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lurkbealady6209 karma

Alyssa, about 15 years ago you came into my bookstore with your boyfriend and bought a book. You asked for it to be gift wrapped but while we were wrapping it you left the store and forgot the book. It stayed on the shelf​ behind the register for years (the store is out of business now), with a note that said "For Alyssa Milano" in case you ever back to pick it up. We never unwrapped it. And I've wondered for years.

What was the book?

AJMilano6042 karma

OOoohhhhh! I love this story. I have no idea what the book was or who it was for.

ChickenDigby5105 karma

How do you feel to have a ship named after you in Guardians of the Galaxy?

AJMilano5571 karma

Pretty much the coolest thing EVER!

burritomeat3096 karma

Hello Alyssa

Do you think it's about time for a Commando sequel?

AJMilano3193 karma

Way overdue IMHO.

senorglory211 karma

Commando: Ten Years Later.

AJMilano1015 karma

More like Commando: 30 years later

Lost_Afropick114 karma

You want her to get kidnapped again?

LibraryNerdOne278 karma

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Liam Neeson team up to rescue their daughters. So Commando meets Taken! Lost_Afropick you are genuis! I would watch that.

AJMilano977 karma

Maybe in Commando 2 someone else gets kidnapped and Arnold and I have to team up.

WickedSushi2957 karma

Hey Alyssa,

My dad is a huge fan of your show, Charmed. He watches the reruns on TNT every morning. However, my mom teases him for watching it. She says he is losing his man card.

What price of advice/message do you have for my dad? His name is Mike btw

AJMilano6805 karma

Does he watch it with the sound on? I'm kidding. I kid. Tell Mike it takes a man totally secure in his masculinity to watch the show and your mom is secretly more attracted to him because of it.

PrplPpl8tr714 karma

I never watched it when I was younger, but my girlfriend in law school was a major Charmed fan when she was a kid. We picked up all the seasons on DVD and would watch them almost every night. Great show and fond memories for me.

AJMilano769 karma

I love this.

chubbsub2584 karma

Hi Alyssa! What was it like to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a kid?

AJMilano5030 karma

It was awesome. He used to help me with my algebra homework.

RoboNinjaPirate2398 karma

Have you ever considered an endorsement deal for the Milano cookies made by Pepperidge Farm?

AJMilano3701 karma

As long as I get a lifetime supply I would do this.

PM_me_ur_dookie2190 karma

Was Tony, Angela, or Mona the boss?

AJMilano2243 karma

We still don't know....

blackjesushiphop2133 karma

My middle daughter is named after you!

When my wife and I were discussing names I threw out Alyssa...(because I was thinking about beautiful strong women)...and yours is the one she agreed upon.

In bed about a year after she was born, while discussing out current "top 5's" I mentioned you and she looked over at me and said, "wait a minute...did we name our daughter after Alyssa Milano?"

I just smiled.

AJMilano2026 karma

Tell your wife and Alyssa I send my love.

Grindolf1867 karma

Knowing that James Gunn has a crush on you, how do you plan on using this to get a part in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 ?

AJMilano1947 karma

This would be fun.

AvatarJack1491 karma

Hey there was a recent rumor that Holly Marie Combs eventually said wasn't true that Charmed was gonna get a reboot or continuation on Netflix or was at least in talks to. Is that something you'd be interested in?

My sisters and I used to watch Charmed every morning while getting ready for school so we'd all really love it.

AJMilano1872 karma

We have all said we would be interested in exploring a reboot. CBS Studios has the rights and is continuing to develop. I'm unsure of what their take would be or if we would be included.

Team_Rocket_Landed1189 karma

Have you figured out how to reply yet?

AJMilano2493 karma

I couldn't login to my account! And then I logged in and there were no questions and I thought no one cared. Which may be true but I'm glad there are questions.

piranhabait891035 karma

What is your favorite Milano cookie?

AJMilano1861 karma

Mint. Duh.

JonnyIndica834 karma

I saw u on 'Tanked"...are your fish still alive?

AJMilano1170 karma


LittleDogFido810 karma

You are very outspoken politically on your Twitter. While I think all the work you do is great, what do you say to people who think that celebrities shouldn't use their fame to talk politics and social issues??

AJMilano8210 karma

I am a citizen of the United States Of America. It is my right to speak out about anything I choose. Also, the same people that tell me to not have an opinion because I'm an uniformed celebrity are the same people that voted for an uninformed celebrity.

ytrof691 karma

Hello Alyssa! What is your favorite adult beverage?

