The extended CD/DVD of my Comedy Central special, An Evening of Comedy In a Fake Underground Laborary comes out today! It features extra material that didn't air and a highlight reel from my Comedy Central pilot.

I'm going to tweet the link to this so you know it's me, and not Governor Rick Perry, pulling another classic Perry-Prank on you.

Okay everyone! Thanks so much for doing this! It was great. I will do it again. Maybe every morning? Probably not. Bye for real!

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chatroulettemirman2375 karma

I was masturbating on Chatroulette one night and got conneted to you, on stage, with me on a projector.

Then I said "Eugene Mirman???".

You replied "No, (some other comedian's name)".

How great of a laugh did my dick get?

Best story that I will never tell anyone ever. THANKS!

MrEugeneMirman1682 karma

I completely remember that. I ran around Union Hall for 10 minutes laughing and saying that it was the most ridiculous thing I could imagine happening. Thanks!

chatroulettemirman783 karma

I got a writeup in HuffPo.

When an anonymous masturbator types "OMG EUGENE MIRMAN", the name of the professional comedian currently manning the laptop at that point, Mirman does a lap of the room in hysterics, patted on the back and high-fived by well-wishers.

Will the excitement of group ChatRoulette live on? Mirman, for one, has his doubts. "I certainly don't think it will be as exciting," he says. "People might be using it but it won't nearly have the same level of frenzy to it."

"I hope people won't be typing my name as they rub their penis into the camera," Mirman continued, before pausing and smiling, "But you know what? To each his own!"

We both peaked that night, I think. "anonymous masturbator" and "professional comedian".

MrEugeneMirman364 karma

I was right! The level of excitement about ChatRoulette totally died down. I should get a job as a low level trendspotter!

TummyDrums304 karma

I hope this is real more than I've ever hoped for anything to be real.

MrEugeneMirman529 karma

It is real. I can't tell if you just mean me doing an AMA or if you're asking me if reality is real or something. I guess yes to both?

UberMisandrist162 karma

I'm currently lusting for you after this comment.

MrEugeneMirman250 karma


mike_pants629 karma


I was the guy that got your face tattooed on my arm during The Drunk Show. I don't have a question, but this is as good a place as any to thank you for that evening. Trying to explain why you are on my shoulder always makes for a great story.

UPDATED: And here it was the morning after during the, "Huh... So I guess that happened" moment.

(please excuse the slightly less interesting generic armband. Kthks.)

MrEugeneMirman342 karma

You're welcome. Also, thank you!

thraser11496 karma

Have Bret & Jemaine paid their rent yet?

MrEugeneMirman1024 karma

Yes, because they are millionaires.

im_da_truf92 karma

Were you able to afford a working faucet?

Glenners264 karma

The faucet works, the water just comes out of a different place.

MrEugeneMirman626 karma

That line was improvised!

browsing_at_work492 karma

Not a question, but just to let you know: I am reading all these replies in Gene's voice and cadence AND THERE'S NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO CHANGE THAT!

MrEugeneMirman559 karma

I know. Me too!!!!

MrEugeneMirman324 karma

Bye everyone! Thanks for doing this with me! I had a great time and will do it again sometime!

magomra291 karma

Can I say hi to you next time I see you at Trader Joes?

MrEugeneMirman362 karma

Yes, of course.

DonDrapersSpermCount223 karma

What does Kristen Schaal's real voice sound like?

MrEugeneMirman388 karma

It sounds like that. She has a bit about it, since who would ever spend their life using a fake voice. Also, her voice is super awesome.

Cptn_Hook219 karma

You and Paul F. Tompkins are my two favorite comics, and I can never decide on a clear winner.

If you were to fight Paul F. Tompkins, what would your strategy be, and would it work?

MrEugeneMirman458 karma

I like Paul and don't think I would try to fight him. But I guess it would probably start as a hug and then I would just try to turn it into lying on top of him. But that isn't a comedy fight. It's a hug fight. He can be your favorite, he's certainly one of my favorites.

antfarm_keyboard192 karma

How much of Gene's remarks are improv? Do you even get the opportunity to do that?

