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Was the height of modern toilets manipulated so that people would be forced to compensate by buying your squatty potty? When I noticed how tall new toilets are I literally said out loud to myself "$10 bux they are intentionally doing this so we'll have to buy a special stool just to poop correctly".

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I certainly hope my tax dollars are going towards the health of our troops.

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Women also don't have hair inside their vagina, which will need to removed to prevent such.

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Can you feel spicy food? Would you wanna spicy wing food challenge? Are there any food challenges you think would be fun to complete and have an advantage on?

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Hi, this is old news in my life, but when I was castrated I asked them to keep the preseminal glands, in case I ever had vaginoplasty.

Post surgery I would ejaculate clear pre seminal fluid. Post vaginoplasty I still make a wet spot when I orgasm. Anyway that's my cumming story have a nice day.