Thanks for all your questions! I will check in later and see if there are any unanswered top comments. See you on Furzeday for the big Star Wars reveal. My debut book was just released from Penguin Young Readers/Razorbill and features 10 new inventions you can do at home. You can check it out here. I also dropped my book from space. You can see my videos here.

I also star in my own YouTube Red show called Furze World Wonders.

I’ll be answering questions from 12 to 1 PM ET. After that, check me out on twitter.


Edit: It's 5.5 million subscribers, 600 mill views arghhhhhh!

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Gliding_high3644 karma

How is your relationship with your neighbours?

colinfurze7447 karma

They like it when I'm on holiday

pklong3581 karma

How many times have you been arrested and what happened?

colinfurze7359 karma

Once but now the police station is full of subscribers

supertaquito2645 karma


colinfurze3238 karma

I ask myself this, maybe I'm a cat...

sjiuodjuks2220 karma

Do you know that Furz means fart in German? Maybe it was your destiny to become a plumber and now you disturbed the space time continuum?

colinfurze2718 karma

I'm very aware of this and feel I should make a German themed Colin fart video

babybirdbones2009 karma

What was one project that you regretting starting because it got too dangerous, costly, etc., but had to finish anyways? Thanks!

colinfurze2769 karma

The fire tornado just WOULD NOT WORK but turns out it was just the weather so glad I persevered but was a tough, cold January!

Luciferist1800 karma

I've seen all your videos and always wonder, is that tie a clip-on? safety wise of course.

edit: grammer

colinfurze2409 karma

No it's not! Probably should be..

some_asshat1111 karma

Love your show. Do you have any background in engineering?

colinfurze2079 karma

I'ma plummer by trade but all my welding and machining skills are all self taught. I've just bought tools and tried to use them. Things have been broken along the way

chriscook81029 karma

What do you use the bunker for? And how does it smell afterwards?

colinfurze1723 karma

Rick uses it as a band practice room, I watch the formula 1 down there and it's a store for my inventions. It doesn't smell and has never got damp! #amazing

Chicknomancer980 karma

How do you feel about the YouTube community right now? Also, have you ever thought about a colab with William Osman or one of the other engineerish channels?

colinfurze972 karma

I feel YouTube is the same now as it ever was with people talking and sharing ideas. It's just got bigger which can change people's perceptions. I'll have to check that guy out!

london10000973 karma

What's with the mannequin legs in the garden?

colinfurze1522 karma

They were left over from a TV can't chuck legs away

ThePunisher19904 karma

Who is your favorite inventor?

colinfurze3063 karma

Wallace of Wallace and Gromit

vernonarmy781 karma

What was your favourite build and why?

colinfurze1545 karma

I have many favourites but the bunker gets used the most, the mobility scooter launched the channel and I can't believe the hover bike worked

jo_shadow757 karma

Would you ever consider a colab with Adam Savage, aka. u/mistersavage? A video of you guys on Tested would be amazing.

colinfurze1281 karma

Yeah there's a few I'd like to collab with that are stateside but the huge, gaping pot of water in between makes things difficult. My next collab will probs be with Alec Steele

sbnufc516 karma

Have you been to Bombay Cottage in Stamford? I went on the way to Stansted from the north and it was well nice

edit: holy shit I just found this image when googling it

colinfurze522 karma

YES that's my local Indian!

almondparfitt493 karma

How did you put out the largest bonfire? Thx!

colinfurze740 karma

To my surprise we woke up in the morning and it had all burnt away. I think the ground was so hot it helped keep the coals burning until gone

Jgc242451 karma

Hey Colin, love the channel! What project would you most like to do if you had an unlimited budget?

colinfurze1087 karma

Homemade roller-coaster

glennss442 karma

Hi Colin, been a fan for years, your projects are great.. my favourite is the TukTuk..

Simple question... how many fireworks for 6 million subs and what will they be attached to ? :D

colinfurze558 karma

For 6 mill I might do something different

picklelord314402 karma

Where do you get inspiration from? On a similar note, what youtube channels are your favorite?

colinfurze540 karma

Inspiration can come from many places, other videos, silly thoughts and accidental mistakes. Hacksmith, James Bruton and Alec Steele are pretty good!

BarcodePrinter362 karma

What your family think about your inventions?

colinfurze652 karma

My Mum doesn't like fire related ones but generally they look forward to seeing what comes out the shed!

kokiri_link330 karma

Hi Colin - who is your favourite tube supplier in Peterborough and why is it Apex Tubes?

colinfurze416 karma

I just love that dairy grade stainless and the free supply of biscuits

thxxx1337308 karma

Have you ever shat in the fastest toilet?

colinfurze618 karma

Yes got to fully test things

aPleasantFellow294 karma

Hi Colin, Love your work! Have you ever destroyed a safety tie or has it always done it’s job?

colinfurze470 karma

We are currently on the 2nd tie and 3rd shirt. The previous tie was falling apart and stank really bad

Simmonsdude243 karma

Which project gave you the most satisfaction when you finished it?

