Eugene Boris Mirman

is a Russian-born American comedian, writer, and filmmaker. Mirman currently plays Yvgeny Mirminsky on Delocated, and voices Gene Belcher for the animated comedy Bob's Burgers.

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I completely remember that. I ran around Union Hall for 10 minutes laughing and saying that it was the most ridiculous thing I could imagine happening. Thanks!

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Yes, because they are millionaires.

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I recommend doing standup for 18 years and then it'll happen naturally.

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That line was improvised!

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I know. Me too!!!!

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I tried standup a few days after I turned 18. The first joke I ever wrote was, "What profession do you think has the highest suicide rate? Most people think it's dentists, but it's actually kamikaze pilots! That's what they do."

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It is real. I can't tell if you just mean me doing an AMA or if you're asking me if reality is real or something. I guess yes to both?

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I like Paul and don't think I would try to fight him. But I guess it would probably start as a hug and then I would just try to turn it into lying on top of him. But that isn't a comedy fight. It's a hug fight. He can be your favorite, he's certainly one of my favorites.

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They are both 8 feet tall and nice. Jemaine had claws like Wolverine, but didn't like to talk about it.