MrEugeneMirman322 karma

It's hard to say. A lot of scenes are blended written stuff and improv. The writers have started writing so much to us, that I often can't tell if it's something they wrote or I improvised unless I look at the original script. But when we record, everyone is pitching ideas and jokes. We improvise, but the writers are also making suggestions. We record lots of takes and options and then they use what works best.

liltesla75 karma

I would also like to know this! I especially liked the "Bleth thith meth" line.

MrEugeneMirman157 karma

That meth line was written by the writers.

Pancakesandwich174 karma

Has working off and on on Star Talk had any noticeable impact on your stand up? (The episodes with you as the guest are always my favorite).


MrEugeneMirman247 karma

Star Talk is one of my absolute favorite things to do. We're doing one in just a few days. I don't know that it's had an impact on my standup, but I do leave each recording with some random piece of scientific information that I love. (One day we will have buildings that change color to adapt to the weather!!!!)

Rfelt164 karma

One time you made a video answer to a fan telling him that he should ask me out because the worst I could do was say no. I said no.

But that's not a question.

How did you feel about the Bob's Burgers/Archer crossover?

MrEugeneMirman244 karma

I felt great about it. I'm glad he asked you out and it's good you said no and didn't go on a date you didn't want to be on.

Rfelt113 karma

I've spent two years thinking you would be disappointed in me. A massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

Cptn_Hook122 karma

This is so weird, but Eugene just told me I should ask you out too, and he said you have to say yes or he'll be sad.

MrEugeneMirman253 karma

No I didn't. Rule number 1: don't date someone you met on a reddit AMA only once.

Rfelt160 karma

What's Neil Tyson like when he's drunk?

MrEugeneMirman338 karma

Still very, very knowledgeable.

firstinthesea151 karma

Eugene, I'm trying to start a band named Huey Lewis and the News. What advice do you have for an aspiring musician?

MrEugeneMirman308 karma

Bad news, there's already a band with that name. But! You can be a band called Huey Lewis and the News II (No Relation).

honkywill145 karma

Knock knock.

MrEugeneMirman475 karma


onoflalks139 karma

Is Kristen Schaal as intense in person as she is in Flight of the Conchords, Bob's Burgers, 30 Rock, The Daily Show and probably everything else she's acted in?

MrEugeneMirman242 karma

She is a truly lovely person. I think on those shows she's jokingly intense in an earnest way, but that's because she's acting. In real life she is very funny, but also goofy and sincere.


Would you actually eat any of Bob's Burgers?

MrEugeneMirman289 karma

Yes. I think the rule for each burger of the day is that it has to be something people would actually eat.

LLBee119 karma

How was working with the Flight of the Conchords guys?

MrEugeneMirman448 karma

They are both 8 feet tall and nice. Jemaine had claws like Wolverine, but didn't like to talk about it.

patchesmalone10105 karma

When you are recording voices for Bob's Burgers, are you alone in the booth or are the other actors there to interact and improvise with? Also what has been your favorite episode to do?

MrEugeneMirman228 karma

We all record together in NY and LA at the same time over an ISDN line. So, unlike most cartoons where you go in for 45 minutes or whatever and do your lines alone, we record together all day and get to improvise off of the written script. They then cut together the best of everything into an episode.

OG_Pow96 karma

How does one get into voice acting?

MrEugeneMirman633 karma

I recommend doing standup for 18 years and then it'll happen naturally.

JohnnieWalkerRed91 karma

How did you get into theremin playing? It's not often that you see someone playing the most noble instrument that was ever created.

MrEugeneMirman151 karma

I had always wanted to do a bit like that with a theremin for years, but thought it might be too weird and thought it would be an expensive thing to buy and end up potentially not using. But then at some point I decided I would just buy it and try it on stage. It worked out well and was super fun to play with, so I'm glad I did this dumb thing.

medicalalphabetical78 karma

I've heard you say tahini is your favorite food, how old were you the first time you tried stand up? Also, do you remember the first joke you ever wrote?

MrEugeneMirman543 karma

I tried standup a few days after I turned 18. The first joke I ever wrote was, "What profession do you think has the highest suicide rate? Most people think it's dentists, but it's actually kamikaze pilots! That's what they do."

MrEugeneMirman77 karma

Actually, I will keep answering questions for a bit more.

