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The Troma Team and I are preparing for screenings of "Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High aka Vol. 2" at the Cannes Film Festival! May 23-25 at the Arcades 3 (77 Rue Felix Faure 06400)!

NSFW trailer: Family Friendly trailer:

2017 Marks my 50th year making feature length movies! Ask me anything!

Let's discuss...

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The1WiTheGun623 karma

Lloyd! Can you forgive me?

I met you at Comikaze back in 2013 - you were signing my Tox Box when Ron Jeremy came up and introduced his girlfriend with a cockney accent... I was nervous and blurted out a terrible joke about Ron's girlfriend being cockney and him having a cock to his knees... I don't remember exactly what I said, but it offended him, and you, and it's haunted me ever since!

The most ironic part is I was going on literally 3 days of no sleep that day, because I had just finished editing a short film that was totally inspired by you, and I was excited to show it to you, but instead I messed it all up with a dumb joke and offended everybody! I'm sorry, Lloyd!

LloydKaufman1038 karma

Not only do I forgive you, but I masturbate continually to that memory. Let me see your short film, please. Send to The Troma Team via

Mightydein246 karma

Troma was the first American company to distribute hayao miyazaki movies.

Any plans on distributing more animated movies in the future?

LloydKaufman273 karma

Yes! If something one of a kind and brilliant, such as My Neighbor Totoro or A Very Troma Christmas, comes along we'll certainly be happy to introduce it to the American public, as we did with Miyazaki's film.

LloydKaufman238 karma

Hi Everyone! See you in 20 min! Until then I'll be on the toilet, anyone have a good cure for a bad burrito?

ChuckEye91 karma


LloydKaufman162 karma

Me gusta!

thesunscreen236 karma

  • In 50 years, what's changed the most for you in making films?

  • What's stayed the same?

LloydKaufman1144 karma

What is different: The media industry has become a cartel of a small number of conglomerates which has economically blacklisted the genuinely independent artist. What has remained the same: The media industry has become a cartel of a small number of conglomerates which has economically blacklisted the genuinely independent artist.

delfino319208 karma

How do you feel about James Gunn's success/Guardian's of the Galaxy?

LloydKaufman605 karma

I love James Gunn. The minute he started working for Troma I knew he was a great talent, and after he masturbated on my desk I was forever indebted to him.

MattBaster196 karma

Are you amazed at the cult sensation that The Toxic Avenger has become?

LloydKaufman264 karma

After Toxie's sex tape went viral, I'm not suprised!

LloydKaufman145 karma

Thanks everyone for a great AMA! Troma has the best fans in the world! "Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High aka Vol. 2" is the greatest movie we've made in 43 years. Please contact your local cinema to book it. If there's enough advanced notice I will attend in person and create a great independent, idealistic, art event!

Also, subscribe to Troma Now!

Any questions unanswered here, please Tweet them to me @lloydkaufman and I will answer!

noisyturtle137 karma

Does the Toxic Avenger have toxic jizz? Is it green? If he sleeps with a woman does she get pussy cancer or something? Please, I need answers to these questions, I haven't slept in years.

LloydKaufman215 karma

That's a terrible question! I'm a victim of pussy cancer myself! Now I need a safe space, luckily there are some filthy Sesame Street characters in Time Square that I'm going to hug after this AMA. I'm also going to watch Doggie Tales now on the Troma Movies Youtube Channel for free!

TheLyingLiarThatLies98 karma

Any chance of some Troma TV shows? We need a weekly does of depravity on the streaming box in our living room where we can hide our shame.

LloydKaufman290 karma

Troma would love to do a "Class of Nuke 'Em High" TV series. It would be "Ash vs Evil Dead" meets "Twin Peaks" meets "Saved By the Bell"! Everyone write to Netflix and demand it!

LloydKaufman163 karma

And be sure to watch "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner" on The Troma Movies YouTube Channel! It has just been renewed for a second season! YAY!!!

TheGreatSwagsby61 karma

Hey Lloyd, congrats on having a successful film career for such a long time! The Toxic Avenger is one of my favorite cult classics. When you were making that film, did you ever get the feeling that you were onto something special that would become a major success?

