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What's some Colombian food I should know about? Because I feel like I'm missing out on some delicious food.

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My grandfather was on a B17 crew during WW2 (believe he was a flight engineer / top turret gunner). I know nothing about him since he died many years ago and he and my mom never got along. Are there any resources or groups that I can use to find more about his military career? He retired as part of the SAC in the 60's.

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How much did Gopher influence the development of HTTP? And how come it's largely looked over in the rise of the WWW?

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Yeah I have limited information about him, unfortunately. I will try the link and see what pops up! Thanks!

It doesn't help that he has a very common name.

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Do you put sour cream in your guacamole? Or do you banish people from your house for making that monstrosity? Favorite chip brand?