Hi I'm Brian Baumgartner. But most of you call me "Kevin from The Office" when you meet me on the street. I like golf. Chili. And watching and talking about football. (Please note: I do not actually PLAY football. Though I could. Easily.)

I recently teamed up with the NFL Media and Amazon's "All or Nothing: A Season with The Los Angeles Rams" where I host a special recap podcast of the show with Dave Dameshek.

Ask me anything. ANYTHING. I am particularly interested in questions that presuppose this is the year the Dodgers win the World Series and the Packers win the Super Bowl.

Also be sure to check out this parody training video I made, where I help guide referees on the new ‘do's’ and ‘don'ts’ of touchdown celebrations: https://www.facebook.com/allornothingtv/videos/vb.1038379322893238/1491373087593857/?type=2&theater

Proof: http://imgur.com/a/yD181

Check Out the All or Nothing Podcast: http://dameshek.libsyn.com/ddfp-581-behind-the-scenes-with-the-all-or-nothing-director


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get_outta_mah_swamp1457 karma

Hey Mr. Baumgartner! You delivered one of my favorite moments in The Office, where Kevin has just won back the parking spaces and says "it's just nice to win one". As far as the show goes, that's one of those little moments that solidify how real the characters are. What were some of your favorite "little moments" over the course of the show?

BrianBaumgartner1763 karma

Thanks. I liked that one too. OR the moment Kevin finds a girl he likes and might like him back (Lynn.)

One I just watched. When Michael drives across the country to move Holly to her new home, thinking they will commute every weekend to stay together. And then- after the full day. He leaves. Hugs her and leaves. The little things that show so much.

jzucker11107 karma

Who decided to make the Kevin voice evolve from what it was in the early seasons to what it ultimately became?

BrianBaumgartner1751 karma

It was a process. As kevin had more and more to say- I discovered exactly what his voice was.

HashtagBlessedAF878 karma

Did anyone get to try the chili before it was dropped?

BrianBaumgartner1467 karma


No. Nobody got a delicious taste. But it was only one take (obi) Had to replace the entire carpet in the front of the office before the next day to get rid of the stains.

neferiousrich857 karma

Hi Brian! Who is the least like their character in real life? And who was basically playing themselves? I feel like the answer to both is Creed, but am I wrong?

BrianBaumgartner1743 karma

Least like. Me.

Most like. Probably John/ Jim.

Though for most similar and least similar I would indeed go with Creed.

AlSem04321 karma

Not Kevin but I think Angela, looking on her insta she is a loving caring person

BrianBaumgartner1006 karma

She easily fools you, Little One.

_disguised_toast_759 karma

A recent Reddit post showed you have the 6th most lines of any character on The Office

Well, well, well, well, well, well.

Congrats on being the Jamal Crawford of The Office cast.

Which one of your fellow actors do you feel should have had more lines?

(Bonus: if you had to recast Kevin?)

BrianBaumgartner708 karma

Wow. Love the reference.

Fun tidbit. I was given a gift from the casting director at the end of the show- it was the original piece of paper from the casting session which had the 3 names the producers were considering for Kevin. Eric Stonestreet. Jorge Garcia and me. Either of those guys would have been great.

Not_my_good_pants629 karma

Hi Brian! Thanks for doing this AMA.

In The Office, where did your character's "cookie season" song come from?

BrianBaumgartner812 karma

genius writers. I couldn't possible have come up with something that strangely stupid and yet made sense character wise.

Austin4488614 karma

Hi Brian! My wife and I love your work on The Office!

My question is, did you personally improvise any of your character's lines? And if so, which line was your favorite?

BrianBaumgartner1822 karma



jakeweberphoto557 karma

Hey Brian! Huge fan of The Office, obviously. My question: what was the hardest scene to film without breaking character?

BrianBaumgartner1862 karma

Well FOR me... my scene with Holly when she counts the coins in my hand and holds up the button and tells me "This is a button." Something about the look on her face and voice. There is still a smile on my face in the take they used.