Also, is that planned remake still going in a tame, PG-13 direction? If so, how do you feel about that?

LloydKaufman147 karma

Michael Herz and I spend years on each movie we make and I'm always very optimistic about the artistic value of every film, so it does not surprise me that Toxie broke out. Regarding the remake, we're still getting small checks, so it looks like it's going to happen. Why are you so impatient? It's only been 10 years since the big boys announced it! Now that Conrad Vernon of Sausage Party will direct, it will be a hard R, which makes me hard!!!

LloydKaufman57 karma

Breaking News!

This year's Tromadance Film Festival will take place August 11th and 12th at NYC's greatest comedy venue, The People's Improv Theater aka The PIT!

All of our arm PITs will be wafting that weekend for Independent Art! FREE submissions open until June 1st. YAY!!!

suaveitguy47 karma

If you were 25, with $5000 in the bank - how would you go about building the modern equivalent to Troma for the internet?

LloydKaufman100 karma

For 5000 dollars you can make a movie. You can start your own damn company and your own damn career. Look at the guys who did "Father's Day". They are now making movies for 100 times the amount we gave them

suitcase8846 karma

Do you think Mike Pence ever munched on a dick?

LloydKaufman175 karma

Yes, yours.

suaveitguy46 karma

You went to school with George W. Bush? Ever have quality time with him?

LloydKaufman267 karma

George W. Bush was in my class at Yale. We took a bath once a week together. But his habit of going around campus looking for weapons of mass destruction was very annoying.

xulevi40 karma

Hey Lloyd, can you be my grandpa? I'd be a dope grandson straight up

LloydKaufman142 karma

You can be a dope grandson but I want to be a woke grandmother.

coryrenton35 karma

if you had the funding, what would be the largest budget for a movie that you'd be comfortable with?

LloydKaufman144 karma

There are no reasons for a movie to cost more than half a million dollars. It is obscene that people are spending 2 million dollars on a piece of fluff. This age of Kim Kardashian and conspicuous consumption will be looked upon in 50 years in disgrace.

Pakliuvom34 karma

One more question Uncle Lloydie, one of importance. I tweet many anti-Ajit Pai rants and cartoons on Twitter but it seems like the majority of people aren't as outraged by the possible destruction of net neutrality as they should be. What can be done to get others behind the cause and realize what a major, major topic this is?

LloydKaufman101 karma

We need the fake PC phonies like Will Smith and Meryl Streep to speak out on behalf of Net Neutrality, but like the other elites, such as Hillary Clinton and the Trump gang, they'd rather close their gates, enjoy their riches, and stay behind their YUGE wall. Read my Huffington Post article about Net Neutrality here:

Pakliuvom33 karma

Hi Uncle Lloydie, this is Marcus Whitlow from Twitter. My question is, John Brennan is being gracious enough to allow my brother in law and I to make a weekly Troma comic that will go on the websites, but I'm torn between two ideas, one set in the Tromaville Hospital and one that's like The Muppet Babies, but Troma Babies instead. Which do you like better?

LloydKaufman38 karma

Try both! Thanks for your TROMAtic art!

lost_soul190831 karma

Im a mega low budget director, and huge troma fan. Ive always wanted to have a movie released by troma (which is a dream of mine) Is there any advice on what steps to take to make that possible?

Thanks for everything you have done.

LloydKaufman73 karma

Make a movie that's entertaining and one of a kind then send it to The Troma Team!

Also, watch my Make Your Own Damn movie lessons for FREE on The Troma Movies YouTube Channel!

suaveitguy31 karma

How was New Line Cinema so sleazy?

LloydKaufman129 karma

New Line Cinema put together an amazing team of scumbags. They also produced A Nightmare on Elm Street by Wes Craven, which is great, so fuck me.

suaveitguy29 karma

What do you think of Roger Corman's work/legacy?

LloydKaufman71 karma

When I was a Yale student I was inspired by Roger Corman's movies, The Man with the Xray Eyes, The Poe Trilogy, etc proved that independent movies could be excellent. Roger Corman is a great guy, an excellent talent.

suaveitguy28 karma

How does someone pitch you an idea? Would you produce a new idea nowadays?

