EDIT 2: (Carson) Hey everyone, we've loved answering your questions today. The amount of people who have used our product and are pooping better is overwhelming. We've been getting private messages and stories from many of you that have really made our team's day. I've been answer as many questions as I can, but I'm off to bed for now. I'll do my best to keep answering more tomorrow! Keep em coming!

EDIT: Thanks so much for all of your questions everyone! We're going to get back to work, but we'll try to answer more questions throughout the day.

Also, get a Squatty Potty! They're on sale for $20 today!

Hey reddit! We’re the team behind Squatty Potty. If you haven’t heard of us, we created the toilet stool that helps you poop better. Anatomically, humans were designed to squat. We did it for thousands of years! Along came the invention of the modern day toilet, and while extremely convenient, it puts your body into a sit. This kinks your puborectalis muscle and makes it more difficult to eliminate. The Squatty Potty takes you from a sit to a squat, allowing you to use your toilet and poop better at the same time!

Want to know more? Here is our newest video featuring a gold pooping dragon!

Or you might recognize our first viral hit, “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop.”

For even more info, visit our website!

Ask us anything about the Squatty Potty, squatting to poop, our videos, Shark Tank, etc!

Today you’ll be chatting with Bobby, our Founder. Jason, our Marketing Director and Carson our Digital Content Producer.

We’ll start answering questions at 8:00 am PST/ 11:00am EDT.

Proof: https://twitter.com/squattypotty/status/920754619504095234

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ChieftoneFancyPants2054 karma

Has podcast sponsorship given you guys a good ROI? How has it compared to returns on other forms of advertising/marketing?

SquattyPottyTeam4194 karma

(Jason) - We love podcasts. Its a captive audience. We try to buy them at an affordable rate (1200-2500). We are selective on the audience. We do well in a more liberal space (its seems like the audience is more comfortable with Taboo topics). Typically, we can put $1 in and get $1.20 back. Its also a guaranteed Brand Build.

Lucibean2028 karma

Have you thought about marketing to pregnant women? I bought one while I was pregnant and it really helped with pregnancy "issues." I didn't end up with any hemorrhoids even after pushing my kid out for 3 hours! I'm recommending it to all my preggo friends.

My husband loves it too!

Edit: if we learned anything from this thread, it's that you should call your mom and tell her you love her.

SquattyPottyTeam1836 karma

(Carson) While it's not something we've explored fully, we're definitely looking to try out the pregnant women market more. We actually did a blog post featuring my wife who was utterly saved by the Squatty Potty during pregnancy. She also loves talking about poop so it worked out...

dcoleyoung1690 karma

I've always wanted to sell my book "Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop" bundled with the squatty potty. The squatty potty always ends up in the same conversation. Want to form a bundle?


SquattyPottyTeam1069 karma

(bobby) I'm going to get that book!

iwishiknewhowitworks1302 karma

When your viral videos are released do you just sit back and watch the dollars roll in?

SquattyPottyTeam2607 karma

(bobby) Yes, I am actually answering from our shitty private jet.

sabrefudge3704 karma

our shitty private jet

The Spruce Deuce

SquattyPottyTeam2719 karma

(Carson) If we ever actually get a jet. Consider it named. That or Shitty McShitface.

GoldenDerp1210 karma

I love you and I hate you for significantly degrading my pooping experience in the office or basically anywhere without my trusty squatty potty. Also will you please bring back the wooden teak model, it looks so much nicer. Why was it cancelled in the first place?

SquattyPottyTeam1076 karma

(Carson) The teak model never went away! Also, grab a porta-squatty for those travelling turds.

ld43233852 karma

Does this device do anything to help treat/prevent hemorrhoids?

SquattyPottyTeam1789 karma

(bobby) Those bunch of grapes are caused by straining to go. Squatty Potty reduces the straining. It essential un-kinks the garden hose "colon" so the poop can come out with less pushing.

wax66788 karma

Used mine this morning. Had it for a few months now, and I do think it's helping "get it out". Unfortunately, my lower bathroom times has led to less reading and Reddit time. Everything's gotta have a down side, doesn't it?

