Hey Reddit!

It's me, your old pal Rob Riggle! I'm here to answer questions you might have for the next couple of hours or so. Also, I have a new movie opening this Friday called "Absolutely Anything," which I think (hope?) you guys will really like. It's in theater's this Friday, May 12th.

Here's a clip with Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale and me which I'm premiering right here, right now, for you guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heJomxQUqoc

And here's the trailer if you loved that clip: https://www.absolutelyanythingmovie.com/trailer/

And the website if you loved the trailer: https://www.absolutelyanythingmovie.com.

In case there is any doubt it's me you're talking to: https://www.instagram.com/p/BT9BZwRgwpv/

Ready, go!

PS - I'm doing this reddit session while on set of my new movie! The War with Grandpa!

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Test-Please_Ignore26 karma

How is your Penis these days?

IamRobRiggle31 karma

Great question! It's fine thank you....

wangdingus22 karma

Hello, Mr. Riggle. Thank you for doing this AMA. My question is, how did you get into character to play an ice cream in the upcoming Emoji Movie? Did you do any specific research to get into the mind of the character?

IamRobRiggle42 karma

I think that was an IMDB mistake cause I'm not in the upcoming emoji movie??? I do however love ice cream and I eat a lot of it, specifically Jamocha Almond Fudge!

wangdingus12 karma

Goddamn IMDb. Thanks

HauschkasFoot13 karma

Wow this must be really embarrassing for you

wangdingus20 karma

So embarrassing. I hope Rob Riggle still thinks I'm cool.

IamRobRiggle58 karma

Yeah, I think you're cool!

straightwestcoastin16 karma

Yo Rob, what size hat do you wear? I gotta say you have a fine looking, massive melon there. Just beautiful.

What's more fun: being stationed in Kosovo or acting in a scene with Channing Tatum?

I have an 18 year old foster son I'm trying to provide guidance and drop some wisdom on before he moves out. What advice do you have for young men starting out adult life? What are the most important lessons you've focused on with your kids?

Thanks Rob!

IamRobRiggle27 karma

1) Actually not that big of a head (physically) boom, nailed it! 2) Doing a scene with Channing Tatum. 3) Work hard and avoid the clap. 3a) Actually.... Decide what you want. Decide why you want it. Make a plan to attain it. Execute the plan. Review the plan. Adjust the plan. Continue the plan. Attain what you want. (If what you want changes along the way....adjust appropriately. Good luck!

sglansberg313 karma

What's your favorite Will Ferrell story?

IamRobRiggle42 karma

I asked Will to come to Kansas City and be part of my charity event I do for Children's Mercy hospital while we were on the set of "The Other Guys" and HE DID!!!!! It was a huge ask and he did it with a smile! He's a great guy!

Bernies_Lakehouse13 karma

What was your favorite part of working with Jon Stewart on the daily show?

IamRobRiggle20 karma

I loved it all! I loved the studio pieces, the field pieces.... I loved sharing an office with John Oliver for 2 years! The people at TDS made it so much fun...and having a great boss always helps!

FoxtrotUniform1111 karma

KC resident here. Which BBQ place is a must for you when you are back in town?

IamRobRiggle28 karma

That's tough...there are so many outstanding BBQ places in KC these days!!! I grew up on Gates but there are some newer places that are amazing! Just so long as you have a Boulevard Wheat with your BBQ you can't go wrong.

xnerdyxrealistx8 karma

Do you have any interesting stories from your drill sergeant days? Do you think that time has helped you with your more intense acting scenes?

IamRobRiggle23 karma

Was never a drill instructor but I would say being a Marine and leading Marines has helped with the intangibles of acting.

Eticket157 karma

I'm hoping to start training at UCB soon. Have any advice for a new student?

P.S. watching you compete on @midnight changed my life. Honestly, you inspire me. Hope that doesn't sound too cheesy. 😌

IamRobRiggle11 karma

Congrats!!!! You made the right choice! Stay with it...listen for "the feedback" from friends, peers, teachers and most importantly the audience. If it's going well...keep working at it...if not well you'll figure it out. Good luck! UCB is the best!!!!

