Anna Bell Peaks here, Porn Star, cam girl, 6x AVN nominee. 2016 Inked Starlet of the Year and holder of a Master's Degree! I'm here today to answer all your questions, so fire away!


I'll be around to answer questions from 12-1pm EST and 8-9pm EST. Will be live on after. Bring your raincoats!

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FLgirl7785 karma

What do you hold your Master's Degree in? Love ur work btw!

camsoda_com231 karma

I have a masters degree in Business Administration and Accounting, and I hold my CPA License. "BP" aka.. Before Porn... I was a CPA in a public accounting firm. I loved that job and do desire to use my education when I change careers again. I still hold my License and do the Continuing Professional Education every year.

But dont worry! I dont wish to change careers for a LONG TIME :) xo

Sip_py52 karma

So are you an auditor or tax advisor? Follow up: how do you feel about the GOPs proposal to reduce how much individuals can contribute to 401ks from a deduction standpoint?

camsoda_com71 karma

I was a CPA at a small accounting firm. So I handled business consulting, private business bookkeeping, non-profit audits, business and personal tax returns, IRS correspondence and even payroll sometimes. I loved doing it all, but enjoyed business consulting the most, because it dealt with income projection, analyzing profit centers in a business, comparisons with competitors, tax minimizing strategies, things like that.

I dont know much about the proposal. The higher income you are, the less deduction benefits you receive. Its not ideal but its the current way of life in the US. Successful people pay for those who are not. Im a big supporter of the Fair Tax, but know the liklihood of it passing is nil.

makunouchiippo8 karma

I'm an accounting student, the business consulting part sounds interesting. Was it a small part or a big part of the job?

camsoda_com24 karma

Its a big part of the job. People employ accountants because they know we know our numbers. Make sure you are valuable to them, or they wont be your clients very long.

ItsYouNotMe7076 karma

i bet your old co-workers are mind blown.

camsoda_com18 karma

They are :) and fans..

cragfar-9 karma

How did you get into porn then? The usual story is they needed money, were a poor college students, etcetra. But porn would have to be a downgrade money wise.

camsoda_com24 karma

Yea. Its definately NOT a pay downgrade. I love sex. I enjoyed the 2nd job as a webcam model in the privacy of my own home. I was "found" and asked to join the industry.

appledbottoms51 karma

What kinds of porn do you watch for your own enjoyment?

camsoda_com170 karma

*blushing ... My own porn. Its SO hot to see my face and see the guy penetrate, and then I remember just how I felt when I made THAT FACE, and it makes my orgasm all over again. :)

ItsYouNotMe70720 karma

agreed. i love rewatching my homemade videos, its kinda like watching myself in a porn movie except theres terrible lighting and horrible angles lol. do you ever video yourself at home just for fun?

camsoda_com18 karma

Yep, ALL the time... Those are some of the HOTTEST videos. Even if the lighting isnt perfect. Its the realest sex gets!

t3vxy037 karma

Do you have a boyfriend/husband? If yes, how is he dealing with your job?

camsoda_com103 karma

I have a man, hes very supportive. He says hes the lucky one! Smart, no drama, beautiful, great income, and super fun in bed... a Unicorn! Im happy that my career doesn't negatively affect our relatinship.

MaestroClaudio26 karma

Hey Anna! Who is your favorite director?

camsoda_com36 karma

Haha! Claudio! I see this is you! You are AMAZING to work with! Fun, super laid back, and wish I did more!

Man, favorite directors are hard to choose. I dont hate ANYONE. Everyone in the industry is professional and treats talent well. I enjoy shooting with directors who are to the point, on time, and know how and where to take the scene. Get the business end handled so we as talent can have GREAT AMAZING sex for you to capture!

See you soon Claudio :)

bigern30522 karma

What was your first tattoo and how old were you when you got it?

camsoda_com27 karma

I was 18, its a little bity butterfly on my shoulder. Hurt like hell, almost passed out, and its the size of a half dollar :)

vortish19 karma

What do you enjoy the most about being a porn star?

camsoda_com46 karma

I love sex. SO MUCH. I love people. I love life. I wake up and I have the thought, how am i THIS lucky?

I know theres negative stereotypes about women in my career field. But I overcome that. I dont think people who know me have those feelings about me at all. I know when I close this chapter of life and go back to a professional business field career, Ill miss the wild, edgy, fun and free experiences I had, and the amazing people, fans and coworkers alike.

BUT DONT WORRY! Hopefully thats not for a LONG time!

sdgoat19 karma

Do you put sour cream in your guacamole? Or do you banish people from your house for making that monstrosity? Favorite chip brand?

camsoda_com20 karma

Answer. I dont like guacamole...

Answer. Baked Lays BBQ.


EnazS13 karma

What types of porn you won’t do or are you open to everything?

camsoda_com33 karma

I wont do anything degrading. I dont believe a woman should be disrespected (unless that woman is into that kinda judging). So, I dont like to be spit on, slapped in the face, verbally insulted or degraded, things like that.