SquattyPottyTeam608 karma

(jason) think of all the extra yoga time you now have

power-cube713 karma

Why didn't you say "maybe you've tried our stool that helps you get your stool out easier"?

SquattyPottyTeam812 karma

(Jason) - Hilarious. We had a team of writers. There were so many one liners that didn't make the cut. One day, I would love to do a short film that is longer. Edit: word

symphonicrox674 karma

How frustrating was it to get Kathy Griffin for a funny commercial, only to have her create a controversy and subsequently no longer use that advertisement?

SquattyPottyTeam1727 karma

(bobby) It sucked. I am actually a Kathy fan and support her right to demonstrate her feelings toward a president she feels threatened by. The problem we had is that we just want to help people poop better and not get all political about it. When our spokesperson went there, we decided to just drop the campaign and go back to magical unicorns and awesome dragons who don't give a shit about who is in office.

r0gue007749 karma

You had me at “just want to help people poop better and not get all political about it.”

That’s awesome

positive_electron42184 karma

That's good shit right there.

SquattyPottyTeam1028 karma

(Carson) 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good shit

FyrestarOmega463 karma

  1. What does the Squatty Potty do that a regular step stool would not?
  2. My husband is not on board the Squatty Potty train. Might a collapsible version be made in the future?

SquattyPottyTeam821 karma

"Bobby" The Squatty Potty is definitely an improvement to a regular step stool. In fact it was created to replace my mothers "poop stool" which was a step stool from walmart. The Squatty Potty height, width angle and ability to hug the toilet give the pooper optimal squatting posture. I liken a regular stool to cutting a steak with a butter knife, yeah you can do it but when you switch to a steak knife (squatty potty) its much easier and quicker

SquattyPottyTeam536 karma

Alrighty__Then194 karma

It's much more comfortable, your legs are up to the sides, rather than directly in front of you. It also tucks away "underneath" the toilet so you don't trip over it when you run into the bathroom

Very handy

SquattyPottyTeam157 karma

(jason) - We designed the slim for that exact reason. We wanted to open the front so it would be easier to go (more foot room) https://www.squattypotty.com/shop/poop-better/slim-teak/

end_all_be_all409 karma

Do you have any nursing homes which you sell to in bulk? What is some of the most surprising or best results that you have observed or reported by someone who suffered from colon cancer for example.

SquattyPottyTeam662 karma

(jason) - We have received multiple reports from respected research groups, all give it amazing reviews. We tread lightly on promising any major medical fixes. But 2/3rds of the world squat to poop (asia- india- turkey). We know that squatting aides posture, reduces pressure, and improves elimination and comfort while eliminating

jahowl359 karma

Can only humans use it?

SquattyPottyTeam868 karma

(Carson) I'm genuinely curious what you're wanting to use it for now.

SCD592320 karma

Was the height of modern toilets manipulated so that people would be forced to compensate by buying your squatty potty? When I noticed how tall new toilets are I literally said out loud to myself "$10 bux they are intentionally doing this so we'll have to buy a special stool just to poop correctly".

SquattyPottyTeam1491 karma

(Carson) Tall toilets can't melt steel poops.

petertmcqueeny289 karma

I used the Squatty Potty for a couple months, and I found that simply leaning forward helped just as much as the Squatty Potty, and I found it more comfortable too. What do you have to say about this?

SquattyPottyTeam610 karma

You are a freak of nature "bobby"

Narcotique39 karma

I didn't notice much of a difference using one either. I ended up getting rid of mine.

SquattyPottyTeam101 karma

(bobby) hopefully it found a good home.

Narcotique50 karma

It went to live at my mother's house. She has multiple bathrooms, so I'm sure it's very happy there.

SquattyPottyTeam27 karma

(Carson) I love stories with a happy ending.

