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I heard that when you were filming The Wire, a real addict offered you his heroin because he thought you needed it more than he did. Is this story true?

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What was it like working on Maximum Overdrive? How was Stephen King as a director?

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Hi Don. I’ve always liked the brand name Midnight Dragon. Is there a story behind the name?

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Hi and thanks for doing this AMA. I live in a state with a medical marijuana program but employers can still drug screen for cannabis use and deny employment based on a positive result. If medical marijuana is accepted at the state government level as a legal treatment, how can employers legally discriminate against MMJ patients?

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Hello, Mr. Riggle. Thank you for doing this AMA. My question is, how did you get into character to play an ice cream in the upcoming Emoji Movie? Did you do any specific research to get into the mind of the character?