For Everyone else- the one that everyone always talks about was Kevin sitting on Santa's (Michael's) lap.

ajitation530 karma

Hi Brian! How surprised do most people seem like when first meeting you realizing you don't talk like Kevin?

BrianBaumgartner1215 karma

I can always tell by the look in their eyes. They are looking at me- but really only thinking in their head "I can't believe this is the voice coming out of this guy." I have restarted meetings because it was clear to me people were NOT hearing the content of what I was saying.

Tahoe_Tree_Man496 karma

Hi Brian. When you came to Tahoe for the celebrity golf tournament you went to a burger place Called Lucky Beaver. I was the cook who made your burger, and when i recognized you i started freaking out a little bit because im huge fan. I wanted to ask if i could get a picture but didnt want to disturb your night. Does it get annoying when people recognize you and ask for pictures? Also did you enjoy the food?

BrianBaumgartner889 karma


I'll be in next year. At least once. If you are there- come say hi!

2 questions for you: Did u freak out at all IN my burger? Cause that would be weird. And 2) You could have bought my food for me, no?

Kessle_Run486 karma

Brian! How do you play Dallas?

BrianBaumgartner753 karma


larrythelurker28472 karma

Are you surprised by the shows second life on Netflix? I think i've seen it 7 times start to finish.

BrianBaumgartner564 karma

Loving watching it right now

bradjoliepitt434 karma

What episode of The Office was the longest or most painstaking to shoot, and why?

I'm a diehard fan, and if you end up replying, thanks a lot!

BrianBaumgartner774 karma

the pool episode at (supposedly) Spader's pool. LOOOOOONG LOOOOOONG days in that pool.

Also- The Fire episode. It was Really really hot outside in LA in August. And we were in the parking lot almost all week.

apdoublep23431 karma

What was your favorite movie or TV set to be on?

BrianBaumgartner957 karma

The Office. Hands down.

ammccauley410 karma

Can you tell me a joke? That way I can tell people that Brian Baumgartner once told me a joke... Also, Go Packers!

BrianBaumgartner1023 karma

I don't type well enough for a full joke. But just tell people I told you the one about "Dirty Johnny having sex with his grandma" and laugh real loud and they will think you are cool.

TerribleJokeBot82 karma

What is the difference between a pizza and a child? A pizza does not scream in the oven.

I am a bot. To summon me, include "tell me a joke" somewhere in your message.

BrianBaumgartner134 karma

That's not a question. The people got fooled cause of the question mark. BUT THERE"S NO QUESTION HERE!!!!! Also: joke not at all funny.

MrBubbles9039382 karma

Would you be up to a reunion if everyone else wanted one? Also please tell me what Kevin's chili recipe is I'm dying to know

Also if there is never going to be a reunion we need a Kevin spinoff show

BrianBaumgartner830 karma

re: chili recipe. Suck it no way.

re: reunion. I'm in if it happens.

re: spinoff. Call NBC. I am easy to negotiate with.

booleansplit1340 karma

Any plans for your presidential run?

BrianBaumgartner2592 karma

Could I do any fucking worse?

RedSpecial22294 karma

Approximately how much of the show was improv?

BrianBaumgartner842 karma

varied by episode. Everything was written and had to be approved (It was NBC after all.) But also every scene was then messed with/improv- ed. Hah! Improv-ed is IMPROVED. Side note. Sorry.

Depended on the episode how much improv was in.

iCoda1283 karma

How do you feel about being known as "Kevin from The Office"? Do you wish you weren't only known as that, or do you feel like John Krasinski does and like being known as "Kevin from the Office?"

BrianBaumgartner676 karma

I don't mind. At all. But if you ever see me in a crowded place- I would prefer you not YELL "Kevin! From the OFFICE". I am wearing a hat and sunglasses for a reason.

I don;t mind it - but I also am not one who loves or needs attention constantly.

apdoublep23240 karma

Favorite golf course you've ever played at?

BrianBaumgartner499 karma

eeeesh. Tough. Shadow Creek in Vegas is unbelievable. Pebble Beach- obi. Edgewood in Tahoe has personal sentimentality.

