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UPDATE: Okay, everyone! Thank you very much for participating in this. I'm going to go now.

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kermitsswampyears106 karma

What's your favourite bobs burgers moment?

MrEugeneMirman418 karma

There's a scene Louise is making Gene look like Bob in their bathroom and the whole family ends up joining. I think it was originally written as a few lines and we all ended up improvising a bunch and it's a scene I always love.

supermoose1388 karma

Gene always seems to drop unexpected deep anecdotes and clever pop culture references (i.e. "Get your damn hands of her Biff!) . Do you have any input in the witty Gene dialogue?

MrEugeneMirman100 karma

We get to improvise, so sometimes I do. I think the specific line you're referring to was written though. Over the years, the writers have gotten to know us and we've gotten to know the characters and it all blends together.

IxamxUnicron64 karma

Do you have any ideas about gene's likes or personalities that aren't common knowledge?

MrEugeneMirman217 karma

Gene likes pre-1978 Jethro Tull, but never gets to talk about it.

catthedd62 karma

Hey Eugene! I gave you a Casio Keyboard (a SK-5) in San Diego a few years ago during a live show - you seemed super stoked about it! Do you still have it / use it?

MrEugeneMirman108 karma

I do still have it! Yes, thank you. Both Loren Bouchard and I had that keyboard as kids and it's why Gene has it.

Jay-El_From_Krypton57 karma

Hi Eugene! Have you ever created a burger from the show and if you have, which one is your favorite?

MrEugeneMirman181 karma

I have frequently considered it and then not done it.

TooShiftyForYou57 karma

How did you get the role of Bing Bong the fertility clown on the Colbert Report?

MrEugeneMirman76 karma

They asked me to do it.

Frajer50 karma

How are things between you and Portsmouth NH?

MrEugeneMirman78 karma

They’re very good. I like Portsmouth a lot! I’ve been back since the ticket several times. Though last time I was there they still did not have a sign saying “front end parking only,” like everywhere else with that law. But maybe if New Hampshire creates an income tax, they can use that money to provide Portsmouth with clearer signage?

-selina-44 karma

Hi! Is Gene's name actually based on yours?

MrEugeneMirman91 karma

Yes. Though I have never asked for my name to be used for a character, virtually every character I've played is a version of my name.

mttbwp41 karma

Hi Eugene. Who has been your favorite guest on the show to date? And who are your favorite comedians to hang out with 'off the clock'?

Thanks for another AMA, keep up the good work.

MrEugeneMirman65 karma

I loved Busy Philipps’ story. Neil deGrasse Tyson is the first story of season 3 and it’s really great. Kumail Nanjiani and Mike Birbiglia were also episodes I loved doing. In terms of hanging out with comedians, a lot of the people I work with are also good friends. I adore Jon Benjamin, Kristen Schaal, Daniel Kitson, John Hodgman, Kurt Braunohler, Bobcat Goldthwait and lots of others.

Austin448833 karma

How do you warm up before going in to work?

MrEugeneMirman150 karma

I start a fire in my living room, frantically put it out, and have a martini. Then I'm ready to go.

ShoutOutTo_Caboose32 karma

Whatever happened with you and Time Warner Cable?

MrEugeneMirman91 karma

They wrote a blog entry on their official blog and then put me in touch with someone who would solve my problems when they came up. I moved to a place where there is no Time Warner, so don't have them anymore. I recommend taking out a full page ad making fun of a company because it is an effective way of getting improved service.

CharlesChaplined29 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. What can fans expect from a Bob's Burgers movie? There's never been a story arc on the show that spans several episodes.

EDIT: It was brought to my attention that the show does indeed have a story arc that spans across more than one episode (Season 4 Ep. 21 and 22).

MrEugeneMirman59 karma

I don't know the story they have planned. But I do know that Loren is very thoughtful and protective of Bob's Burgers, so I imagine whatever he's thinking of will be great. But I don't know what it is.

paper_airplanes_are_27 karma

What was it like on the set of Flight of the Conchords?

Love you on Bob's Burgers, keep up the good work!