Vaiist69 karma

I’m always curious about what a comedian’s persona was before they really found their style. We love your absurd comparisons and bizarre observations, but has that always been what you were like? I have to imagine that finding success from having such a surreal outlook was a long road, and I’m sure you’ve got some stories about ridiculous things you tried when you were starting out.

I’ve always loved standup and have been giving open mics a shot for a little while now. I would love some insight into your original attempts at comedy, how that evolved into what you do now, and how you recognized the steps in between.

Thanks for the laughs man. You are shining example of how pure the art form is.

MrEugeneMirman174 karma

I used to try lots of weird stuff. Some of it worked and some didn't. I remember 14 years ago telling an audience at the Comedy Studio that I had several new inventions. One was a tiny ladder that led to your balls for tiny monkey's and squirrels. It didn't make sense and I can't remember if people laughed or not. I just thought it was a silly idea. I think when I first started, I used to try things and think it was up to the audience to get it, and then as I did it more, I realized it was absolutely my responsibility to convey why I thought some weird thing was funny. But when you do get people to laugh at something weird, like advertisements for shapes or whatever, you feel very connected and it's great.

silentisdeath68 karma

Eugene, I commented on your facebook yesterday and it made my whole Day,

My question is, When you first started doing stand up what do you feel was your biggest obstacle?

I love Bobs Burgers and I hope if you come to Boston sometime I can have the pleasure of buying you a beer!

MrEugeneMirman147 karma

It's hard to say what the biggest obstacle was. Probably feeling comfortable on stage. It took years. The first time I did it I couldn't stop shaking. Oddly, it went well, so I guess that memory helped me bomb for years to come.

crashpod61 karma

Letters you write to businesses seem to end up in your comedy routines, is that something you do regularly or just for your stand up?

to put it more precise I guess do you regularly write crazy letters to companies?

MrEugeneMirman159 karma

I wrote a crazy letter in 1993 or 1994 to MCI and then months later it occurred to me that I could read it on stage. I guess it depends on the results I want. With the letters I read on stage, it basically is the most effective way to get a company to be better for me. It definitely worked with Time Warner. The others it's mostly a release because of how powerless you feel against shitty companies.

bluntsarebest60 karma

It seems like Gene in Bob's Burgers is tailored specifically for you. How early in the show's development were you approached to voice the character? Do you prefer voice acting, acting in front of a camera, or performing comedy live?

MrEugeneMirman119 karma

Loren cast the whole family before the show was really even a show. In fact, the original idea was that we were a family of cannibals who ran a burger place, but it quickly became clear that it'd be better to just be a family. But we worked on the demo for a year or two before it got picked up. But yes, all the characters are tailored to all the actors I think. In terms of what my favorite thing, it's actually the variety of doing different stuff.

treetop838856 karma

Do any of the companies you lambaste in your jokes (or newspaper ads) ever offer you stuff or try to mend fences?

MrEugeneMirman169 karma

Time Warner Cable is the only company that has acknowledged something like that. They were actually very effusive. They now respond to my calls better than before I took out the ad. But they're still essentially a terrible company whose cable box works poorly. Still, it's probably the most I could have hoped for. Here's a link to their response:

mdk840056 karma

What is the worst heckler experiences you've had?

MrEugeneMirman219 karma

When I opened for Modest Mouse in Miami there was a girl in the front row who kept trying to get my attention. It was really weird and massively distracting. After the show she came up to me and said that she was trying to ruin my set so that I'd get off stage and Modest Mouse would go on earlier (not how it works at all, but she was 19). She then told me she believes in some sort of selfish philosophy that basically sounded like Ayn Rand. I said, "Like Ayn Rand?" And she said she'd never heard of her. If I knew on stage that she was trying to ruin the show, I would have had her thrown out, and she would have learned to not be a jerk. But sadly, she was sneaky and I was a little nice. Other times drunk people have yelled crazy shit. The worst heckling is when people are drunk and talking to each other and don't know anyone else is in the room.

CommieScoobyDoo54 karma

Are you still not allowed to say which airline you were talking about on "God is a Twelve Year Old Boy With Aspergers?" Also thanks for all the laughs, you're amazing.

