Sensory Goods has been a company for 6 years. It began when I decided to help people who suffer from autism like my children. Since the company's founding, we have expanded our scope to assisting people in dealing with multiple disorders that affect sleep and comfort.

Our goal is to spread awareness about these disorders. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have about these sensory issues and how certain products can help deal with them.

EDIT: We are heading out for the day. We appreciate your time and we very much enjoyed responding to the questions in this AMA. We will be available to try and answer any more questions you may have tomorrow! Feel free to contact us through our Facebook or our website. Have a great night! Sleep well!

EDIT (Again): Now I'm actually signing off for the night! Sleep well!

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valiander169 karma

I've been checking out different weighted blankets from all over the internet, but no one seems to make one that is a standard king size blanket. Is there a reason that queen size is the largest size?

SensoryGoods234 karma

Hi, thank you for your question! We actually used to make king size blankets, but ultimately they were not very popular and very hard to manufacture. The fabric we purchase is not wide enough to make a king size blanket either, and I imagine other companies have run into this same issue.

valiander92 karma

Thank you for explaining that to me! IF I can't get a king, now i can stop searching and get a queen size blanket.

SensoryGoods68 karma

No problem, let me know if you have any other questions regarding sensory products!

iwishicoulddrainout130 karma

Was your company responsible for posting that TIL about weighted blankets yesterday??

SensoryGoods30 karma

We were not responsible for posting the TIL about weighted blankets the other day, but it was the inspiration for our AMA. A couple of my employees use Reddit and saw the TIL before their shift. They recommended that I post an AMA (I had to ask them what an AMA was) so we could continue to spread the word about weighted blankets and how they can help people. They thought that people would appreciate a perspective from someone in the business, and I agreed.

mookler60 karma

Is there some sort of ideal weight/pressure or does it vary greatly?

SensoryGoods84 karma

It can vary. Generally, we recommend 10% of an individual's weight for therapeutic purposes, but a lighter weight can still induce a restful and relaxed state.

surfinmack1558 karma

How well do the blankets breathe? I like to sleep in an ice cold room and get hot easily. It’s been one of the things holding me back from trying them out.

SensoryGoods44 karma

Cotton blankets would be the most breathable, thanks for asking!

saucey5554 karma

I have depression and insomnia snd really want to try the weighted blanket for my insomnia. Literally nothing but Benzos has helped in the past 20 years since Ive been diagnosed. Because few things have worked for me I am reluctant to spend that amount of money on a blanket. If it helps it would be so worth the money but if not then you just have an expensive heavy blanket. Do you accept returns, have a trial period or discounted blankets? Also, how are the blankets with body temperature? Ever had complaints about people being too hot to sleep? Thank you!

SensoryGoods83 karma

Hi, thanks for the questions! The blankets can be hot, but we offer cotton blankets as a cooler option. We have a 30 day money back guarantee and we will do our best to help you find the perfect one. We also have a permanent sale section on our website where blankets are up to 20% off.

MandaCam27 karma

I think this is the biggest drawback to the weighted blankets. I have one for my son that he loves, but cannot keep on long enough to help calm him because of the heat. Of course we haven't tried your product in cotton.

SensoryGoods31 karma

On our website you can customize your blanket to be cotton on both sides to keep it even cooler! Glad your son loves his blanket. :)

Ag0r14 karma

It isn't immediately apparent on how to make both sides cotton. None of the items in the dropdown for complementary colors (which I assume is the back?) show cotton next to them.

SensoryGoods53 karma

Feel free to call us at the number provided, or just specify in the order notes that you would like an all cotton blanket. My employees read these notes very carefully and will adjust your blanket accordingly.

Bikemancs_at_work51 karma

Never heard of a weighted blanket until the other day. A group of questions:

  • Any issues with using for sleep apnea (esp. with a CPAP?)
  • Do you find a reduction in movement during sleep? IE, I can "de-sheet" a bed while keeping the comforter on, would this help?
  • would you recommend a single blanket for a couple or two individual blankets (or one and a regular blanket)?