I really want to play Augusta. Invite?

dustinhaltom239 karma

Hi Brian! How was it like directing on The Office? Would you ever do any more directing in the future?

BrianBaumgartner510 karma

Amazing. Obviously incredible cast to work with. Especially me.

I'd love to. Haven't put the time in on that front because I've been focusing on other things- but I love it.

EsTiesto227 karma

Hi Brian, just wanted to let you know that I watched the office at least six times all the way through and it gets funnier every single time. I was wondering if any of the scenes were just you guys riffing with one another trying to make each other laugh as opposed to pre written lines? I Also wanted to add that I'm very proud of you for keeping Oscars secret for so long, I couldn't have done it.

BrianBaumgartner189 karma

Kinda answered above. re: Improv. But thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately I could;t keep a secret like that in real life.

wrdb2007221 karma

Hi Brian, thanks for this AMA!! Kevin was my favourite character on the office!

What was your favourite Kevin moment?

Also- how many takes did it take to shoot that broccoli scene?

BrianBaumgartner860 karma

Favorite Kevin moment- again something to do with the storyline with Holly. And also the turtle moment is so incredibly out there I loved it.


jonnykim627213 karma

Kevin is my favourite character! How did you maintain a persona like that when you are so different in real life??

BrianBaumgartner763 karma

Sounds dumb- but I went to school for it. Some people learned math and science and stuff... I learned how to pretend to be someone else.

uBazinga181 karma

How's working with Steve Carroll? And how did it feel when he decided to leave?

BrianBaumgartner692 karma

First- you misspelled his name. And I'm gonna tell him.

Second- He is an amazing man. Gifted, obviously. But incredibly loving and GOOD as well. It was incredibly difficult when his time was over on The Office- but I think we all were f-grateful for the 7 years we got to all work together.

jdubbs21159 karma

Hey Brian! Thanks for doing this. Do you see a future in sports media? I've noticed your podcast and you swung by NFL Network last season to be a guest on Fantasy & Friends.

BrianBaumgartner225 karma

I love sports. Love. Love. Has been incredibly fun for me to be a part of ALL or NOTHING with the Rams this season and to do a podcast with the incredible Dave Dameshek. Anything having to do with sports I will almost always say yes. Cause whats better than being able to do something you love. As for future- we will see.

Zach_the_muffin155 karma

Hey Brian! Thanks for doing this AMA! How did you feel about Dwight firing Kevin at the end of the Office?

BrianBaumgartner400 karma

Thought it was the perfect end for Kevin.

Retrotastix146 karma

Does it feel weird to watch yourself on television? Or are you used to this?

BrianBaumgartner461 karma

I don't really like doing it at all. I am currently going back right now and re-watching The Office for the first time since the episodes aired originally. And that's been fun to re-live so many of those moments. But unless I am going back to work more/ shoot more episodes of something- I often never watch stuff I have done. I know how good it was.

apdoublep23144 karma

What's the best game of golf you've ever played? 9 or 18 holes.

BrianBaumgartner455 karma

At Marshall Faulk's tournament (So no gimmies/ everything putted out.) I shot 74. (Par 71.)

Mevy09246138 karma

Hello Mr. Baumgartner! As an actor in college, I was wondering who you looked up to the most as an actor and what advice you may have for a young actor? Thanks!

BrianBaumgartner392 karma

Yes I will absolutely be your mentor.

Advice- joking aside- is watch/ read/ know as much as you can. Watch TV. Watch movies. Know genres and how shows are being produced. Quick example: imagine going in to read for the Office and all you knew was Big Bang Theory. Knowledge in this business is power.

Adrianpostate127 karma

Are you really good at poker?

BrianBaumgartner245 karma


LuvTrump126 karma

Was shooting Kevin's famous chili as fun as it looked?

BrianBaumgartner300 karma

yes. and no. Had a dinner later that night at a fancy restaurant and all I could smell was chili. Even after a good shower and scrub.

WickedSushi118 karma

Hey 🅱️rian 🅱️aumgartner,

Have you kept any of the props from The Office at home?