SquattyPottyTeam31 karma

(Jason) - Ideally you want to get your body back into a V shape. You want to open your puborectalis muscle. We have found that with our ergonomic design it mimics a natural squat by enhancing your hill to toe pitch, it removes the pressure off the lower thigh (as you elevate) and straightens the back. For most people, having all the pressure on your pelvic floor actually causes unnecessary strain. It seems that leaning would be added pressure to your pelvic floor, thighs and lower back. However, if i works for you then YAY!! For most, the Squatty Potty improves their elimination. Cheers. :)

mlball315278 karma

Do you still speak with your Shark Tank investor?

SquattyPottyTeam392 karma

(Carson) Of course! We actually worked with Lori on the release of our latest video.

SquattyPottyTeam249 karma

(jason) - Lori Greiner (and spouse) and her team are amazing! They are all very hard working super stars.

4divisionchamp240 karma

Now that I am pooping better, what are you doing to ensure I will continue this path and that your next product will move me further towards my goal of pooping perfect?

SquattyPottyTeam686 karma

(Carson) Soon we'll be coming out with our brand new religion, Poostafarian. That should help you reach poo nirvana.

bill__24185 karma

Will you create an adjustable squatty potty?

SquattyPottyTeam217 karma

(Jason) We offer the 2.0 Squatty Potty.. It comes with a 7" base and a topper that increases to 9". Cheers Bill

SquattyPottyTeam124 karma

(bobby) Here you go!

stinkb0x175 karma

Did you ever think you'd be doing an AMA while someone is writing to you while using your product? Cause that's me, I am doing that right now. Thank you, my partner in poop.

Ps I use your unicorn video whenever I try to pitch clients on making something hysterical and powerful

SquattyPottyTeam123 karma

(Carson) That's the only place to be when asking the Squatty Potty team a question. It allows you to channel your inner poop.

Chtorrr170 karma

What would you most like to tell us that no one has asked about?

SquattyPottyTeam427 karma

(Carson) No one asked how my poop was this morning. It was great!

almondparfitt105 karma

do you think you'll expand to working with food products that make things more... regular?

SquattyPottyTeam196 karma

(Carson) While I don't know if we'll ever get into food products, we're planning on working with some chefs and bloggers to create recipes that help you poop with ease. We'll probably post those on our blog and Facebook pages.

Hitokage77103 karma

Hi guys, fantastic product and advertising. Poop is weird and the word is funny for everyone, and with your unicorn...you made it weirder and funnier.
Can we see what your prototype looked like?

SquattyPottyTeam174 karma

(Carson) We actually made this video private, but I think it'll be fun for people to see how far we've come. This was the first video we made. It shows our original stool design (that we've since changed massively) and also shows how much better our new commercials are!

fivefolds88 karma

Which Shark were you most afraid of?

SquattyPottyTeam264 karma

(Carson) There's that one cookie cutter shark that can supposedly cut holes in submarines. Absolutely terrifying.

thoawaydatrash84 karma

My son has a birthday coming up. Can we hire the unicorn for entertainment and dessert?

SquattyPottyTeam128 karma

"Bobby" Dookie is incredibly busy. I'll ask his agent for you.

TheRiverMonkey73 karma

Who came up with the unicorn poop idea? Is there a story behind it?

SquattyPottyTeam164 karma

(Carson) We actually did a video about it. The choice to go with the unicorn pooping ice cream was a fairly big risk to our business that paid off massively.

pariah040962 karma

Is there any movement towards a portable Squatty Potty?

pariah040947 karma

Anything compact enough to fit in a backpack? Maybe even in two pieces, one for each foot. Something for students or frequent travellers.

SquattyPottyTeam63 karma

(Carson) The Porta Squatty can actually fit in a decent sized purse. It'll easily fit in most backpacks.

ivangrozny168 karma

Should have called it the Pop-A-Squat.

SquattyPottyTeam66 karma

(Carson) During father’s day we typically do a post about Bill, one of our founders. We lovingly refer to him as “Poppa-Squat” since he’s the father of Squatty Potty.

ingeniopolis58 karma

Who was your biggest inspiration in creating this glorious masterpiece?

