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So your order form says glass beads are recommended over plastic; is this simply for longevity reasons? Or do you need fewer beads?

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Wow, people are being so harsh in here! I studied as a home birth midwife but ended up not going into the career. There were a lot of vocal people in that community, both midwives and patients, who give the whole philosophy a bad name. It's simple common sense that the more care and attention a woman has during her pregnancy and postpartum period, the better her outcomes will be. Whether that's a doula or a midwife or an OB, having more attention on Mom by trained providers can catch things earlier. My daughter's pediatrician screened me for PPD/PPA at every visit and they caught it starting at 3 weeks postpartum, whereas I didn't see my OB until 6 weeks postpartum and I had a C-section! If it had gotten infected or wasn't healing right, would I have known? Would it have healed better or faster if I'd had someone cleaning and providing meals? (Okay, I did have this but so many women don't).

What people don't seem to realize is our mortality rates are ridiculous when compared to countries similar to ours (even when looking at average health and weight of adults). Maternity care is expensive and we aren't getting enough of it, period.

Edit to add: https://behervillage.com/articles/top-ten-registry-essentials

This would have been LEAGUES more helpful than the piles of hand-me-down baby gear that was discontinued 15 years ago and not up to safety standards. If there's a baby #2 in my future, I'm absolutely signing up.

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That makes a lot of sense, thanks!

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I actually moved into the health insurance industry! I started in customer service (being a student midwife didn't pay the bills unfortunately) but now I work in claim analytics.

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I had the same job ten years ago that this guy does now, and at one point we got the nice screen cages and put our chameleons in one. Not two days later, some asshole cut a hole in the side of it and stole both of them.