colinfurze397 karma

The 100mph dodgem as I'd made such a good job of it I couldn't stop staring at it!

greiger237 karma

Do you prefer to meal prep or make meals throughout the week? Or do you mostly do fast foods?

colinfurze454 karma

A mixture of microwave meals and

Tanddant237 karma

Have you made any inventions that you actually use on a day to day basis? I don't imagine a thermite kettle to be too practical in the long run

colinfurze374 karma

I just made a sheet metal folder which has come in handy

qndk229 karma

Do you want your son to follow in your footsteps or would you rather he did something a little safer?

colinfurze399 karma

If he is interested in what I'm doing, but I won't push him into it!

colinsbiggestfan195 karma

What is the most scared you have ever been doing one of your videos?

colinfurze422 karma

Half way through the 360 swing build it didn't look safe which was worrying as I was nearly 10 metres off the ground!

jimmyhatts187 karma

Hey Colin. Thanks for the videos. I was turned on to them by an old mate of yours here in Thailand. He passes on this message:

Hey fur ball .. hows it going when can we make some more cheap kungfu movies


As for my question: When are you coming down to Thailand to make a few videos? Let's just say there are fewer safety rules/regulations down here.

colinfurze213 karma

Funny you should ask I have an idea in mind which would take me there. Tell Tanner fish freedom is looking for him

the_drew181 karma

How much notice do you give to the neighbours / the police / the council for your projects? The AT-AT for exampple, did you need planning permission for that?

colinfurze718 karma

I find forgiveness is easier to seek than permission

washingtonpost181 karma

As a creator who are some of your biggest influences, in the past and today?

colinfurze285 karma

Love the Victorians as they built everything so solid and to last. As for the present so many people doing so many cool things it's hard to choose. Also I'm locked in a shed for 24hrs so I have blinkered vision

lurking_digger161 karma

Hello, thank you for your time and efforts

How do you scavenge for parts? Do have quite the collection before hand or you go looking during the planning stages?

colinfurze198 karma

A little bit of both. Four of the under bench drawers you see in the shed are full of potentially useful items. Sometimes I'll find an item and make the project around that

qndk161 karma

I mentioned this in a comment section but it didn't really pick up steam so I'm going to mention it here as a potential project for Furze's invention show. Can you make a machine, that makes coleslaw? So you put all your lovely veggies in and a few jars of mayo and it slices the veggies and mixes it all together all at once. Inb4 any smartass tries to mention a food processor or a blender they don't chop things they just mush which isn't what the beautiful slaw is about. On a related note more Furze's invention show pls xox.

colinfurze255 karma

It's a good idea but a Furze slaw wouldn't have mayo in as I hate it. Mother used salad cream as a replacement, is this acceptable?

drbschdn151 karma

Hello Colin. I really enjoy watching your videos on YouTube. A lot of the time, it seems that you're working alone in your shed. Are there generally more people around working on things than we see, or are you typically just slogging away keeping yourself (and us) entertained?

colinfurze317 karma

Most of the time it is just me but Rick helps me out on the larger projects where a second pair of hands is needed. But I do all the editing, designing, social media etc all myself

WalrusForHire138 karma

Do you have any more plans to fart at France, did anyone give you shit for pulling that prank?

colinfurze268 karma

Yes, the French need more poking. A post Brexit build may be in order

Anorak_314127 karma

What project are you most looking forward to?

colinfurze281 karma

Next year I want to test something in an exotic location so I actually get a holiday!

scapegr4ce110 karma

Do you plan your designs beforehand, or just get an idea and run with it? Also, how often have you gotten to the middle of a project and found you had to change everything? Thanks for doing this AMA! One of my favorite channels on YouTube.

colinfurze143 karma

I may do a rough sketch but most of the time I just start and yes you do sometimes have to change things

MicroQuantum105 karma

Hey Colin. We are engineers and developers. Some of the videos you make inspire us. Have you ever thought of making a jetpack build? A more serious question though, what do you think of STEM initiatives for school children?

colinfurze178 karma

Yeah I'd love to make a jetpack at some point as it would complete my James Bond villain status to go with my bunker. As for STEM getting kids into science, building or anything in a practical way from an early age is great

ledgenskill104 karma

ever thought about going on robot wars? or making something even better aka something that wouldnt fit to their pansy safety rules ;D

colinfurze156 karma

I nearly did last series but timing wise it didn't work

DRD2992102 karma

How often do sponsors reach out to you to make thing like the Deus Ex gauntlets and others?

colinfurze140 karma

Things come in waves as games, films etc. all tend to come out at similar times eg. spring, summer, Christmas

ThyFicus90 karma

Do you ever plan on doing a bigger project for your magneto shoes? Or something else with the electro magnets?

colinfurze155 karma

Yeah, mk2 magnet shoes is on the to do list

placidcasual9881 karma

How smug will you be if you ever actually have to use your bunker?

colinfurze249 karma

I'll be the loneliest smuggyest person around

melon17578 karma

How does your other half deal with your unique profession?