Thanks in advance.

SensoryGoods52 karma

We do not know about any issues when using these blankets with sleep apnea. If you happen to order one and have any issues please let us know.

Yes, the reduction in movement during sleep is an intended effect of the weighted blanket. It's supposed to calm your body, thus reducing tossing and turning.

Well, it depends on what you're looking for. If both of you need high pressure blankets then you should order individual weighted blankets. If however you are looking for a lower pressure one blanket can suffice as long as it covers both of you!

JediLibrarian49 karma

I welcome your company's efforts, but wonder why you limit sensory products to touch. Have you considered products addressing hyperacusis (sensitivity to sound) and photophobia (sensitivity to light)?

SensoryGoods85 karma

We have been approached about these various sensory issues before, but we currently specialize in touch-related sensory issues. I do not know what the future may hold, but of course I would like to assist everyone with their sensory issues if possible.

coryrenton44 karma

what are the biggest problems you had with manufacturing?

SensoryGoods105 karma

Hiring dedicated and talented sewers has been one of our biggest challenges, and past that it's difficult to train our sewers to make a perfect product. While we realize that this may not be entirely possible, we strive to produce the best blankets we can. After the blankets are finished we have a team of people in our shipping department that inspect every blanket before having it approved to send out. Overall, we think we've done a good job manufacturing our products. Thank you for your question!

MrPicklePop25 karma

Do you believe you can automate the manufacturing process to achieve high quality and consistency?

SensoryGoods204 karma

Our sewers are very thoroughly trained in this process, and if their blankets do not achieve the high standard we hold ourselves to they are sent back to be redone when inspected by the shipping department. We also employ quite a few people and automating the manufacturing process would put them out of work. We don't want to do that.

tanpa-nama39 karma

I always have numb cold legs in the middle of sleep, thus need to do stretching just to unwind and make my legs circulation feel warmth again. I slept with the aircon on with normal blankets. Does having heavy blankets help reducing the numb cold legs in the middle of sleep? I don't exercise much

SensoryGoods49 karma

Hello, I don't know if weighted blankets would help with this issue. We do however offer a 30-day money back guarantee, so of course you're welcome to try our product with no strings attached.

CMLVI31 karma

Have you guys looked into different fabrics? I know a lot of ASD kids have sensory stuff, obviously you guys do as well. However, some don't like certain fabrics or textures. Do you do anything with different materials?

Also, my whole family and GF work with ASD clients. Do you have partnerships with any clinics to provide products for the clients they see? Residential settings especially could use these blankets to great effect for certain clients.

SensoryGoods33 karma

Hi, yes, we have several fabric choices to help meet those needs: fleece, flannel, cotton and denim. We do have a few organizations that we work with regularly. Thanks!

Bran_Solo20 karma

Do you make a blanket that is physically heavy but not very warm?

I grew up in a very cold place and I miss the feeling of being snuggled under a heavy down blanket. Now I live in a more normal place (in terms of climate) and I have to sleep under just a bedsheet and often with a fan so I'm comfortable enough to get to sleep. But I miss my heavy blanket!

SensoryGoods27 karma

Hi, we do make some blankets that breathe easier or are colder than others. These blankets are cotton on either one side or both sides, which you can customize on our website. We actually work in Arizona where it's very hot and we still have customers here that love their blankets!

Suffuri18 karma

Oh man, I have autism and always really liked heavier blankets. I really appreciate learning that this is a thing, you're doing a good deal of help to so many people. I don't tend to use heavy blankets these days due to heat and not having AC all the time, and it seems like maybe your cotton ones could address that.

How/why did you get started in the business?

SensoryGoods33 karma

Our cotton blankets should definitely address that. You can either go with cotton and flannel or all cotton blankets, which are much cooler than their flannel and fleece counterparts.