MrEugeneMirman49 karma

When we originally made the show, it was a pretty low budget. I remember filming a music video in Prospect Park where I was dressed like Gandalf I think. We filmed for maybe about 12 hours and there wasn't a green room of any kind and I remember just lying on a large, flat cardboard box on the ground for a while.

suaveitguy21 karma

How did Flight of the Conchords so successfully get cast with NYC genius comedians like it did? Were they part of the scene at all? Like Dr. Katz, it just seems like every guest actor became a solid name.

MrEugeneMirman28 karma

I met them through Demetri Martin after he went to Edinburgh. Yes, Conchords would come to NYC to perform sometimes. And we all did the Aspen Comedy Festival together where they originally got their half hour special for HBO from. I also did Edinburgh with them one year. But in general, when someone makes a show, I think they think of the people they know who would be good for stuff.

i01001101021 karma

Is it true the Bob's Burgers cast records lines as a group?

MrEugeneMirman34 karma

Yes, that is true. We are not always in the same city, but we are generally recording at the same time.

HauschkasFoot19 karma

Hey Eugene, Delocated! is one of my favorite all time shows. What's your favorite memory from working on it?

MrEugeneMirman29 karma

It was such a fun show to work on. I think murdering Scott Wolf in a bathroom was fun. He was very nice. Jon Glaser had a vest full of puppies in one episode that made me laugh a lot. Steve Cirbus, who played my brother was an amazing actor, and was very fun to work with. There was a scene where Yvegeny was losing his virginity to his girlfriend (Amy Schumer) and Sergie bursts in to tell Yvegeny that our father was dead. I had to go from having an orgasm to crying in one long shot and we did like 8 or 9 takes. When Adult Swim got the cut of it they said it was too much and needed to be cut down. So I think in the end, you can barely see Amy and it's all much shorter, but it was the only love scene I've had to do and both very funny and mildly traumatic.

AvadaKadavraBitch18 karma

I listen to your comedy all the time!!

In what way are you most like Gene?

MrEugeneMirman42 karma

I think Gene is sort of what I'd be like as a kid now, more than how I was as a kid. But I think Gene has a positivity that we both share. And a love of interesting food.

Chtorrr15 karma

What is the very best cheese?

MrEugeneMirman26 karma

Jasper Hill has some wonderful cheeses.

SnipeyMcSnipe14 karma

How did you end up working with Star Talk? Did you have a previous interest in space stuff before you joined?

MrEugeneMirman18 karma

I do love space and science, but I ended up working on it because Helen Matsos, the executive producer of the show, came to my weekly show at Union Hall several times and asked me if I'd be interested in being on the show. I then went in to meet with Neil a few months later and started doing the radio show with him sometimes. I then suggested we do a live version with scientists and comedians, and that's how our live show was born.

bloatedplutocrat13 karma

I'm a vegan currently living in Arizona and I can't find the location for the complain store, do you have the address? I would appreciate it, thank you sir.

MrEugeneMirman19 karma

You might have to walk to California.

suaveitguy12 karma

Have you heard any people express concerns about the number of men voicing women on Bob's Burgers? If not, why do you think it doesn't come up?

MrEugeneMirman40 karma

We’re all actually very aware of it. There are also women who voice men on the show (Sarah and Laura Silverman voicing Andy and Ollie, as an example). Originally Dan Mintz was playing Dan, not Tina. But they ended up changing Dan to Tina and kept Dan Mintz to do the character because they loved his voice for the role. And loved Dan. Other than the main cast members, I think the character genders are more evenly distributed.

MrBawk9 karma

Huge fan, thanks for doing what you do. If you could create a character to be Gene's best friend for seasons to come (sorry Louise), how would you have them compliment Gene, and who would you want to voice them?

MrEugeneMirman17 karma

I don't know what the character would be. In terms of voicing the character, it could be Bridget Everett, Robyn Hitchcock or Matt Damon.

meowmixalots8 karma

Eugene! I am like 90% sure I saw you open for Modest Mouse in Jacksonville Florida in around 2004, but 10% believe I have invented this memory. Can you confirm that you played performed with them?

If my (possible) memory is correct, you were HILARIOUS and I didn't know who you were then (went to see MM), but it was an awesome surprise!

Hope J-ville wasn't too dingy. I'm pretty sure the venue was.