HarmonKaslow7 karma

Rob ... I can only imagine the fun of shooting a movie with actors that have solid comedic timing ... was there a memorable "goof" or elaborate "punk'D" on the set of "Absolutely Anything"?

IamRobRiggle12 karma

I remember just being so impressed with everyone! Nothing on set really, but I was lucky enough to spend a few afternoons with Terry Jones at his Pub drink beer and listening to his amazing stories! What an absolute legend and personal comedy hero!

maybeapenguin5 karma

Hey Rob! As a Kansas Citian, really looking forward to Big Slick again this year. What’s your favorite BBQ and non-BBQ restaurant in KC?

IamRobRiggle5 karma

Thanks for supporting Big Slick much appreciated!!!! Too many BBQ places that are awesome to pick just one....

Jebbeard4 karma

I feel like every SNL alum has a quintessential "Lorne story". What's your Lorne story?

IamRobRiggle2 karma

Too long to type here....but I'll put it in my book!

Warlizard4 karma

How'd you make the transition from military officer to actor?

Has being former military affected your interactions in the entertainment industry?

IamRobRiggle5 karma

I was a theater and film major in college and I always wanted to pursue comedy and acting! I knew I was going to try, I just didn't know how or when...but that stuff always works itself out if you're committed. No problems with entertainment industry...either way.

OpiesMammogramResult3 karma

First of all, hello Rob. I'm a huge fan, and I think you're great in everything you're in.

As for my question, what was it like filming "The World Series of Dating" for the BBC? It was one of the most weird but awesome shows I've ever seen and it's a shame it only lasted 8 episodes.

Thanks again, Rob. Hope you continue having great success.

IamRobRiggle2 karma

Thanks for the kind words! I don't know? They asked, I wanted to go to the U.K. and so we did it...but that was it.

sikeguy883 karma

What do you consider the funniest scene you have ever been in? And, have there been any scenes that you wish were kept instead of cut out?

IamRobRiggle4 karma

It's a deleted scene from Step Brothers, which I believe is on the DVD and can also be found online somewhere....

ImNotTheZodiacKiller3 karma

Hey Rob, thanks for doing this. What was your favorite role to date. Would you like to play any sort of role that's a departure from your typical role you're known for? Is so, explain.

Thanks for your time!

IamRobRiggle7 karma

I love comedy and comedy roles! Gil Thorpe is always a blast for me. I did my first "heavy" dramatic role this past year in a film called "Midnight Sun" with Bella Thorne and it's coming out July 14th!!! Very excited for that one!

TheGreatSwagsby3 karma

Hey, Rob! You seem like a great guy and I've enjoyed a lot of your work. With actors who have done many projects, I'm always curious -- when fans meet you, which of your roles do people mention the most? I bet you probably hear "In the face! In the face!" every day.

P.S. You should be nicer to Phil Dunphy.

IamRobRiggle4 karma

1) Gil is a jerk...sorry. 2) The Hanover, Step Brothers, 21 Jump Street are the movies most quoted back to me... "In the Face!" "Not up in here!" " I like the intensity...don't be afraid to ride the lightening!" " Pow!" "Fuck you Doug!"

Babblebelt3 karma

Do you still fly? How often? Rent or own? How does that work? Thinking about getting my pilot's license...

IamRobRiggle7 karma

I don't fly anymore. It's expensive and you need to do it a lot to stay proficient...

AhsAUoy3 karma

What is one of your favorite bits that never made the cut on the Daily Show?

IamRobRiggle5 karma

I did a piece on small business owners in Nevada (specifically a brothel) and how the coming Presidential election would affect them and their customers. Never aired....

Kandorr2 karma

Love your comedy, thanks for all the laughs. Do you have a charity, or work closely with any?