I have two children with autism. Basically when we started buying equipment for our kids it was costing us way too much money, so we started looking into how to make the product affordable for other parents dealing with the same issues.

AlpacaYourBags16 karma

Have you guys ever donated products to people in need?

SensoryGoods59 karma

Yes! We do a weekly giveaway called 'Weighted Wednesday' on our Facebook page. We recently sent 100 blankets to an organization in Texas for hurricane victims! We also regularly donate to other organizations specializing in sensory issues and mental health.

provosttoast9 karma

Are you looking at expanding this to more platforms, for people that do not use facebook?

SensoryGoods15 karma

We are always open to ideas! Feel free to give us a call or message us here and we'll let you know what we think.

level10kobold15 karma

How are these at helping with depression? They are also pretty expensive, do you ever run sales?

SensoryGoods35 karma

We believe that healthy and restful sleep has as much of an impact on treating depression as a good diet and exercise. Weighted blankets help people go to sleep faster and stay asleep longer, allowing for the deep and restful sleep they need.

EDIT: And yes, we do run sales from time to time and there is a sale page on our website where you can find products up to 20% off.

Imageekswife14 karma

My sister in law works as a teacher in Canada for kids with all sorts of developmental delays and behavioral issues. What products do you think would be most beneficial for her to have in her class if she has a very limited budget, or would this entirely be based on the students she teaches? (If she had ONE thing in her room it should be ______ based on success rate.)

SensoryGoods22 karma

Hello, please thank your sister in law for the work she does! For in the classroom, we recommend weighted lap pads and oral motor tools to help the students with developmental delays and behavioral issues. Lap pads are much cheaper than blankets and can be bought in bulk if necessary. Just to let you know, we ship internationally through our website, often using DHL. This means that international customers can receive their orders within 2-5 business days.

Imageekswife8 karma

I didn't know about the lap pads. I will mention them to her. Thanks!

SensoryGoods8 karma

You're welcome!

beerbeardsbears14 karma

Can you explain what the intended purpose of weighted blankets are? It seems fascinating that they can help with such a broad variety of problems.

SensoryGoods31 karma

Of course I can! Weighted blankets provide the weight that can help anyone relax and sleep better, but they are especially useful to those suffering with autism or sensory processing disorder because the blankets provide the sensory input that they need to feel balanced.

lil-f-d13 karma

I am very impressed of how weighted blankets work, I worked for an organization that works with people with autism and with one of our learners this was the only way he could sleep through the whole night. Do you guys get a lot of blankets returned in your 30 day return period? I would just like to have an idea of how successful the blankets are.

SensoryGoods16 karma

Most of our customers are satisfied with our products, so our return to sale ratio is low. However, we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee because we stand by our product and believe that it will be beneficial to those who use it. We do however recommend up to two weeks to allow your body to get used to the blanket.

Watchingpornwithcas13 karma

So your order form says glass beads are recommended over plastic; is this simply for longevity reasons? Or do you need fewer beads?

SensoryGoods23 karma

We recommend glass beads over plastic beads because the blanket turns out to be less bulky and therefore more comfortable. The glass beads weigh more so less of them have to be used to achieve the designated weight.

Watchingpornwithcas7 karma

That makes a lot of sense, thanks!

SensoryGoods6 karma

You're welcome!

Winterwolfe11 karma

Have you ever considered marketing to hospitals? If blankets could be offered to patients during their overnight stay (but would also survive our brutal laundry service so they can keep being used) I could see it offering a great deal of comfort!

SensoryGoods20 karma

We actually market to hospitals regularly. On our website you can find an option for vinyl weighted blankets, which can be cleaned by simply wiping them down!

AndreiPaulo9 karma

Hi. Do you make a hat that can apply pressure to the head?

SensoryGoods7 karma

We currently do not make anything like this unfortunately, maybe in the future!

kyled857 karma

These are interesting. How often does a weighted blanket rip open and spill the beads? I'd be a bit concerned because they are glass.

