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I’m always curious about what a comedian’s persona was before they really found their style. We love your absurd comparisons and bizarre observations, but has that always been what you were like? I have to imagine that finding success from having such a surreal outlook was a long road, and I’m sure you’ve got some stories about ridiculous things you tried when you were starting out.

I’ve always loved standup and have been giving open mics a shot for a little while now. I would love some insight into your original attempts at comedy, how that evolved into what you do now, and how you recognized the steps in between.

Thanks for the laughs man. You are shining example of how pure the art form is.

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That is wonderfully inspiring to hear. I've written a lot of jokes that I find hilarious, yet can't seem to make land. Instead of writing them off after a few attempts, it sounds like the aim should be to dig deeper and get to the root of the funny. Thanks for taking the time to reply to this man.

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I don't know why the fact that PFT wears suits makes this mental image that much better.

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Wow my friend, your collection is currently in "iceberg tip" status.

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Haha, I hated Emily so I was more than willing to let her die. I might be the only one who didn't get Matt killed.