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This is what economics call signaling, and some think all of higher education is just a signaling game.

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look into training at large companies. We have people on staff with education masters so they can help relate new material to our people internally.

Technical writing is also something in demand that teachers often flow into.

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it's expensive to do. Your internal HR team might have access to seeing it, but unless you're applying for internal positions they probably have no reason to come across your profile.

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it's beyond the environment. There's nothing out there but sea, and birds, and fish.


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What do you make of Robert Pape's work on suicide terrorism and their causes?

I put together the first complete data set of suicide attacks after 9/11. I did that because, like many people who come into suicide terrorism, I thought I was going to figure out when an Islamic fundamentalist goes from being a devout, observant Muslim to somebody who then is suicidally violent. But there was no data available, so I put together this complete database of suicide attacks around the world from the early 1980s to 2003.

I was really struck that half the suicide attacks were secular. I began to look at the patterns and I noticed that they were tightly clustered, both in where they occurred and the timing, and that 95 percent of the suicide attacks were in response to a military occupation.

How do you respond to the logic of non-interventionism as the most likely end to terrorism?