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What would you say is the best way for fans to try and meet their favorite band at a music festival?

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Who was your favorite figure skater when you were a kid?

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  • Do you share a birthday with a composer (I share one with Handel, which is why I ask)?
  • What's the biggest challenge of doing all the parts? What's the biggest technical challenge regarding these videos?
  • Have you considered doing a John Rutter piece?
  • Who are your favorite famous singers?
  • As a fellow singer, I have to ask this - what is the craziest story you have from a performance/audition/voice lesson?

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How do you feel about contemporary music in the church? I work in a Methodist church as a contemporary praise team leader, and I've heard so many opinions on the matter. It would be nice to hear from a Methodist pastor (outside of my own) on the matter.

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What is your favorite part of getting to work with Colin Jost?