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Since you've started skating, how has your training evolved over time? Have you used any new techniques, or recovery methods?

What is your favorite kind of sushi?

Do you have any plans after skating?

Were is your favorite place to skate/visit?

Thanks for answering!

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What was the process/experience of waking up and realizing and coping with the situation. How exactly did you come out of your dark place? How long did that take?

How are you able to support yourself financially?

You mentioned limited use of your limbs. Just how "limited" is it and are you able to sail conventionally?

It seems like you are interested in activism. Are there any issues that you are passionate about or participate in. Do you pay attention to the state of war veterans?

Can you tell me your favorite ice cream flavor?

Thank you for answering.

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What do you consider your greatest accomplishment so far? How did you push through the stressful times of life?

How has flight technology changed since you first started out flying?

Though you must be very focused as a pilot, what has been the strangest thought you've had while flying?

If you wanted to relax and take a short break from it all, where would you travel to?

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Thanks for answering!

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What kind of pizza innovations are you most excited about?

Do you see any sort of improvements to pizza delivery in terms of reducing waste or improving efficiency?

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Hey there!

  • There is definitely a strong cultural element to your game. Besides the strong Japanese influence, what other culture would you want explore more if you had time and curiosity?

  • What do you believe is an underappreciated part of the game making experience? How do you stay motivated?

  • What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

Merci beaucoup!