MrEugeneMirman97 karma

I am allowed. It's Delta! But on the album it was to avoid the possibility of it being libelous. But I will never tell if they did or did not really shit in my bag (they didn't).

UEMEDC52 karma

How many times have you made fun of H Jon Benjamin for being bald and short?

MrEugeneMirman267 karma

Probably never. I'll give you $100 to find Jon Benjamin, try to make fun of him and not leave crying.

lewzerkid39 karma

My wife and I are huge fans. She loves listening to the Star Talks where you're co-hosting with Neil and thinks you help make the best episodes.

We're also big fans of Bob's Burgers and I keep trying to get it as much exposure as possible to ensure it gets many seasons of excitement.

As far as a question, what's the most awkward thing you've done in your childhood years that you think ended up shaping your adult personality as well? An embarrassing and traumatic school incident? Trouble with a girl? Something goofier?

And for something bland (I'll take what I can get), whats your favorite video game?

"Anthrax tastes like babies!"

MrEugeneMirman103 karma

I don't know what is an awkward thing that shaped my childhood, as much as my whole childhood was awkward. One time (this was awkward, but I don't think shaped me really), when I was probably 12 or 13, my parents took me to Service Merchandise in Woburn to buy an electronic drum machine I really wanted (but could never really play) and while waiting in line for an hour, I realized that I had to go to the bathroom. I then had to walk across the strip mall to a Popeye's but did not totally make it in time, though did get to be in the bathroom their covered in poo. So when I got back, my parents said we had to leave because I smelled like poo. Definitely a traumatic experience, but not necessarily one that made me do standup.

mikeyteeth34 karma

On Delocated, what is the crime that Jon witnessed, or what do you imagine it to be?

MrEugeneMirman74 karma

Iran Contra scandal.

strat122732 karma

Is the story about the little Autistic kid at your book signing true? That bit is one of my favorite 5 minutes in comedy history.

MrEugeneMirman54 karma

Yes, it is.

OfficerTJHooker30 karma

I saw you open for Stella at the University of Vermont a while back. Are you close with those guys? Any chance you might all do something together for TV?

MrEugeneMirman49 karma

I am going to see Michael Showalter in just a few days! I'd happily do something on TV with those guys. I miss them and miss touring with them. But we have no plans to do a project together.

nicholasblvs30 karma

Has Christian Mingle taken you back yet?

MrEugeneMirman50 karma


Rfelt27 karma

Did people think you were funny when you were growing up, or just weird?

MrEugeneMirman59 karma

Both, depending on the person. Also, I probably became more funny than weird as I got a little older.

notoriousslacker26 karma

How did you get involved with Loren Bouchard? I love Bob's Burgers and I've heard that working with Jon Benjamin is a treat. I wish I could be there to watch you guys just go with it

MrEugeneMirman86 karma

I met Loren in Boston when he worked on Dr. Katz. He used to come to the Comedy Studio on the third floor of the Hong Kong Restaurant in Harvard Square when comics that were in town to be on Dr. Katz would come and do sets (Louis CK, Ron Lynch, Todd Barry). At the time I was roommates with Brendon Small and me, Brendon and Patrick Borelli all did a show there on Fridays. Loren saw Brendon there and that how Home Movies came about. That's how I got on that show. The episode I was on, where I pee in Coach McGuirk's canteen, is actually based on something that happened to me at a camp in New Hampshire, where a kid peed in my canteen.

BadgerWilson24 karma

Long-time listener, first-time caller. Or something.

Of all your complaint letters, which was your favorite to write/perform, and which has gotten the best results?

I guess a secondary question would be "have any of them actually gotten results?"

Thanks! Don't fuck your daughter!

MrEugeneMirman51 karma

The Time Warner letter got the best results. Most fun to perform might have been the Fleet Bank, because I could play a phone call from the experience, or maybe Delta, since I got to hand out 20,000 postcards.

Catarrhini22 karma

Which comedians have influenced you the most? Also, do you feel that there are any topics that are off limits to comedians?