SquattyPottyTeam170 karma

(Jason) - The Squatty Potty was originally a garage idea made to help Mom Poop better. After 7 kids, she had developed severe constipation and was using clunky books and weird poop stools. We studied the natural squat, added a hill to toe pitch and the U shape to get it out the way when not in use. Then the magic started happen. Hard work and luck have been good to us. Mom and Dad, raised 7 kids and found this success in their late 60's its a dream story thanks to all of friends and media folks. We are just so thankful to everyone and hope that the inventions continues to improve the natural elimination we all desire.

spiffiness104 karma

This is the second time in this AMA that I’ve seen the SP crew use “hill to toe” when I would have expected “heel to toe”. Are you southerners that pronounce them both the same and now don’t differentiate between the words, or did you get bit by autocorrect twice, or is “hill to toe” something different than “heel to toe”?

weretuna26 karma

I would guess that it's because they're from Utah. Many Utahns have a speech idiosyncrasy where they pronounce the long "e" sound in words like feeling as if it were a short "i" sound, so feeling is often pronounced like filling, and heel like hill.

*edit: forgot the word pronounce

SquattyPottyTeam39 karma

(Carson) can confirm. We have a town 15 minutes away from us named Hurricane. However, it’s pronounced “Hurrakin”. You’ll be teased here if you say it any other way.

NeoDozer58 karma

I loved that you guys introduced a more aesthetically pleasing slim teak version of the Squatty Potty and ordered it. I was super not enthused that it had the image of a squatting person and your logo huge across the top of it. At $90 (I see now, the price has gone down to $60), it was also not cheap for me to have to spend an hour sanding it all off. Can you offer a version that has more discreet branding (like maybe the underside of the top?), even if you have to charge more for it? Because I and a lot of other people would buy more of them.

SquattyPottyTeam57 karma

(Carson) That’s a good question! I’ll bring it up to our product development team and see what they think.

iwishiknewhowitworks42 karma

Any amazing testimonials as a result of your product?

SquattyPottyTeam358 karma


My favorite is this Haiku

Amazon Review 5.0 out of 5 starsLove this thing! ByWm. Jonathan Bradshawon September 23, 2015 Verified Purchase ---- Oh Squatty Potty, You fill me with endless joy, Yet leave me empty.

SquattyPottyTeam177 karma

(Carson) This one is probably my favorite. I felt like I connected with them on another level. Check out our Amazon reviews though... there are tons of hilarious ones.

BooBeeAttack25 karma

Anyway of improving the horrible task of wiping? Damn dingle berries.

SquattyPottyTeam47 karma

(jason) - Check out our refresh-it bidet. Its awesome. If you had a beard and spilled peanut on it, would you use toilet paper to wipe or fresh water? You would probably prefer a fresh water wash. https://www.squattypotty.com/shop/clean-better/refresh-it-bidet/

Rizface22 karma

I bought one of these after seeing an ad on Facebook and it has significantly improved the way that I poop. No matter where I am now that's not my home bowl, I need to find something to prop my feet up on, whether it's the garbage can, my backpack, or some other make shift squatter.

I keep insisting to my girlfriend that it's amazing, but she keeps insisting that it's just in the way and that she keeps scraping her ankles on it (I have no idea how, I never do). Can you tell her how wrong she is so I can show her later and gloriously bask in the triumphant victory?

SquattyPottyTeam19 karma

(Carson) Yo Rizface’s girlfriend, you’re wrong.

felizesteban19 karma

Can you do something better than Costco for UK distribution? It's a membership only warehouse that has sparse locations compared to a major retailer. Or at least provide some sort of online retail shipping method. Costco isn't actually retail to us in the truest sense.

SquattyPottyTeam28 karma

JustSmeRandomAsshole10 karma

long time user of your product.

can i has a custom one? like one with the pooping unicorn on it?

make it happen!

SquattyPottyTeam17 karma

(Carson) While custom ones can get really pricey to make, we do offer limited edition stools every so often. Like right now, our slim driftwood will likely go away around the beginning of the new year.

Azozel6 karma

Hi, I have a squatty potty and while I think it helps a little, it doesn't really seem to help as much as your viral commercial seems to claim. I rarely use the squatty potty anymore and no one else in my house uses it even though the kids thought the commercial was great. Most of the time I think the squatty potty just gets in my way and I find myself regretting I spent $20 on what is essentially a piece of molded plastic. What positive things about the squatty potty can you tell me to make me regret my purchase less? Is the plastic super durable so that it will at least last a lifetime?