LloydKaufman151 karma

I'm not a pitcher, I'm a catcher. If you happen to be on Grindr look me up, my name is Chino. I do read finished screenplays though.

good_myth26 karma

Do you have any projects for people that don't like gross stuff?

LloydKaufman76 karma

Good Question! Go to Troma Movies on YouTube and you'll see Toxic Crusaders, Doggie Tales, Monster in the Closet, and at least 100 other movies that are family friendly.

fanboyz25 karma

When are you putting Terror Firmer and Surf Nazis on Blu Ray?

LloydKaufman57 karma

We have no money for blu rays right now, but Terror Firmer and Surf Nazis are in the queue

dissenter_the_dragon23 karma

Can I pay you to be in y'alls next flick? I want to leave my daughter a legacy of her dreadlocked daddy in a Troma film, can we make that happen or nah?

LloydKaufman65 karma

We're writing The Tempest/Shitstorm. Watch my Twitter and Troma Social, when you see we're casting be very aggressive. We cast anyone that's very aggressive for the part. We'll give you an Arm and a Legacy.

spinachcakes21 karma

Will we ever see another Tromeo and Juliet?

How do you cast perfect Tromaville citizens and how do I become one?

LloydKaufman51 karma

We're writing The Tempest, my favorite Shakespeare play. It'll be called Troma's Shitstorm. Be aggressive when we post that we're casting. We always cast the most aggressive people.

liamquane18 karma

What films do you love that you don't think people would expect?

LloydKaufman41 karma

All the movies by John Ford, Mizoguchi, Robert Bresson, Eric Rohmer, and of course, the great cinema poets and interpretive dancers The Mitchell Brothers. Stan Brakhage in my opinion was the greatest visual artist of my lifetime.

liamquane15 karma

Do you have any directorial advice?

LloydKaufman69 karma

Make art that comes from your heart, brain, and soul. Otherwise it aint worth it. One of the richest directors in the world jumped off a bridge a year ago.

Mightydein14 karma

How do Troma movies get onto television?

I watched Cannibal the musical on IFC Canada.

LloydKaufman39 karma

We had a little mouse that would go into the TV sets all over Canada and it was trained to show our movies. Unfortunately that mouse was eaten by Rupert Murdoch, so no more movies on TV from Troma.

liamquane13 karma

What do you think of Digital film-making becoming the general way of doing things?

LloydKaufman29 karma

Thats a great question. It's yin and yang, thousands of excluded people can now enter the walls of filmmaking thanks to the miracle of digital filmmaking. It has democratized a heretofore artform that has been controlled by money. You don't need money to make a digital film. On the other hand its almost impossible to live off your art unless your digital film is produced by one of the massive media conglomerates.

liamquane13 karma

Hi Mr. Kaufman! May I ask, do you have any advice on getting a film actually together and made?

LloydKaufman47 karma

Get out of bed and do it! You don't need money anymore. Thanks to the miracle of digital technology, and armies of film nerds who are willing to work for nothing to support you, you can make your own damn movie. I've written six books about it!!

kobochat12 karma

Hey Lloyd! I've been getting into your work and Troma in general over the past few months. Inspiring stuff.

Nobody likes cancelling projects, but I'm assuming that's especially true for you, given your work ethic of trying make as much shit as possible. That said, there are a few cancelled Troma movies that I've seen mentioned, like Schlock and Schlockability, and Lenge: Legends of Troma. What are the stories behind these two (and any others that you care to bring up)? What would you say the "point of no return" is on making a movie, where you're far enough into the process that you have to finish it even if you can tell it's a disaster?

EDIT: Also, know anything about this movie or where one could find it?

LloydKaufman29 karma

I personally must finish every movie I start. But, if you watch Tales from the Crapper, which I spent 4 years on, you'll see that that's very stupid.

plastiknebula11 karma

In the time of youtube and a hordes of directors trying to have a shot, how would the young Lloyd Kaufman would stay alive and do well if he had started making films just last year?

LloydKaufman50 karma

Great question. First, I'd have to decide do I want the Oscar and riches. In which case it would be imperative that I blow somebody in California. If teenage Lloydie wants to be an independent filmmaker and doesn't mind living in a refrigerator carton with the bath salts crowd, then teenage Lloydie would stay in NY, take a day job and make 5000 movies.

