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I'm a republican but I'm disappointed your question wasn't answered. Everyone seems to want to be at the head of the table (president) but no one wants to "lower" themselves to positions where the can make the difference, Republicans and Democrats alike. I'm always curious why there are so many candidates this early. It's like they are just using it to further their "brand."

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Prison guards are portrayed as uneducated bruisers and corrupt. What was your experience with them?

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We have something like that here in Wyoming. You send your troubled kids out to a ranch for thousands a month and they end up using them for cheap farm labor. They’ve had their license from the state taken several times. They just rebrand and reopen. Have they come across your radar?

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What is your take on "Cancel Culture"?

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Was there a time on Mythbusters where you either had to scrap an entire myth or almost scrapped it because you just couldn't figure it out?