and no

forava71 karma

do you have any downtime when training for figureskating? Like is it skating all-year round

Mirai_NagasuSkates3 karma

Yes, I skate all year round but I love it. I also enjoy skiing when I have some free time.

FeCurtain111 karma

How do you get over fear of failure?

Mirai_NagasuSkates8 karma

Failure is inevitable at some point. I'm more afraid of not going for things.

yerweecunt1 karma

How much beer have you drank in one sitting?

Mirai_NagasuSkates3 karma

Haha. I'm more of a wine connoisseur

rogicar1 karma

Last winter Olympics I heard the camp all the athletes were at was a big ass orgy. How is it this year? Who are the horniest mofos from what u could tell?

Mirai_NagasuSkates2 karma

I'll let you know!

NoobDestroyer4201 karma

What physical qualities are needed to become a figure skater?

Mirai_NagasuSkates7 karma

Great calves. They're really a necessity for the jumps.

ky30-13 karma

Did anyone ever try to break your kneecaps?

Mirai_NagasuSkates6 karma

No, not yet and hopefully never.

extraporn-21 karma

how the fuck are you able to see anything?

Mirai_NagasuSkates9 karma

With my albeit small but functioning eyes.

theflamingskull-21 karma

Do your parents run a quality sushi restaurant, or is it a place for California rolls, and sake bombs?

How often do you take out the garbage?

Mirai_NagasuSkates8 karma

High quality. I don't know if there are sake bombs, but there's definitely alcohol. There are also California rolls but they're delicious.

The trash guy comes once a week.