IamRobRiggle4 karma

I'm involved with children and veterans. I've been doing the Big Slick in Kansas City for the past 8 years www.bigslickkc.org and I work with several veterans organizations. I also have my own golf tournament in California for Vets!

Chad_C2 karma


What's the coolest and/or strangest fan interaction you've experienced?

A few years ago you, Jake Johnson, and Damon Wayans Jr. were enjoying a quiet meal at an Atlanta restaurant. I cautiously approached the 3 of you for a photo op. A weird, drunk friend of mine bragged that he was also a TV star. You guys left immediately following this altercation.

I would like to apologize on behalf of my weird, drunk friend. My wife will never forgive me as she was on her way and missed out. Congrats on your success -- you were amazing on the Daily Show and it has been wonderful watching your continued success.

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Unfortunately there are several "weird" interactions that happen every week. If it helps I don't remember this so it couldn't have been that bad. Thanks for the kind words though!

oystersandclams2 karma

Do the Fox NFL guys ever get their feelings hurt over Riggle's Picks? Like Terry and his shingles or Howie's career in acting?

IamRobRiggle2 karma

Not at all! I wouldn't do it if it hurt their feelings, I love those guys. They love it too!

eyesnipeyou1 karma

How's it going Mr. Riggle!? Question for you, were you considered the the funniest guy in your unit when you were in the military?

IamRobRiggle2 karma

ehhh...among my peers I was humorous. In front of my Marines not so much... I mean, I was always myself, but I tried not to screw around too much. I would usually do some goofy shit though just to self entertain....

Melonzzz1 karma

I watched you open up for Bo Burnham 6 years ago and you were absolutely hilarious! Do you have any current plans to come back and do more stand up in the area?

IamRobRiggle2 karma

Was that at K-State? Bo is an amazing stand up...fun show if I recall? I don't know if I'll ever get back to stand up? I wouldn't be opposed to it...it just takes a while to build a new set.

frehsprints1 karma

Are you... sure you spell your last name correctly? Not trying to be a dick-hole here, but I'm pretty sure it's "Wriggle"

IamRobRiggle12 karma

Not "trying to be a "dickhole" but..... It's Riggle.

Jaws_Megalodon1 karma

What movie scene was the most difficult for you to film just because it was so damn funny?

IamRobRiggle5 karma

Where I want to punch Will Ferrell in the face at the Catalina Wine Mixer.....

Munkadunk6671 karma

Rob, I work at Texas' oldest craft brewery in Houston. Would you do me the pleasure of stopping by one time when you're in Houston? We'd love to fill you with beer and food for free and show you our brewery. Thanks!

IamRobRiggle1 karma

That sounds great! Thanks!

motivatecake1 karma

Hi Rob! Thanks so much for coming to do the ama!

During and after your tenure as a Daily Show Correspondent, what were some of the most common reactions you encountered from your fellow marines in regards to your work?

IamRobRiggle6 karma

Nothing but positive. I did a story once on the Marines at Berkeley that a lot of Marines appreciated.

CJTPalmerEsq1 karma

Hey Rob! What was the transition like going from the military to comedy?

IamRobRiggle3 karma

Not hard in the sense that I love comedy and have always been a fan and always wanted to work in comedy. I also always wanted to serve! This country is so great because you can have more than one dream...and you can pursue whatever dreams you may have!

RoughDraught1 karma

Hey Rob, I'm a veteran looking to get into improv and film. How did the military help or hinder your start in entertainment? Can't wait to see How to be a Latin Lover by the way! Are you friends with Ken Marino?

IamRobRiggle1 karma

Ken and I are friends. He's an amazing writer, director, actor and comedian. The military didn't necessarily help or hurt my career in comedy. If you choose a life in the arts you can count on having two or three jobs for a while.... I wish you the best!

the_drew1 karma

Who is the most like Schmidt, you or Max?

IamRobRiggle2 karma

Well... I am "Big Schmidt" so I'll let you decide