MrEugeneMirman11 karma

I did open for them them!! And thanks! Jacksonville was one of my favorite cities on that tour.

suaveitguy7 karma

Is it tough to travel to Canada to perform, visas and the like? I would think being a cheap, short flight from NYC to Montreal or Toronto would make it an ideal spot for mid-level comics to play or big time comics to try out new material. Outside festivals though, it is generally only the $150 theater shows we get in Toronto from US comics.

MrEugeneMirman10 karma

I don't think it's tough to go to Canada. But I also don't tour as much as some comics. I was in Montreal this last year and will hopefully return to Toronto sometime in the coming year.

-selina-7 karma

I didn't get a chair or robe inside my I'm Sorry LP boxset :/

I am so mad! What can I do about this?

MrEugeneMirman11 karma

I think there are still robes available! Mike Birbiglia and one other person have the two chairs made.

8urfiat6 karma

If you were in a literal food fight to the death what food would you choose as your weapon?

MrEugeneMirman16 karma

Butternut Squash? Or could it be a hot food? Like a cheese pasta that would burn someone? Maybe both.

sheenathepunkrocker5 karma

Hey! Who's your favorite song from Bob's Burgers? Also, are you planning on doing any shows in the DC area? Thanks for doing this, I love Bob's Burgers and your stand-up!

MrEugeneMirman29 karma

I'd love to come back to DC sometime this year, yes. And in terms of songs, I love Gene's Snake song and Electric Love. Bad Stuff Happens In The Bathroom is also great. And Work Hard or Die Trying, Girl.

fuck-dat-shit-up5 karma

Your book The Wills To Whateves really spoke to me. Do you think you'll right anymore self-help books. Specifically for sad jobless 30-something's ?

MrEugeneMirman7 karma

I'll hopefully write a book of essay's at some point. Not sure if it'll be faux self-help though. But who knows???

Fuck_mass_ufilth4 karma

How did being in the funniest show I've ever seen, Delocated come about?

MrEugeneMirman12 karma

Jon filmed a 5 or 10 minute little demo for Adult Swim and asked me if I'd shoot Paul Rudd and run away. And then from that came the show. I don't know the details. I think it also might have come out of a character he'd done on Conan. I'm not sure though.

MrEugeneMirman6 karma

Jon filmed a 5 or 10 minute little demo for Adult Swim and asked me if I'd shoot Paul Rudd and run away. And then from that came the show. I don't know the details. I think it also might have come out of a character he'd done on Conan. I'm not sure though.

MrEugeneMirman4 karma

Jon filmed a 5 or 10 minute little demo for Adult Swim and asked me if I'd shoot Paul Rudd and run away. And then from that came the show. I don't know the details. I think it also might have come out of a character he'd done on Conan. I'm not sure though.

zgold21924 karma

Are you at NYCC currently and can we hangout?

MrEugeneMirman24 karma

No, I am not, sorry. And yes, if I was we could meet up and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Sagebea3 karma

What was your favorite improv line in bobs burgers?

MrEugeneMirman42 karma

Hard to say. We don't see the episodes till they air, so it can sometimes be hard to remember what was written, improvised, or just a suggestion by a writer when we were recording. But in the second episode, when Bob is trapped in the crawl space, Jon Benjamin and I have an argument about Salman Rushdie writing the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe that made t in. That always made me laugh.

Kramgunderson3 karma

For the season 8 premier, did the actors know what the various animation styles were going to be, and did you adjust your reads at all for it?

MrEugeneMirman7 karma

Generally, we don't see the episode till it airs. We often record them 9 - 12 months before they air. I did some ADR (additional dialogue recording) recently, where you go in to tweak a few lines, so got to see a tiny bit of the different styles. But we basically don't see episodes till the same time everyone else does.

duggernaut3 karma

What was it like working with Jon Glaser on Delocated? I loved that show, thought it had a lot of potential, so I was sad to see it get cut off much too soon.

MrEugeneMirman9 karma

Jon Glaser is wonderful. He's both very, very funny and just a really sweet guy. He's also someone who can get on stage with a new raincoat he just bought and do a 20 minute routine on it. He's amazing.

sixgunbuddyguy3 karma

Will you be doing any more work with Flight of the Conchords for TV or perhaps film?

