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"You can go to Scientology and spend money, then if you don't like it, just do a charge-back and get it all back scot-free!"

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holy shit he looks like McLovin

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Your games resonate with me more than literally any other games I have played. I really appreciate your writing and characters.

  1. What's different about making games now vs. making games in the 90s? Do you miss anything about those heady days?

  2. Who's your favorite character in any of your games?

  3. Are there any in-jokes that the world still hasn't gotten?

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What is lost in teletherapy vs. in-person sessions?

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What do you think of vaporwave art? Every time I see someone post on /r/vaporwaveart I think of Less Than Zero, specifically a paperback copy I stole from my junkie roommate.

Another question: when you sit down to write, do you have any specific rituals or things you need in your environment?