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That's kind of brilliant. Comcast wouldn't have to identify or differentiate speed test data at all.

Just check - if the customer does a dns hit to speedtest.net, then throttle them up for the next 15 minutes (right before they even initiate the test). It's not even clear that it's "cheating" according to the letter of the law.

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Better to "ping speedtest.net" directly.

If I were an incredibly lazy comcast coder, I'd watch for the dns hit, rather than maintain my own whitelist of speedtest.net ips to watch.

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I'm not a career politician

While this has recently been shown to be a virtue in winning elections, it has not proven to be a virtue in skilled governance.

How are you at making friends and recruiting staff?

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Did they ever catch that armed robber?

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What do you think of that old footage of Ed Sheeran busking before he was famous? Like, what's your relationship with the idea?