AJMilano1199 karma


gamingchicken282 karma

If she doesn't say Victoria Bitter then I'll cry.

AJMilano878 karma

Uhhh... Victoria Bitter?? Don't cry.

pepocola672 karma

Hi Alyssa! Do your kids know that their mother is a Disney princess? If so, how did they react when they found out? Have a nice day!

AJMilano1295 karma

They don't know yet! I'm not sure they would care. Thats the beauty of kids. I'm their mom and nothing else matters. (As it should be)

limchori639 karma

Hi Alyssa, I am not sure if you remember but, we met in Kuwait in 2003. You were with John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn and it was definitely one of the highlights of my Marine Corps. experience while in country (Kuwait/Iraq). Thanks so much for your support for us and making the deployment a bit more bearable! My only regret is that I didn't get to take a picture with you.

And since I have to ask you a question - what motivated you to come out to Kuwait to visit us Marines?

AJMilano921 karma

I will always support the military. I will always appreciate the military. And especially after that trip. Thank you for all of your many sacrifices. I hope we get a picture together someday.

mrbbku587 karma

Hi! Do you like the song about you that family guy did?

AJMilano1366 karma

Ummmm.... That was so awesome. That was the first time I've seen that. Thank you for sharing.

zimzimzimzimzim499 karma

Hi! Thanks so much for doing this AMA! My roommates and I love binge watching Charmed while female bonding. Your character is so inspiring! Kicking ass, fighting evil, being a loving sister, and all that. My question is: do you have a particular person in your life or a fictional character that you really look up to?

AJMilano721 karma

My daughter is fearless and funny. She inspires me daily. And my mother is a strong, smart, woman that gives me strength when I don't feel so strong.

pyschopanda477 karma

Hi Alyssa!

In what way has the show charmed shaped your life and what are their impacts? (Phoebe was my fave character btw)

Also whats you're favourite piece of advice to give to people?

Another question : if you weren't acting what other job would you be doing right now?

AJMilano771 karma

  1. Charmed created lifelong friendships.
  2. I'm the one that usually asks for advice.
  3. I probably would have hoped to be a pediatrician but may not have had the tenacity to make it through all the schooling.

dark_drake428 karma

Hi Alyssa,

I know you're a huge ASPCA advocate, what is something anyone you feel can do (besides donating money) to help the ASPCA and animals in general?

AJMilano673 karma

You can volunteer! You can be an animal foster parent! You can advocate and raise money in your community.

Spider-Ian372 karma

My wife and I re-watched Charmed recently, what was your favorite behind the scenes of a special effect or makeup? Did you learn something really cool about how they did something that you can share?

AJMilano658 karma

The mermaid episode! Even though the scales we a bitch to take off.

cascalonginus2404335 karma

Very little is spoken of your charity work and it should be noted you've made some significant contributions. Who should we volunteer or financially support and why?

AJMilano515 karma

There are so many wonderful organizations to donate your time and money to. UNICEF saves more lives than any other organization on the planet. And as an ambassador I've seen firsthand the lifesaving work they do. And you should volunteer at your local food bank or homeless shelter.

SuperFightingRobot279 karma

Hi, Alyssa. How cool is Tony Danza? He's awesome, right?

AJMilano380 karma

The coolest

gjcbs239 karma

Alyssa, Going back through your entire career, who is the funniest person you have worked with (on screen) when the camera goes off? Any great stories there?

AJMilano460 karma

Michael Ian Black! Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later is on Netflix right now!!!

CaptainPimpLord154 karma

Hello! How did you like working with JulianMcMahon? Do you still talk?

AJMilano254 karma

He was so fun to work with. I haven't seen him is a long time but I'm sure if we ran into each other we would pick up right where we left off.

mysticmoonbeam124 karma

Would you be interested in returning to charmed if the opportunity arose? What was it like working on the show?

Also, will project runway all stars be returning soon?

AJMilano257 karma

Yes! We would all love to be a part of the show again as long as the show respected the integrity of the original!

Fzn15111 karma

What is your favorite memory from the 90's?

AJMilano204 karma

I was just asked this question today and I'm not sure I have one.

APartyInMyPants103 karma

So Teen Steam, did you ever let it out?

AJMilano130 karma

Still trying.

chrispdx21 karma

Going from innocent Child Star to Adult Grown-Up Actress and admitted sex symbol, you have probably seen your share of shady producers and sketchy people trying to prey on you. Any uncomfortable stories you'd like to (or are able) to share?

AJMilano27 karma

I've been pretty lucky in that I've never had anything too shady take place. Not any more shady than what women deal with no matter where they work. ;)