SensoryGoods26 karma

We have not ever had an entire blanket rip open and spill the beads, but it is possible for the blanket to snag on something and then have a hole ripped into it. However, our blankets are filled using a grid-like system that ensures that the weight is distributed evenly. So if this were to ever happen, you would simply lose the weight from an individual pocket and not the whole blanket. And just so you know the glass beads are so small that they feel like sand.

HeyItsTman6 karma

I have a idea of a weighted blanket but for warmer temperatures.

It is a tessellation design of hexagons with the center hexagon removed. The thought of the hole(s) would allow heat to escape.

So one could use this blanket in the summer and not be effected by the heat as much.

Do you/could you employ a design like this?

Thank you for your reply!

SensoryGoods7 karma

We actually operate out of Arizona where it's very hot and our local customers love their blankets! For warmer temperatures we recommend either cotton/flannel or all cotton blankets. We do not currently employ a design similar to what you mentioned, and we think that it would be extremely difficult to implement. Sorry about that!

Sissorelle4 karma


SensoryGoods12 karma

Unfortunately there is not much we can do regarding insurance, but we have had customers claiming to be psychiatrists, therapists, and case managers that have ordered blankets for their offices because of how much they heard these blankets can help people relax. We do offer an extra large weighted blanket, with the following dimensions: 80 inches long by 58 inches wide. We also have a Facebook code that you can use to receive a discount: FB10

I hope this helps.

hannahmae19914 karma


SensoryGoods9 karma

Even if it's not our blanket we are so glad you love your blanket and that it helps you feel calmer and sleep better! Thank you for your review!

ryanwasko4 karma

I have a bit of a hard time sleeping and am interested in a weighted blanket by my problem is my body runs very hot and I am uncomfortable unless I have my fan on full blast and my A/C around 68 degrees. Is the temperature of a weighted blanket going to be a problem for me?

SensoryGoods9 karma

The temperature of the blanket could very well be a problem for you if you order the wrong type of blanket. We offer a variety of fabrics, including cotton, flannel, fleece, and denim. If you were to order an all cotton blanket it would breathe easier and so having your fan on full blast and A/C at around 68 degrees should keep it cold. But of course this varies by the individual.

Mr_Belch4 karma

I have anxiety. It bothers me the most when I'm either taking a nap or trying to fall asleep at night (racing heart rate, shortness of breath). I also am a very sweaty person and get hot at night. Do your blankets prevent overheating or am I doomed to wake up in a puddle of sweat every morning?

SensoryGoods3 karma

Our blankets do not prevent overheating, however we do offer our blankets in all cotton fabric so that they breathe easier than traditional all flannel or fleece blankets. Regarding the bead type we do not believe that there's a huge difference in the glass or plastic beads in terms of temperature.

eggn00dles4 karma

this may not be in your financial interest but for someone who cant afford one of these at the moment, is there a free way to recreate this sort of effect? perhaps tucking the blanket in between the mattress and boxspring? thanks

SensoryGoods4 karma

We are unaware of another way to recreate this sort of effect. We do weekly giveaways on our Facebook page, and offer a Facebook discount code: FB10.

Ihavenoballs3 karma

I would love a weighted blanket but they cost so much. Do you think the price will ever go down?

SensoryGoods14 karma

I mentioned this in a previous reply but I thought I could mention it here as well. On our website there is a section for sales where our products can be found for up to 20% off. We strive to provide our product for a competitive price in the market because we know that these blankets are expensive. We also donate a blanket every week on our Facebook page!

Ethan_Hobbs44443 karma

What is the #1 proven method to cure/treat insomnia?

SensoryGoods21 karma

If I knew that I'd be rich! I don't think there is a #1 'proven' method simply because different things work for different people. However we believe that weighted blankets provide the help many people need to de-stress and fall asleep quicker, and stay asleep longer.

