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Hi Sam!

As CH pivots back from testing ground to scrappy upstart, focusing on more economical content like game shows, podcasts, and D&D playthroughs, can we expect to see more spinoffs? I like Game Changer and all, but it always struck me as being most valuable as a lab for other game show concepts. (Whose sound effect is it anyway, Race to the bottom)

Also, is there any chance that Breaking News will come back w/ a wider cast of talent? I really like Amy Vorpahl in the victim slot, especially when paired with killers like BLM and Trapp, but I'd like to see a wider variety of victims and killers.

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That's kind of brilliant. Comcast wouldn't have to identify or differentiate speed test data at all.

Just check - if the customer does a dns hit to speedtest.net, then throttle them up for the next 15 minutes (right before they even initiate the test). It's not even clear that it's "cheating" according to the letter of the law.

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They're asking about empty apartments, not unimproved land.

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Better to "ping speedtest.net" directly.

If I were an incredibly lazy comcast coder, I'd watch for the dns hit, rather than maintain my own whitelist of speedtest.net ips to watch.

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Holy crap, your dad is Robert Reich?

Has he ever come to you for advice on video production after he launched his YouTube thing? CH has like 50x his subscriber base. =)

Also, has he seen "Do I Hear $1"? That thing is a masterwork, and I'll take every opportunity I can to encourage you to serialize it into an economics game show called "Race to the Bottom" - a sort of counterpoint to Win Ben Stein's Money, but with less bad faith and more funny.