LloydKaufman10 karma

We have time for a few more questions, 10 more minutes! I must go back to planning for "Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High" at the Cannes Film Festival! We are taking 15 people! We will have parades and street theater! It's like a circus. Watch "All the Love You Cannes" on the Troma Movies YouTube Channel to get an idea of what Troma's experience at Cannes is like!

Kiylyou9 karma

In planet terror, one of the actors had his face on a bunch of balls. Don't you wish this was your part?

LloydKaufman27 karma

Over my 50 years of making movies, my face has been on more balls then you'll ever meet. Remember I have lips like a woman, and I know how to use them.

boardgamejoe8 karma

The scene in the first film, where the assholes from the gym hit the kid and knock him off his bike, and then as he is struggling to get off the road, they purposefully back over his head. Well that scene kinda messed me up for a long time. Do you feel any guilt about that?

LloydKaufman23 karma

Same thing happened to Donald Trump and look where he is.

AntonioPantoja8 karma

What would it take for Troma to distribute a finished film? Is there a specific process or guideline to follow?

LloydKaufman8 karma

Send to The Troma Team when it's complete via

the_dork_avenger7 karma

I've been a huge Troma fan for most of my life and have had the privilege to meet you on a few occasions. I've always has a soft spot for the older movies such as Squeeze Play, First Turn On and such, do you think you would ever make another movie along the lines of the older comedies such as those?

LloydKaufman23 karma

I am happy to hear you have a soft spot for soft core. Stuck on You is one of the greatest raunchy comedies of all time. I love those movies, but I have moved on, as you will see when you experience "Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High aka Vol. 2". Picasso had his blue period, I have my blue balls period. I am now into something more Cubist

McEndlessUsername7 karma

Just want to say thanks for everything, I'm forever influenced and indebted to you.

Also what does Trey Parker smell like?

LloydKaufman16 karma


Trey smells like success!

suaveitguy6 karma

Any memories of working with Oliver Stone in The Battle of Love's Return?

LloydKaufman18 karma

Oliver and I were best friends from 2nd grade through college. He was always a psycho. He got into movies because I was making movies. Obviously he was very much influenced by his time on Battle of Love's Return and Sugar Cookies

TorchGoblin6 karma

Greeting Lloyd! I've been trying to get in contact with you for the last 3 years. I sent you a personal letter and your assistants have confirmed that they have given you this letter on at least two occasions but I still haven't gotten that sweet tromatic reply. Should I give up or should I continue pestering your assistants? Thanks! CRETINS RULE!

LloydKaufman54 karma

I answer every letter, every tweet and every email I get. All you have to do is send an email to [email protected]

gusmoreno156 karma

I wrote a book where a little girl gets lost and finds her way back home. Am I the little girl?

LloydKaufman14 karma

Yes, you are that little girl and you need help.

liamquane5 karma

Why do you make the types of films you do? Do you think you will try a different, more mainstream style anytime soon? Not that you need to, just curious. :~P

LloydKaufman11 karma

Great question. But, the kinds of movies Michael Herz and I make reflect what's in our minds and hearts. We're not interested in making sausages or trying to ride the wave of what's popular now. Class of Nuke Em High has become a classic because it's entertaining and has a universal message and love story that will resound through the ages.

PandaEatsRage5 karma

I just wanted to say your work is what made up a lot of my high school years and my future humor. Thank you for all you've done

That said. What's the most memorable project you've turned down?

LloydKaufman17 karma

She's not a project, but we turned down Madonna for The First Turn On. Not just the most memorable but the most stupid. Thank you Michael Herz.

Shanesullivan5 karma

I read in your book that you hate Street Trash. Why is that?

LloydKaufman11 karma

I love all Trash! And I felt Street Trash should have been more ambitious and been "Avenue" or "Boulevard" Trash. Not just "Street" Trash

AntonioPantoja5 karma

Besides Fernando Alle and Kansas Bowling, who are some of your favorite up-and-coming filmmakers? Who's the next big thing?

