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People cry whenever they are exposed to something that hurts to a certain threshold. They have lower thresholds than you do, that's all. Their pain is still the same, though - it's like arguing that someone who can only lift 50lbs 'shouldn't' feel pain even though their muscles max out at 50lbs. You can lift 150lbs, so they should only experience 1/3 the pain, right?

It obviously doesn't work like that. Think of yourself as having a lot of emotional control that other people don't have, and that your experiences have really trained your brain to with-stand a lot. That's a gift you can tap into, a silver lining I think to the whole experience.

But don't undermine other peoples pain, always remember the weight lifting analogy and keep in mind that you have stronger mental 'pain muscles' so to speak, if that helps.

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Haha oh yeah, ads. I forgot about adblocker too.

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Probably something to do with the human will to not die

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It takes a responsible armored truck robber to admit 4 pairs of boots is a bit much

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IMO it really displays some networking capabilities and should be considered a positive!