MrEugeneMirman44 karma

When I was a kid I listened to lots of Emo Philips, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, Bobcat Goldthwait. Those were some of my favorites. And I think in a sense I am an odd merging of those comedians in certain ways. In terms of topics being off limits, no, I don't think there is anything a comedian can't discuss. That doesn't mean I think someone should make light of serious issues, but I do think humor is a great way to talk about and cope with serious issues. I don't care if someone jokes about guns or disease or war or abortion or first grade or whatever as long as it's funny and/ or insightful.

cheerupcharlie21 karma

I was fascinated to find out that pretty much the entire cast of Bob's Burger's uses their natural speaking voices as their character voices. Has that affected your recognizably in public? (i.e. do people ever overhear you speaking to someone else and then approach you with "Aren't you Gene from Bob's Bugers?")

MrEugeneMirman41 karma

I have had that happen a few times. But yes, we all (except John Roberts who plays Linda) use are normal voices. Kristen and I yell more on the show than in real life, but it's essentially our voices. My is pitched a little to sound more like a kid.

WalterPease20 karma

Hey Eugene, what are you wearing? Describe in vivid detail please. It's for children.

MrEugeneMirman54 karma

I am wearing Justice League pajamas. It's absolutely true. And a Hampshire College t-shirt.

jeadler19 karma

Adultswim teased what appears to be a Delocated picture. Can you confirm or deny a new season?

MrEugeneMirman6 karma

There is going to be a series finale in the next month or so. They put a promo up online today I think.

cityofgarbage18 karma

Do you by any chance remember a girl in London approaching you on the way to the bathroom at a Blitzen Trapper show and telling you that you made her love bear humor? She apologizes. You seemed freaked out.

MrEugeneMirman33 karma

It sounds fine and I am not freaked out.

broadcastterp16 karma

Better show to work on: Bob's Burgers or Flight of the Conchords?

Also: best stand-up comedian that isn't you?

MrEugeneMirman55 karma

Well, I do a lot more on Bob's Burgers, so it's not really comparable. Favorite comedians: Daniel Kitson, Paul F Tompkins, John Mulaney, Hannibal Buress, Louis CK, Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Zach Galifianakis, Jon Glaser doing weird stuff live, Kurt Braunohler, Kristen Schaal, Jon Benjamin, Stewart Lee. There are many others, but that's pretty good for now.

thejohnhughes15 karma

What was your first open mic/gig like?

MrEugeneMirman38 karma

It was at Catch a Rising Star in Harvard Square July 28, 1992. Or about then. Tons of kids from my high school came. It was the summer after I graduated from high school. I was nervous. I shook while I spoke (you couldn't tell from looking at me, but I could feel it). It went very well and it was great. When I returned a few months later, I bombed and would bomb lots after. Sometimes it would go well, which is why I stuck with it. Also, Brian Kiley, who writes for Conan, was the host.

RobbyZero14 karma

What would be your advice to comics who are starting out now, getting to that Emcee / Feature level in clubs. Do you still have to be in L.A. or NYC or has the industry changed since you started out?

MrEugeneMirman55 karma

I think you should get very good at comedy where you generally kill and then move to NY or LA for sometime and become nationally known and then do whatever you like. You can obviously make a podcast or whatever from any city, but it's easier to get on TV and stuff if you're in one of those two cities. But mostly, just become good at standup and everything else will happen naturally.

JesusAteYourBaby13 karma

I saw you open for flight of the conchords in berkley, you are awesome. I watched your scientoligist youtube video at least 50 times. Please come back the the bay area?

MrEugeneMirman27 karma

I was just there a week ago, but we'll be back in May doing a show as the cast of Bob's Burgers.

ElNando13 karma

Hey Eugene fellow Lexingtonian. Did you go to school with Rachel Dratch at all? Who are some of your greatest comedic influences? Any chance we'll hear you on Archer in the future?

MrEugeneMirman25 karma

I think Rachel was a few years above me. I will be on Archer. I recorded an episode a month ago and recording one tomorrow as well!

dionysus1413 karma

Can you do comedy in Russian?

MrEugeneMirman24 karma

I joke around in Russian with my family, but I've never tried doing standup in Russian. I'd maybe do it sometime, though not sure if I could translate my jokes well enough.

NeonMessiah12 karma

Any plans for more political coverage in the future?

MrEugeneMirman14 karma

Not off hand, though I would happily do it.

patlanips1110 karma

I lived in New York for a short time, and tried to catch your park slope show every week. I was always really impressed that you always had new material ready to go. What is your secret? Is it science?