Why didn't you sell different colors?

SquattyPottyTeam13 karma

(Carson) Sometimes it can take a week or two of constantly using the Squatty Potty when you poop to get your body used to the position. While the anatomy behind squatting to poop is sound, everyone can have different experiences. If you're unhappy with your Squatty Potty in your bathroom, I recommend setting it the front entryway of your home. It'll make a great conversation piece.

browster4 karma

I'm using it right now! What do you think of that?

SquattyPottyTeam6 karma

(jason) - Well it expedites the experience so I better type quickly.

justscottaustin3 karma

From every dad whose daughter has seen that commercial and is now the proud owner, why do you have parents of young girls so much?

SquattyPottyTeam11 karma

(Jason) - Can you rephrase?

k80rb2 karma

Do you think it would be just as effective to put your feet on a wall in front of you versus under you? I grew up in a house with a bathroom like that, and it has always been my pooping bathroom because the leverage from the wall made it easier and more comforting.

SquattyPottyTeam7 karma

Nope. imitating a natural squat with the body upright is best. Plus i tried that once and the poop didn't go in the toilet.

fuzzycuffs2 karma

Having lived in Asia for many years, I had to suddenly be very used to squat toilets. But yet, for all those years, I've never dropped a deuce -- there has always been a western style toilet.

I thought if you were a girl, you could practice squat peeing in the shower. But where do you practice #2?

SquattyPottyTeam7 karma

(jason) I guess you could unscrew the drain guard and aim at that hole . ??

boludoweon1 karma

For the creative mind behind the ad...

Which crypto should I be buying?

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

(jason) buy collector Dookies. Facebook Link - https://www.facebook.com/squattypotty/videos/1659878044083648/

cjr71 karma

How is it working with Lori? How often do you meet with her? What other sharks would you have made a deal with?

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

(jason) - We talk with Lori and or team about once every 2 weeks. Hard to know who else we would have chosen. Lori has been so good to us. I also really dig or spouse and entire team. They are rock stars.

baitshopboy1 karma

why aren't you answering any questions?

SquattyPottyTeam6 karma

"bobby" sorry I was pooping

SquattyPottyTeam2 karma

(Carson) We just started! We wanted to wait a minute to let some questions roll in.

Arloren1 karma

What made you come up with the idea for the Squatty Potty?

SquattyPottyTeam2 karma

(Jason) - The Squatty Potty was originally a garage idea made to help Mom Poop better. After 7 kids, she had developed severe constipation and was using clunky books and weird poop stools. We studied the natural squat, added a hill to toe pitch and the U shape to get it out the way when not in use. Then the magic started happen. Hard work and luck have been good to us. Mom and Dad, raised 7 kids and found this success in their late 60's its a dream story thanks to all of friends and media folks. We are just so thankful to everyone and hope that the inventions continues to improve the natural elimination we all desire.

Jolly_Cthulhu1 karma

What’s your catchphrase, and if not “the stool that helps your stool.” Why?

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

(Jason) - Poop Better. A better bathroom experience and of course the stool for better stools. We just want to make sure everyone is pooping better. From cradle to grave. Loves !!

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

"Poop Better" and we also use "The stool for better stools"

CallouslyThrownAway1 karma

Have you noticed that Squatty Potties make great laptop stands?

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

(Carson) I have one I specifically use as a food/laptop tray in bed sometimes too. Don't tell my bosses.

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

(Jason) - We have a video of alternate uses. Its in our private archives until we are ready to tie it to another magical video. ;)

copious_hyperbole0 karma

Do you have trouble eating ice cream now?

SquattyPottyTeam1 karma

(jason) - Only rainbow colored. However, I am quite fond of rocky road now. ;)

chrisschrossed0 karma

Are your employees called "stoolies"?

SquattyPottyTeam4 karma

(Carson) Actually, we like to call them employees.