ChefRevelry3 karma

Do you have any products for individuals with autism at work or maybe dining out? It would have to be something smaller and lighter I'd imagine to account for the setting... how do you compensate for that? I think it's an amazing thing you're doing and I will absolutely be supporting you and your company.

SensoryGoods7 karma

We offer lap pads! These weighted lap pads range from 3 to 7lbs in weight and are easy to take on the go! We often sell them to schools so we know that they're used in a public setting.

Pogoflo2 karma

Thank you for your efforts in providing this much needed product!

I worked at a facility that offered weighted blankets for clients but only allowed them to be used for short periods, saying that after a point they stopped having therapeutic benefit. Have you heard this before, and can you speak to the truth if it?

SensoryGoods3 karma

Well it is true that your body will adjust to the weight somewhat, but it's been proven that people will still benefit from sleeping with it day in and day out so they don't 'go backwards' after sleeping with it. It also does not require you to up the weight over time, but it may take some time to find your perfect weight and we also recommend a two week period to adjust to your weighted blanket.

Reintegration2 karma

Do you make any products with glass beads instead of plastic? Do you know if that would make a cooler blanket?

SensoryGoods3 karma

Most of our products are made with glass beads instead of plastic beads. We do not believe that the bead choice is directly related to the temperature level of the blanket though.

fizzy_space2 karma

Hello. I just wanted to say that I ordered one of your lap pads for my wife's birthday! It's scheduled for delivery tomorrow so we will post a review as soon as she tries it out.

I do have one question about your weighted blankets. Do you have an option for cotton fabric on both sides of the blanket or is it cotton on one side and flannel on the other like the lap pads?

SensoryGoods2 karma

We do have an option for cotton fabric on both sides of the blanket. You just have to mention you want all cotton in the order comments, or give us a call! I hope your wife enjoys her lap pad!

TooTallToFit1 karma


SensoryGoods2 karma

Does he sleep under a weighted blanket now? :)

snorlz1 karma

is there a way to try a weighted blanket?

SensoryGoods6 karma

You can order a weighted blanket from our website and give it a try! If your blanket doesn't completely satisfy your needs you are welcome to return it with a 30-day money back guarantee. We giveaway a blanket every week on our Facebook page (Weighted Wednesdays) and even offer a Facebook discount: FB10.

Techwood111-4 karma

Our goal is to spread awareness about these disorders.

No, that is clearly not your goal. If it were, the title would be different and the answers to your questions would be different. Your company goal would be different. It reads:

Sensory Goods' company goal is to meet the needs of people affected by developmental disorders. We provide an inventory of products designed to meet autism, sensory integration, and other needs. We carry a wide variety of weighted blankets, floor products, sensory swings, oral motors, and more.

You want to sell blankets and things to people with autism and the like, who could benefit from them. There's nothing wrong with that, so why bullshit people by saying "[your] goal is to spread awareness about these disorders"?

SensoryGoods1 karma

I am sorry for the misunderstanding. Of course as a business owner, my goal is to sell more product so that I can continue to profit and pay my employees. As a father of two special needs children, my goal is to spread awareness about their disorders and weighted blankets in general. There are so many people I meet who have never even heard of a weighted blanket. This means that they have no idea how their lives can be improved by this product. I want to make sure that awareness about these disorders is increased, as well as awareness about the weighted blankets we produce that can help people deal with their sensory issues. Thank you for your comment.

subredditcorrector-7 karma

I've seen a few posts on various subreddits for your products in the last few days. Are you attempting to seed a "viral product" marketing campaign? If so, I don't think it's working.

SensoryGoods22 karma

We have only been made aware of one positive comment about our company through Reddit. A couple of my employees actually referred me to Reddit after seeing a post on TIL mentioning someone's success with a weighted blanket. This is what inspired us to create our AMA. While we are a business, our main goal is to educate people on these various sensory issues and of course help those that suffer deal with them.