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If you have an iPhone, when you park, simply call up Siri and say “I parked here.” And then she’ll drop a pin on the map where your car roughly is. Then when you want to find your car again, simply activate Siri and say “take me to my car.”

The tricky part is obviously parking garages, but I sometimes take a picture from the door of the stairs to show what level I’m on. I don’t have Turners, I’m just an idiot who sometimes forgets where he parks.

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Small breweries near me (here in New York in the US) are starting curbside delivery so people can buy beer online. And the rumor is bars and restaurants will be allowed curbside-carry out beer sales as long as it’s in bottles or cans. Is there any movement in Ireland about allowing takeout beer sales?

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As someone who works in the industry on the post side (one of those nefarious tricky editors who lies to you all day!) I’m of two minds of this.

On one hand, I do agree that I want to see the events of whatever subject they’re following play out as they played out naturally. I’ve grown to become slightly distracted by the foley that’s added to many of these nature docs, especially on a macro level. A little ant walking through leaves sounding like a herd of elephants.

But on the flip side, does it matter? As long as the filmmakers are honest in depicting a situation that the animal would typically find themselves in (a lion’s standoff with hyenas or a bear’s bad luck fishing for salmon), I don’t mind if the drama is played up. It’s not like they’re lying to us in a way of putting an animal in a situation they would never find itself in (a lion’s standoff with a bear, for example).

But they’re utilizing a trick of personification so we can relate to the animal’s plight am stay invested in them as a character. And for that, I’m totally ok with it.

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Having come from a news background, most people I know in my field who I had actually talked about it with hated the show, not because they felt criticized; but because the show was absurd beyond any believability with how a newsroom actually works.

A PA/intern talking shit to the executive producer? That's how you get fired.

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An old childhood friend of mine is actually an ER doctor, and we were talking about the reality of medical dramas. He told me of all the medical shows, Scrubs was the most realistic, by far.