colinfurze174 karma

I am the reward in this ever giving profession mwahahah

Padi2761 karma

What do your wife and neighbors think of all of your shenanigans?

colinfurze108 karma

There are tough days for them but generally they are supportive!

gelbkatze58 karma

Before you got big, how did you finance all these!?!?

colinfurze127 karma

Some projects aren't as expensive as they look, it was a case of waiting for parts to become available at the right price

A_confusedlover48 karma

How did you gain your initial YouTube audience? Was it a viral video that set off your career or was it constant really good videos or something else?

colinfurze113 karma

Mixture of both. wall of death, mobility scooter, jet bike videos gave initial boost but good content has maintained growth

setch3539 karma

whats your favorite food?

colinfurze114 karma

Sunday Roast

SVcross36 karma

Do you prefer tea or coffee?

colinfurze97 karma


vernonarmy34 karma

How long did it take to build your bunker?

colinfurze98 karma

I started on the first of August and finished 10th October but in the middle I built the Assassin's Creed hidden blade so I think 6-7 weeks

TheWolfXCIX30 karma

Love the channel Colin, also saw your exhibit at Beaulieu which was awesome.

My question is has there been a project you scrapped or altered for safety reasons? Also will you be doing more on YouTube red or will you be doing free to watch from now on?

colinfurze104 karma

There is no more YouTube Red videos so all videos free as normal from now on. I made a bacon cooking machine which at present is a bacon jamming and burning machine

WetSpongeOnFire26 karma

How do you find sponsors? Do they come to you or do you go to them? Also what was the best sponsor to work with?

colinfurze78 karma

All sponsors come to me. They're all great to work with as I only work with sponsors who allow me to do what I want to do

fantumn26 karma

Hi Colin!! Been a subscriber for over a year now, love your style of building, what was the first large piece of manufacturing equipment you bought for your shed, and which machine would you miss the most if it broke?

colinfurze52 karma

A pillar drill would be the first large one but welder would be missed as when I first learnt to weld I felt like the world was opened up before me

sparky433723 karma

After building a number of record breaking speed machines, are there any plans for another speed record attempt? Surely the jet engines can be put to more good use?

colinfurze47 karma

I'd like to try some different records as most of my records are speed related and I like to change things up as much as possible. There's always a use for a jet engine

bluecardigan12318 karma

What are you doing next?

colinfurze48 karma

We have the Star Wars reveal, then I want to do some more crazy vehicles

hijack60910 karma

Are you planning to add more rooms to your beach house anytime soon?

colinfurze12 karma

I wanted three originally but digging proved harder than expected

Tookie_Williams9 karma

You have quite the interesting taste in music! 1.) How do you select your music 2.) Who are some of your favorite bands and how do you avoid copyright issues for your videos?

colinfurze23 karma

My favourite band is Muse but for copyright I can't use them. I ask viewers that are in bands to send in music as it's great for viewers to have an input and also it dodges the copyright issue

LennieB8 karma

How do you feel about doing a collaborative project with Alec Steele? Epic Britishness would ensue.

colinfurze14 karma

Great idea his videos are really well shot and he's a great character

scarecr0w147 karma

You must be pretty proud of all the stuff you have made but have you ever built something and thought to yourself, "What the fuck am I doing with my life."?

colinfurze23 karma

Yes every night I sit down and edit the footage form the day, I too think wtf but hey I'm getting paid to do this so woohoo!

Dirk_Dirkler6 karma

What is a pram?

colinfurze29 karma

A stroller if you're American. If you're not it's Pam spelt wrong

colinfurze3 karma

A stroller if you're American. If you're not it's Pam spelt wrong

dandandandaaaaaan5 karma

before you gave up the day job, how did you find time to work and build the crazy projects?

As a dad of a one year old, the only spare time i seem to have is taken up by sleeping.

colinfurze7 karma

Luckily enough I built my YouTube channel before I had a child

Ollie-S4 karma

PG Tips or Tetley?

colinfurze47 karma


AscendingNike3 karma

Where did you learn to weld, and what is your favorite welding process?

colinfurze6 karma

I taught myself and my favourite is tig. It's quiet and neat

Speedbird_81453 karma

Are you scared when you test your projects?

colinfurze3 karma

Sometimes I wish I'd just stopped indoors but the projects that worry you the most either in their danger or their scale give the most reward

zorororo163 karma

What are costs of doing projects? For example, how did you start the first one and how did that take off? Do you buy life, health, fire insurance? How much is the profit coming from TV and youtube?

colinfurze4 karma

Costs vary, some projects are built for very little. (Wall of Death was just collecting pallets and mobility scooter was a donation and I used my old motocross bike for the engine which owed me nothing) I do very little TV so YouTube pays for itself

Hoover_my_ballsack3 karma

Milk or lemon?

colinfurze5 karma


Betamax_Toledo2 karma

Are you already working on a plan for a 6 million subscribers project?

colinfurze6 karma

Yeah I've got an idea and it's a little different

GenericKen2 karma

Would you ever try powered flight again?

colinfurze7 karma

Yeah, the hover bike has room for improvement