MrEugeneMirman8 karma

We've toured together several times since the show was on the air. If they make a movie, I'd be happy to be a part of it.

BadWolfman3 karma

Fellow Diamond and LHS graduate here! Can you share any stories about your time in middle school or high school in Historic Lexington? Who were your favorite teachers/courses?

MrEugeneMirman8 karma

Dr. Fiveash was a favorite teacher of mine. Mr. Kelly was wonderful, as was Mr. Bogart. I had a lot of great teachers, though in me, they had a not-so-great student.

surge_of_vanilla2 karma

When all three kids do a story line in a episode, do each of you take the lead in writing it? Or is it still a team and you all write from the perspective of the character?

MrEugeneMirman10 karma

We don't write the episodes. The writers do. But we do get to improvise. But it's not just us, the writers are suggesting new lines and Loren is directing us and throwing out ideas. It's a pretty collaborative recording process.

FearNoOne912 karma

Hi Eugene!

What sort of avenues led you into voice acting? Do you feel like it was equal parts of what you know and who you know? Also, any advice on how to network with people in the world of voice acting?

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and for making us all laugh!

MrEugeneMirman5 karma

I got into voice acting, and all acting, through standup. So for me, I've done standup for about 20/25 years now, that's how I got into it. I work with people I know often, but it's much more about finding like-minded folks to collaborate with, than knowing the right person. In general I recommend basically trying everything you think will make you a voice actor, from auditioning, making your own videos, moving to NYC or LA, and not stopping for at least 10 to 15 years. I think it's likely you'll be a voice actor at the end of that.

PoglaTheGrate2 karma

Voice acting is incredibly difficult.

Any tips for an unqualified newbie to break into the industry ?

MrEugeneMirman6 karma

Well, I only know how to go about anything through the world of standup comedy. I'd say to try and make stuff and put it out into the world. Find people who can animate and write and make videos to put online. Or figure out how to animate stuff. There's probably various voice over auditions for non-union stuff you can try to find.

Stillhopefull2 karma

Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but I think I recall an interview you did on NPR, I think it was Fresh Air, where you discussed creating your degree in comedy.

1) Is Terry Gross as wonderful in person as she is on air?

2) Any suggestions for a twenty-something who wants to work with comedy/writing but has no practical idea of where to start?

3) What is your favorite reaction that someone has had in response to hearing that you've got an actual degree in Comedy?

Thanks for your all work. You are continuous source of laughter and good vibes in my life.

MrEugeneMirman11 karma

1) I haven't met Terry Gross, though listen to her show all the time. She seems great.

2) In terms of comedy/ writing, I don't really know. I started with standup, which you just kind of start doing, with no real guideline to follow. I guess I'd say to move to NYC or LA and take writing, sketch or improv classes. Become part of a community of like-minded people. Make short videos and put them online. Or start a blog of some-sort or write for some publication. Basically, I (and most of the people I know), had no idea how to do comedy or break into comedy. We just all started, did whatever we thought might be effective and kept trying different stuff. For my comedy degree, along with various writing, film, acting and history classes, I had a weekly radio show, wrote a weekly column for my school paper, started a weekly comedy show in the basement of my dorm, and eventually did a one-hour standup act as my thesis. So I'd say basically do all the things you can think of and don't stop for at least 10 or 15 years and you'll probably be working in comedy.

FunkyTown3132 karma

Where did your particular sense of humor come from? I just love it. Also, when are you doing a new comedy album?

MrEugeneMirman9 karma

I don't know where it came from. Probably some combination of my life experience and some of the music I like. I'll hopefully record a new album/ special sometime this year.

StetCW2 karma

Did kids call you Eugene Mir-maid in elementary school? Sorry for dredging up that memory if so.

MrEugeneMirman9 karma

They called me New-Jeans and commie.

SteppingOnLegoHurts2 karma

Have you interviewed/met any of your idols that either made you love them more, or made you realise the part you see is an act?

MrEugeneMirman6 karma

I've met lots of the people I grew up admiring and they've often turned out to be really wonderful. I've become friends with several. I never had an expectation of what they'd be like as people.