MrEugeneMirman24 karma

I would try to come up with new stuff or rework stuff from previous weeks to get it to work. I don't think there's a secret. A lot of it is it's a pretty informal show and it's okay to fail, so I'd try stuff and it would sometimes work and sometimes not.

rawlingstones10 karma

I remember the first time I saw you, it was in Whiplash! at UCB. I want to know how you got started in stand-up, what inspired you to get into stand-up, what your first experiences were like, what your first good experience was, and what your first big break was.

MrEugeneMirman32 karma

The way you get started in standup is you just somehow start doing it (in a place that let's you, not at a McDonalds or Sears or something – but a place with a stage). My first breaks were Home Movies, Conan, my booking agent, Robin Taylor, signing me and then reaching out to Suicide Squeeze and having them put out my first album. I think a box of my first CD arrived at my house on my 30th or 31st birthday and that felt like I made something that was finally out there in a real way. I had done stuff before that, but that sort of started what felt like a career in a more long lasting way.

vittu10 karma

What is the time frame from when you record your voice to when a Bob's Burgers airs? What is your favorite Gene moment? Thank you for the Ama. :)

MrEugeneMirman10 karma

The time frame varies a lot, but often it can be 9 or so months after we record that something airs.

RasButten10 karma

You are my favourite co-host of all the Star Talk Radio podcasts.

And as always remember to keep looking up.

MrEugeneMirman12 karma


longingforlong6 karma

Is Daniel Kitson the best stand up comedian in the world?

MrEugeneMirman17 karma

He is definitely maybe that. There are several people that make me laugh a lot, and he's in the top 1 or 2 or 3 or so.

bobtheundertaker5 karma

Eugene. I saw you open for Andrew Bird in St Louis and it was incredible. You also have a quote in one of my "Uncle John's Bathroom Readers". An inspiration to us all to be sure.

What is your favorite Recipe??

MrEugeneMirman12 karma

I make a pretty good curry squash corn soup. Otherwise, I like grilling stuff.

idrumwithnohands5 karma

I'm a big fan of Delocated, Bob's Burgers and your Stand Up. I have a few questions:

What came first stand up or acting?

How long did it take you to get out of open mics and on to paid gigs?

I missed your show at the hollywood improv a few weeks ago. When will you be doing a show in that area again?

Thanks for doing this!

MrEugeneMirman10 karma

Standup came first, by a lot. I did standup from college on. I got $10 for a show sometime in college, but in terms of real paying gigs, probably when I moved to Boston. But I wouldn't make too much, probably $20 - $50 or something.

Batsmayne4 karma

I literally just got back from Best Buy to get your new album! Is there any way I could give you an extra $20 if you make more specials right now? Please?

More seriously, how did you come to create your unique style? Your offbeat vibe and absurdity makes you honestly one of my favorite comedians of all time, do you feel that your style distinguishes you from other stand-ups?

MrEugeneMirman12 karma

I guess my style distinguishes me from other standups, but that that wasn't the intent or anything. I sort of began doing standup around the time the original wave of standup crashed. I was in college and doing shows in the basement of my dorm and local open-mics and Chinese restaurants. So basically, I would try stuff at shows, telling stories, writing weird letters, doing odd little performance things, and if they made people laugh, they became my act. So, it's partially because I started in a bubble and would just try stuff that my act became what it is today. I think you can probably still search the web and find a letter I wrote to MCI in 1993 or 1994 or so that I used to perform.

thombudsman3 karma

Do Russian people ever hate on you? What type of things do they say? And how do you react?

MrEugeneMirman4 karma

Not really. I'm sure there are some that might, but I think most are excited and supportive.

refullamiii1 karma

I just watched your special on Comedy Central the other day and loved it. As someone who aspires to be a stand up comedian, what do you recommend to start off on the right foot, in your experience?

MrEugeneMirman3 karma

I would just start and do it as often as you can for a decade. Don't worry about agents or any of that stuff and just try to be very good and kill and not too hacky and it should work out. It's very rare that someone who can regularly make audiences laugh doesn't get work and exposure. You might need to move to NY or LA after doing it for a few years.