BrianBaumgartner371 karma

Yes. A few. The "Kevin Malone" name plate is on my desk at home. And I still have the M & M jar on my desk as well.

abayaram112 karma

Hey Brian! If each of The Office accountants were forced to fight each other in a cage match, who would end up victorious?

BrianBaumgartner274 karma

Angela would play dirty. But I would still take her down. And Oscar?!? Come on now.

elijoker107 karma

Do you still have little patience for stupidity?

BrianBaumgartner222 karma

obviously. Even little-er now.

TooKinqie95 karma

Were you happy with the ending of The Office? Would you have changed anything?

BrianBaumgartner188 karma

Nothing at all.

Amidoinitwright92 karma

Do you ever get tired of people asking you questions about The Office? Especially if you've got something new coming up I imagine hearing about the old stuff can get tiresome, but everyone seems to have a good attitude.

What's it like working with Shek?

Also did you ever get to see world?

BrianBaumgartner211 karma

It is what it is. And I am a fan of The Office as well. So I get it.

Shek is incredible. Very smart. Great at what he does. But don't tell him I said that.

See the world? As in SEA WORLD?

Marrtho484 karma

Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre?

BrianBaumgartner330 karma

Don;t even BRING that question up in here.


LammergeierAteMyBone82 karma

I don't know what a Dodger or a Packer is, but I was wondering if you could give me any tips on tidying up my collection of decorative bathroom soaps. I was thinking I should invest in a lazy susan, but that just seems weird sitting on the back of a toilet, doesn't it?

BrianBaumgartner181 karma

Great questions. I think that anything that moves in a circle in the bathroom is generally a bad idea.

awkwardinclined79 karma

Hey Brian! I'm a huge fan, thanks for doing the AMA.

Kevin's character development from S1 to S9 was always so funny to me. In the beginning he's a seemingly normal dude, and by the end he's dumb and childishly loveable. How did this development come about? I'm particularly interested in how you went about finding a character voice for him that was quite different from early seasons. Thanks!!

BrianBaumgartner109 karma

In the very first episode Michale describes him as "thinking he is a comedian" as Kevin tried to get Oscar to laugh by using a piggy bank pencil as a pencil.

Not sure how much he actually changed character wise- but as he had more and more to say- the sound of his voice evolved a bit.

tombrosesh5279 karma

Was there any episodes of The Office where actual alcohol was consumed and not fake prop stuff?

BrianBaumgartner198 karma

I'll never tell.

One episode. You can guess which one.

Roboctopus1172 karma

Hello Mr. Baumgartner! Can you tell me now how paper is made?

BrianBaumgartner175 karma

trees I think?

vaas_monte72 karma

What was it like working on The Office? What type of experience have you learned from being on the show?

BrianBaumgartner171 karma

1) The best ever. (Like I'm gonna say anything else.) But truly the best professional experience of my life.

2) Having a deep bench full of talented people is way better than just having a star. (See: Dodgers.) My first Dodgers reference of the freaking day!!!!

oo_muushuu_oo69 karma

Aight put it to rest Brian, do you think Toby is actually the scranton strangler?

BrianBaumgartner170 karma


Gionce60 karma

Do you think Kevin liked the Phillies, Sixers, and Eagles? and if yes, you should come to Philly for a game some time!!

BrianBaumgartner122 karma

I'd love to. Especially if the Dodgers, Lakers, or Packers are playing there.

SCE02357 karma

Real question. How often do you play basketball?

BrianBaumgartner215 karma

Can't find someone who can beat me- so eventually I just had to stop.

weliketobass48 karma

Hey Brian - huge fan man. Does the Office crew ever meet up still? Do you keep in touch with anyone in particular? What's your favorite vacation destination?

BrianBaumgartner110 karma

We still do meet up. Not as much as a group anymore but occasionally there will be an important event that a bunch of us attend.

Dodger Stadium or Lambeau Field. Or Tuscany.

SpacemanFran44 karma

Who's the coolest NFL player you've met?

BrianBaumgartner121 karma

Aaron Rodgers.