DukeJonesTMFFA12 karma

Have you entered the realm of VR porn with these newer stereoscopic HD Camera setups for use with Google Cardboard or other VR devices?
Would you consider it?
I bet people would love to see you up-close in a 3D environment.

camsoda_com22 karma

Ive done one VR porn for and it was a great experience. Ryan Driller was my talent, and the scene was awesome to shoot.

Id love to do WAY MORE in terms of VR Porn. I looked into VR Webcamming, but the infastructure for live feed VR just doesnt seem to be there yet.

HINT! Im going to start shooting VR for my website and hope its a huge hit! So...coming soon...

scottwdavenport10 karma

When did you first learn you could squirt?

camsoda_com27 karma

I learned I could squirt from a "random" guy I met at a gym. Maybe 7 years ago. First time it happenend I was SO Aroused and shocked, and he just LOVED it.

Goth-hooker8 karma

You have the one of the best and sweetest temperaments I've ever seen in this industry. I've seen that you do date raffles and you're very open about interacting with your fans. How do you handle the fans who over step your boundaries or make you uncomfortable in private/one-on-one settings? What's your approach to stopping unwanted behavior but still keeping your fan happy? Thanks love!!

camsoda_com17 karma

Hey thats a SUPER GREAT question. The answer really is, I dont get all that uncomfortable with fans. Once in a while, a fan will ask to meet after a few one on one sessions. I offer the public date option (on my website but always say, hey its PUBLIC, nothing more, but come get to know me more, Id love to meet up! Most fans are sweet, they treat me well and I treat them well. I have a honest and nice temperament, and if someone acts odd when I meet them at conventions, feature dancing, in the airport, I give them the benefit of the doubt that they mean well.

I mean... Id probably FREAK OUT if I stumbled on Matthew McConaughey....

R0binSage8 karma

What can you do to separate your porn career from your CPA stuff when you want to get back into that? Do you think it would negatively affect your future clients?

camsoda_com9 karma

Honestly, now that I work for my self (self-employed) I cant imagine working for a big CPA firm ever again. I plan to move into private accounting, or start my own practice.

TheScrollingBones7 karma

Hey Anna Bell, how are you today ? Just so you know, you're probably one of the most gorgeous woman in the industry and I love your tattoos !

So I have two questions : 1) What is the one thing you are most proud of about yourself? and 2) If you had to name your favourite pornstar, who would it be ?

camsoda_com14 karma

Im most proud of my education and upbringing. Im not sure if thats how you meant me to answer. I am, or hope I come across, as an educated classy woman, independent, strong, confident, and beautiful. Im nice to everyone, dont have a negative bone in my body, and truly LOVE LIFE.

Question two... It changes based on who Ive done scenes with. Male? Johnny Castle. Female? Adriana Chechik.

Innundator2 karma

Interesting, I figured your favorite male would be Manuel Ferrera, everyone seems to love him

camsoda_com3 karma

Oh he's fun too!

Zero0Sanity6 karma

What's the most awkward situation you've been in while the camera was rolling?

camsoda_com9 karma

Cant think of any off hand. Im an easy going woman. If something odd happens, just roll with it, or cut if you have to, and move on.

bigern3056 karma

What was your favorite porno or real-life sexual experience?

camsoda_com25 karma

Hi big :)

Favorite porn? with Johnny Castle, the panty fetish scene. Came out like 2-4 months ago. H.O.T.

Real life? Man, a couple days ago ... :) Real life sex just gets better and better the more I am with my Man.

newdawnfadess4 karma

I just watched one of your videos lol! What a coincidence! Who's your favourite star to work with?

camsoda_com5 karma

Johnny Castle... yep.

it_guy4694 karma

I love your squirting ability! How is it possible to squirt multiple-times and with many juices everytine? In your experience, do you think all girls/women are able to squirt at least a little?

camsoda_com7 karma

I think a well hydrated woman can be taught to squirt. Its not pee. So she has to feel it, experience an orgasm while being pleasured in just the right spot. and YES. I can squirt a lot, multiple times, lot of squirt juices each orgasm. Its AMAZING.

am_3054 karma

I've seen so many of your shows on cam and your porn, huge fan! But is your clit really that sensitive? because WOW. You're amazing!

camsoda_com23 karma


And here's the thing. Just talking with someone yesterday about it. The more I play (with myself, or scenes I shoot, or personal sex) the more sensitive my clit, and my whole lips and opening STAY aroused. If I have sex like 3-4 times in a day, man that 4th time, W-O-W. And its because Im already so aroused from earlier sex, that I open up like a flower, my nerves are super sensitive, and the overall feeling is amazing!

rainbow-6-seige3 karma

Hi Anna, What do your parents think about your job? I would immagine it would be very uncomfortable for them.

camsoda_com10 karma

My mom is super supporitive and proud that I am a successful woman in my field. I did a youtube vlog on it, you should check it out!

RandomNevets2 karma

Hi Anna! Do you know if you will ever do a DP scene or a gangbang?

camsoda_com6 karma

I was actually going to try my first DP yesterday (for my website but shoot didnt work out. So.. ill try to set up a new date for it.