LloydKaufman7 karma

Seamus Hanly, director of The Middle Finger! He's very funny! Watch it now on Troma Now!

AntonioPantoja5 karma

A young filmmaker is pursuing their first film. What's one big piece of advice you wish you had when you were making The Girl Who Returned that you'd give to someone else Directing their first film?

LloydKaufman13 karma

Don't make an unwatchable movie. Remember that movies are supposed to entertain!

AngryBeverage5 karma

What's the grossest scene you have seen in a movie that wasn't a Troma movie?

LloydKaufman16 karma

Every scene in the TV show with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin is terrible and gross.

sectorfour5 karma

Hey Lloyd!

I have so many good memories of watching Toxie, the subhumanoids, Sgt Kabukiman, etc during high school and my early college days. Back then, we relied on the neighborhood video store and their limited selection for entertainment. Do you think the expanded choices we have today with streaming entertainment help or hurt studios like Troma?

LloydKaufman9 karma

It can only help. The more competition and variety we have in our lives the better we will all be. By the way, subscribe to Troma Now and help support independent art, and make the world a better place.

TimmyPacker4 karma

Where will I be able to check out this Troma Now Podcast I'm hearing about?

LloydKaufman6 karma

It'll be on Troma Movies on YouTube in a few days! Brilliant!

suaveitguy4 karma

Ever meet Doris Wishman?

LloydKaufman11 karma

Yes. Every once in a while she'd drop by Troma HQ with a bunch of bags, sit in our reception area, and act crazy, which we encourage in Tromaville. She was a great lady!

BubGutsAndBluRay4 karma

Can you produce a film where Peter Litvin fights killer robots and have Kansas Bowling direct it?

LloydKaufman12 karma

That is my dream project. All I need is your half a million dollars to make it all happen.

suaveitguy4 karma

Did you know Herschell Gordon Lewis?

LloydKaufman16 karma

Yes, I knew Herschell Gordon Lewis, I've written about him in my books. He was a lovely man. And although he always stressed marketing strategy over art, he was a real artists. In spite of his business acumen.

liamquane4 karma

What is it like running an entertainment company? How did it all come together?

LloydKaufman32 karma

It's a wonderful life. Everyday is different. And I want to blow my fuckin' brains out 24/7.

AntonioPantoja4 karma

What would it take for Troma to distribute your film?

Is there a specific process or guideline to follow?

Are you interested in jumping aboard as a producer in an already-financed film?

Besides Fernando Alle and Kansas Bowling, who are some of your favorite up-and-coming filmmakers? Who's the next big thing?

LloydKaufman10 karma

If there's a producer's fee attached I'll jump aboard anything, including The Titanic! As for up and coming filmmakers, Brandon Bassham is TROMAzing! He wrote and directed "Fear Town USA" and "The Slashening" available on our streaming service Troma Now

Bassham is writing a draft of my next feature "William Shakespeare's The Tempest Presents Troma's Shitstorm"!

6Dollarcoffee3 karma

Hey Lloyd I bought rabid grannies off you personally at dragon Con but haven't watched it yet. Do you get to see any granny titties in it?

LloydKaufman15 karma

Yes. There are many granny breasts and there is an amazing scene where one of the grannies fucks Kim Kardashian. I'll never forget it as long as I live. Buy another copy!

davecampfield3 karma

What's all this I hear about THE TROMA NOW PODCAST? :)

LloydKaufman4 karma

Go to Troma Movies on YouTube where we have given away about 400 movies free as a thank you to our devoted fans. In the next few days we'll be putting up an amazing new podcast called The Troma Now Podcast which is pure genius.

TTMcBumbersnazzle3 karma

In today's viral world, what would it take for a Sgt Kabukiman clip for more modern times?

LloydKaufman5 karma

Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD has his own talk show on the Troma Movies YouTube Channel, "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner". It will one day become a viral sensation! Season 2, and a feature length special "Kabukiman's Cocktail Corner: Loaded in Las Vegas", coming soon!

TheLyingLiarThatLies3 karma

Did you try the unicorn frapucino? I'm still convinced it's a myth.