TooShiftyForYou34 karma

Who is your favorite up and coming young golfer out there and what is your opinion on Brett Favre?

BrianBaumgartner66 karma

Bryson DeChambeau (SMU GUY!)

I'm a Rodgers guy.

RoDawGx1332 karma

Hey Brian! You were my favorite character on the office since episode 2! Any ways, You're a Dodger fan right? You excited for Darvish's start on Friday?

BrianBaumgartner57 karma

Thank you very much.

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!????!!?!?!?!?!?

CellNukeSquad26 karma

Hey Brian, huge fan. Other than football and golf is there any other sports that you're interested in? For all us Canadian fans please say you're a hockey fan lol

BrianBaumgartner43 karma

Love hockey as well.

itgirl__ragdoll26 karma

Hi Brian! If you were stranded on a desert island, What 3 books & 5 movies would you choose?

BrianBaumgartner67 karma

Dammit thats hard and trying to answer a lot of questions!!!!

Changing the rules- The Godfather The Office Complete Collection Fargo/ Shawshank Redemption/ Wonderful Life/ Goodfellas

dmullins200226 karma

Can you make me some of your chili? :)

BrianBaumgartner54 karma

stats please?

The__198521 karma

What's your favorite bar in San Diego?

BrianBaumgartner36 karma

Can;t think of the name right now but it's AMAZING for watching football in PB. You can see the ocean and games at the same time!!!

erock232338 karma

Brian, I know you're a huge fan of sports in general, so I'm asking for some premonition:

When will the Knicks trade Carmelo Anthony to the Rockets?

BrianBaumgartner15 karma

What are the Rockets gonna give up to the Knicks that makes sense for the Knicks? I haven't heard any package that makes sense yet.

Bush_DidNineEleven6 karma

What is your opinion of Robert California? I think I might be the only one who liked him better than Michael...

BrianBaumgartner14 karma

Absolutely loved having James Spader on set. Learned a lot from working with him.

adidads4 karma

Was there anyone on the cast of The Office that wasn't the nicest off-screen?

BrianBaumgartner47 karma

Holy Fuck what an absolute shitty question!

No everyone was nice.

PotatoKnishes4U3 karma

Hi Brian,

First off I wanted to say how much I loved your work on The Office. And how much I loved watching you drop chili.

Kevin's voice changed a lot during The Office. Was that a purposeful decision that you made or did it just sort of happen (because Kevin did get a lot more dumb in the later bits of the show)? How did you come up with the voice?

Finally, do you think Toby was the Scranton Strangler?

BrianBaumgartner2 karma

answered above!

R0CKETP0WER3 karma

Who will Aaron Rodgers throw the game winning touchdown to in the Super Bowl?

BrianBaumgartner8 karma

Randall Cobb

adidads3 karma

If you could play for the NFL, which position would you play and what would be your ideal team?

BrianBaumgartner6 karma

TE for the Green Bay Packers.

Jsahmed233 karma

Who wins in skins: you or Aaron Rodgers?

BrianBaumgartner4 karma

me. Obvi.

emnihe3 karma

Truly, what IS your chili recipe? I love chili.

BrianBaumgartner11 karma

that secret dies with me

Askmeaboutmy_Beergut2 karma

Pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza.

Yes or No?

BrianBaumgartner10 karma

Hell no. I hate warm fruit. Don't ever offer me warm fruit!

Superhotglue2 karma

Hey Brian! Really appreciate you taking the time to do the AMA. Big fan of The Office as most everyone is. My question isnt very exciting, but you're a big sports guy and I was wondering if you followed any hockey or any form of motorsport? Cheers mate!

BrianBaumgartner2 karma

Hockey- yes. Motorsport- no. Though went to one NASCAR race in Phoenix and had a blast.

the_schmeez2 karma

So, in all honesty, how many seasons do you think Rodgers has left assuming that he keeps up his play style and number of reps?

BrianBaumgartner3 karma

10 years.

TheMatador11132 karma

Favre or Rodgers?

BrianBaumgartner3 karma


Conthortius2 karma

How did the Kevin voice evolve?

BrianBaumgartner3 karma