Girls say its great. Never tried it. But im down for just about anything...once.

huzon1st2 karma

How did you get started with posting bathroom selfies? As a result, I am starting to have a faucet fetish!

camsoda_com5 karma

Ha! Real Answer ... I sometimes am self concious taking selfies or shooting live video feeds in public! Silly right! Im learning to get over it, but bathroom selfies were a place I could see my whole body in the mirror, and still show everyone where I was and where I was headed.

Dont worry, I think ive nailed down the hashtag #airportbathroomselfie on IG so I will keep them coming!

ExBalks2 karma

When it comes down for you to retire for good, Who would you like to be sent off by for your last Big Bang?

camsoda_com4 karma

The honest truth? I dont care! They are all the D to me! Im just happy I get as many as I do and enjoy them all!

rthet2 karma

What are the non-sexual relationship dynamics like for you? Does your work affect it?

camsoda_com3 karma

My work doesnt affect my non-sexual relationships, not that I am aware. I guess you mean with my friends. My girlfriends are supportive (or envious) and my guy friends.. they are just more open about wanting to have sex with me now, lol. Honesty is the best policy and I love life and have fun, so roll with it.

Wrentch2 karma

Hi huge fan! I was wondering if you could give any advice to a young guy about becoming better at sex or pleasuring a girl? Thanks :)

camsoda_com7 karma

Take your time. Learn how to lick a girl, and arouse her the way she likes it. Dont be afraid to play with toys on a woman. Take your time.

hoboswithhandgrenade1 karma

I've never heard of you before. What one video would you recommend I watch?

camsoda_com2 karma

Depends what your are into.

My favorites are with Johnny Castle. So check out or Naughty America. Or, to really get to know the real me and see me naked.. live webcam. The best!

huzon1st1 karma

I saw your most recent cam show and it seems like you are in a new home. Did you relocate?

camsoda_com4 karma

yes, relocated and happy in my new place! Youre very observant!

BOOM_doom1 karma

Favorite WWE superstar?

camsoda_com7 karma

LOL. Im more of a UFC kinda girl...

Ftbh1 karma

There's something about mike aidriano that bugs me, but I just can't put my finger on it... any thoughts?

camsoda_com1 karma

I think hes super nice and fun to do scenes with. Everyone has their thing. Their fetish, their quirk, their specialty. So maybe his just doesnt suit you as much as other performers?

it_guy4691 karma

Hello ABP i'm Luca from Italy! I'm a big and long time fan of yours! How happened the passage from being an amatorial cam-model and becoming a professional porn star? Do you think that cam-sites are becoming the new "training camps" for new would-be-pornstars? One more question: who are the male and female porn stars you'd love to have a scene?

Thank you! A kiss from Italy!

camsoda_com5 karma

I was found, by a photographer, who took my phone number and must have passed it along to someone, who passed it to someone, who passed it and passed it, til 3 days later my phone was ringing off the hook saying, omg sign up to do porn. I assume the right people saw me doing cam, liked my look, attitude, dirty talk, and said woh, shes got it.

I think webcam CAN be a new pornstars first step. But you have to put in WORK! I work 40 hours a week on and off cam, like a regular 8 hour workday, PLUS more for social media and traveling.

An education helps when it comes to marketing and building a brand. There are very few women that I could pick out and say, YES, SHE has it. Its about drive, desire to succeed plus talent and beauty, of course.

flotador71 karma

  1. What the topic of your Master's degree?

  2. Since you say you get turn on by your own porn, what's your favorite of your own?

camsoda_com5 karma

My masters degree is in accounting. I hold my CPA License.

My favorite porn of my own - Johnny Castle, Panty Fetish scene, released a couple months ago. xo

corkscrewest1 karma

How people react when they know you?

camsoda_com3 karma

The people who know me in real life are super supportive, sometimes envious, that I was strong or brave enough to launch a career in a competitive field with negative stereotypes all around. But they know me, the fun loving, good girl, sweetheart, that genuinely LOVES life, sex, and pleasure. Somehow I pulled the winning lottery ticket to be able to do everything I love in life. Very thankful.

it_guy4691 karma

Meanwhile i have another question: ever felt embarassed about doin' something on cam shows or in a porn-scene? If not... do you think there would be something that could make you feel unconfortable?

camsoda_com10 karma

Im embarrassed once in a while if something isnt perfect on cam or in a scene. My body is part of my life, and if im not well hydrated or im not 100 percent clean, sometimes I dont know or notice until on set or in scene. But this is LIFE, sometimes little things happen. You can shrug them off, say sorry, clean up and move on. Or you can dwell and be mortified, and that kills everyones mood and hurts the scene or the show. Take life as it cums at you... oh, I mean, comes at you!


smoothtrooper_fm1 karma

Hello! What is your favorite food, and why? Also, who do you feel makes that food better than anyone?

camsoda_com7 karma

My favorite food is Skim Milk... #milkdoesabodygood

Seriously. Cant live more than a couple days without it. Super filling, high in protein, non-fat, delicious.