LloydKaufman9 karma

No Unicorn Frap but we made a music video for Unicorn Smack. You can see it on Troma Movies on YouTube. We did it for free cause we like their music so much!

6Dollarcoffee3 karma

You're a Yale man. We're you in skull and bones or did you just bone a few skulls?

LloydKaufman11 karma

I was invited to skull and bones but I turned them down. Boy was I stupid. I joined the Elihu Society instead cause I though it was more open.

liamquane3 karma

How did you first get your work into festivals? Did you start off small and then build?

LloydKaufman10 karma

For the most part festivals have come to us. We don't think it's right to be paying to submit a movie to a festival, so we don't have a lot of contact with festivals. That is why we established the all FREE Tromadance Film Festival 18 years ago. Submissions are still open for this year! Deadline is June 1st!

kitsune10113 karma

I am a current film/multimedia/video student. I'm about ready to finish my degree and would love to work for a company like yours. How can I score a sweet/raunchy/awesome job at Tromaville? Or at the very least how can I get a good word doing the thing I love (which is making things look awesome)?

LloydKaufman4 karma

You have to live in the New York area. Right now we have an opening for a graphic designer, 400/week plus free lunch on Friday. We also have 2 positions for unpaid enterprise observers that just opened up!

PJGriff_883 karma

Is there any personal favorite film of yours that you would ever want to do any Tromatized version of, so to speak?

LloydKaufman8 karma

The musical Pal Joey by Rodgers and Hart. There is a very bad version with Frank Sinatra. Pal Joey is a very dark story that would make a great Tromusical!!!

suaveitguy3 karma

Were Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus their own worst enemies? My sense is that they did so much right, except the scripts. They had huge stars, franchises, some big slick productions etc... but weak ideas. It could have gone so differently if they stayed out of the way a bit more.

LloydKaufman15 karma

Golan loved movies for sure, he just lacked an artistic vision. Globus was all business. Unlike Kaufman and Herz they were motivated by money and power. Unlike Kaufman and Herz they were extremely successful.

suaveitguy3 karma

Walt Disney, or Jim Henson?

LloydKaufman15 karma

Disney for sure. Just Dumbo and Song of the South tower above anything that Henson has done. Although Henson is great.

IUseRedditforPorno3 karma

Can Troma make a remake of Doctor Who? I think using Troma as a launching point for such a thing would be amazing.

LloydKaufman8 karma

Doctor Who is Doctor Poo as far as I'm concerned. But we did just finish remaking Class of Nuke 'Em High! Please contact your local theater to play "Return to Return to Nuke 'Em High aka Vol. 2"

TimmyPacker3 karma

Will your Troma Now Podcast be like a weekly or monthly series?

LloydKaufman10 karma

Monthly! Just like my menstrual cycle!

spinachcakes3 karma

Would you like if I painted a portrait of Toxie?

LloydKaufman7 karma

Yes! Pls send pics! Toxie and I love Troma fan art!

Shanesullivan2 karma

Which do you prefer Gore Gazette or Fangoria?

LloydKaufman3 karma

Toxie and I love them both.

liamquane2 karma

You have such a distinctive style that I can't tell but have you ever adapted work? If not, would you?

LloydKaufman5 karma

Tromeo & Juliet!

Shanesullivan2 karma

Me and my friends from high school love Troma and you inspired us to make a short for YouTube. No one in our school really gets it but maybe you'll say it has some Tromatic merit to it?

LloydKaufman2 karma

Tweet it at me and I will retweet! Congratulations on making your own damn movie!

diosmuerteborracho2 karma

What's your favorite porn title?

LloydKaufman3 karma

I would have to say Behind the Green Door and Forrest Gump. My favorite pornographic food is Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. If you go to my Instagram you'll see a pic I put up a few days ago.

ironman822 karma

what do you think of the situation in venezuela?

LloydKaufman9 karma

The situation in Venezuela is a mirror image of the United States in 35 years

kwzombi0 karma

Why is Troma now the greatest streaming service ever?!

LloydKaufman1 karma

Because we have TROMAzing world premiere movies, curated selections from the Troma library, and wonderful short content. Watch "Dolphinman Battles the Sex Lobsters" starring Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD! It will blowhole you out the back wall of the theater!