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Hey Mr. Goldsmith, thanks for doing this AMA. I am just curious, having once been a red-shirted ensign on Star Trek (the Original Series), how does it feel to now be playing a cooler character than even James T. Kirk? Do you get stopped on the street often? Stay Thirsty My Friend!

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Alyssa, Going back through your entire career, who is the funniest person you have worked with (on screen) when the camera goes off? Any great stories there?

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Awesome work on Rick & Morty (and all those other roles we have loved seeing/hearing you do).
Did you and James record your Rick & Morty dialogue together or separately?

How often do you see other BSG cast members in real life?

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Hello Mr. Zimmer, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Your music has made an impact on many souls. I am curious, who are some of the composers and works who most influenced you, and is there anyone relatively new in the score world who has impressed you? Thanks for everything from Broken Arrow, to Crimson Tide, to Gladiator, to Batman, to ... well, all of it!

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Hey Katee, thanks for doing this AMA. I had the pleasure of meeting you at DragonCon in 2012 and you were so very nice to us fans. Love Starbuck, really enjoying Longmire, and love the work with Dennys you and Tricia did (Acting Outlaws)!
Do you watch any other TV shows in particular?

Any chance you are coming back to Atlanta for DragonCon with Tricia this fall?

Oh, and Happy Birthday a little early!!