I played the character between 1991 and 2001. After leaving the show in 2001 and moving to Los Angeles, I continued doing Barney performances, personal appearances and training other Barneys in other countries." I'm also the body of the Hippest Bear in the world, Hip Hop Harry. The Hip Hop Rapping, Break Dancing Teddy Bear.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/uq520i1en6ny.jpg

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DavidAJoyner5661 karma

Hey David!

I'm another David Joyner, and I just had to tell you: 6-year-old me was so unbelievably excited to see my own name in the credits for my favorite show. I went as Barney for Halloween three years running because I thought I was supposed to be Barney -- my name was right there after all! So thank you for, by sheer coincidence, making my childhood a little more magical.

Now my question: any suggestions on winning my ongoing battle to be on the front page of the Google search listings for my own name? You've had a monopoly on it for a while ;)

barneybody222488 karma

hahahaha. I wish I could help you out there. But I not sure I can.

recovery_pig5033 karma

Hi Barney,

Hey, when it's time for clean up clean up everybody everywhere I am clearly doing more than my share. Any advice on how to not to resent their lazy butts?

barneybody223991 karma

Ask them to do there share.

LaBelleCommaFucker1933 karma

Hello, David! Early '90s baby here. I still turn the water off when I brush my teeth because of you. You were also on my third birthday cake. Honestly, Barney was probably the most normal part of my childhood, so thanks for kinda-sorta being there. How do you feel knowing you were such a huge part of so many kids' lives?

My mother actually has a question for you too: were you ever tempted to throat-punch Baby Bop?

barneybody221841 karma

It's a very humbling feeling. And knowing you are the next generation of super star adults. I love it.

Tell you mom, there were some times when I would have an Ally Mcbeal moment. LOL

KurazyBoo1333 karma

What was your least favorite thing about playing the character over a decade? Any on-set debacles or arguments that made you think it was time to call it quits pre-2001?

barneybody222616 karma

Well the reason I called it quits in 2001 is because I knew it was time to move on to do other acting. I always wanted to move to Los Angeles and this was the best time.

There was a moment that I remember that really upset the chemistry of myself and Bob West. I had just order this new car from the Mazda Factory. A 1993 3rd Generation RX-7. Not too many people had them at the time. Mine was Black and beautiful. 3 months later, Bob West buys a red one. I was so mad.... Our friendship bond was shaken. I know it may not seem like a big deal to some, but it meant a lot at the time. And of course there were some other things that happened between us before that moment. But I won't go into detail. LOL

darbos5593 karma

I don't think I understand. You were upset your friend got the same model car as you?

barneybody22769 karma

It took a lot into me getting that car. It was pretty special.

_korbendallas_1303 karma

Do you ever catch yourself unintentionally saying or doing something like Barney would?

barneybody222277 karma

ALL THE TIME!!!! I always wanted to be one with Barney. Not just an actor playing the character, but to really embrace every moment of being Barney. So there were many times where I would find myself doing and saying Barney things outside of the costume. LOL

BBBR19921102 karma

Do you have any behind the scenes photos from the show such as this?

barneybody221141 karma

Wow!!!!! That just brought back so many memories. Who is this and where did you get that photo? Awww.... Heather....RIP

mattreyu980 karma

Was it also you singing the songs? Some of them still get stuck in my head to this day.

barneybody221689 karma

I was the body. A guy named, Bob West did the voice. Of course I had to memorize all the songs, though.

IKingJeremy836 karma

What was most difficult about playing the Barney character?

barneybody222460 karma

Knowing that there some people out there who didn't let their kids watch Barney because they found out that I was a black man. Yes, it was the KKK. They banded their kids from watching the show. Also there were some preachers in the southeast who thought Barney was a New Age Cult because he appeared from a Tire swing. Crazy, I know.

Birch_Leafff570 karma

Was there ever a moment where you knew that taking that job was the right decision? Or anything that particularly moved you during the job?

barneybody221362 karma

I'm a very spiritual person and I'm always receiving wonderful messages from God and the Universe. The night before the audition I had a dream that Barney had passed out and I had to give him mouth-to-mouth. The next morning on my way to the audition, I saw a billboard that read, BREATH LIFE INTO YOUR VACATION. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a the same advertisement. It was then I realized what my dream meant. I needed to breath life into Barney like never before. And that's what I did. Once that happened, I knew I had the gig. Even though it was offered to a young lady before me. Well she didn't work out too well.

Earl_Shagwood412 karma

I have to ask now, what happened to the young lady?

barneybody22795 karma

After her 1st appearance they never heard from her again.

Iced_TeaFTW568 karma

I just want you to know that as an un-wed, teenage, brand new mother in 1992, your show helped me cope, deal, and teach my daughter all kinds of shit. She absolutely LOVED you and you were ALWAYS on our channel, Sesame Street had nothing on you. Having said that, my question for you is, did you ever get any kind of residual for products? My daughter lived in a Barney bedroom for about 5 years and still has her Barney pillowcase that she saved and she's 24! Thank you for being Barney, we love you.

barneybody22345 karma

No residuals on the products. Only on the videos and TV series.

toenacious502 karma

Do you keep in touch with any of the kids from the show?

barneybody221272 karma

Yes. I've kept in touch with some of them. Some of them were also some of my acting students. While I doing the show, I was also an acting coach at an acting school in Dallas, TX. Young Actors Studio, ran by Linda Seto. It is the best acting school for kids and teens. http://www.youngactors.org/staff/ I taught there for 9 years. I would work as Barney in the day and teach Mon, Wed nights and all day Sat. Some of the kids in the school had no idea their acting coach was Barney. LOL

HeavyDeezy497 karma

How long did it take to get in the suit? Once in, how long on average did you have to stay inside? What kind of complications did being in the suit bring up for you?

barneybody221063 karma

It takes about 10 mins to get into the Barney suit. It takes about 30 mins to get into Hip Hop Harry. Once in, I can stay in for about 4 hrs or more. Depending on the situations. Sight is the biggest complication. I see out of the mouth and when the mouth is closed, I see nothing. When I am moving the mouth, it's like having a strob light. So I would practice being blind. To feel the energy around me.

justlikemother438 karma

I grew up in Plano. There was this house with a fogged glass door with a picture of the comedy/tragedy masks. Everyone said the guy who played Barney lived in that house. Is that true?

barneybody22601 karma

Yes. That was my house. I always said that's the house Barney built. I actually drew & designed the house.

FrugalPants415 karma

Hi David! I was the one who requested this AMA, so thanks for doing it! I was wondering if there were ever any embarrassing things that happened like falling down and such?

barneybody22578 karma

Yes. There was. I was doing a Live show at the White House one year and it was raining the day before and the morning of the show. The stage was really slick. So they made sure to dry the stage with towels before I came out. Well there was a ramp to the stage and the ramp was carpeted. And of course the carpet was still very wet. When I ran up the ramp, once I got on the stage, my feet slipped out from under me and I was airborne. Landed on my back, started laughing inside the costume, jumped up and finished the show. Great moment.

tegu5309400 karma

What do you think of the movie Death to Smoochy?

barneybody22419 karma

It was pretty funny.

cap10wow375 karma

Did you ever face any backlash from the rest of the children's television community as a result of your sudden popularity?

barneybody22755 karma

Oh yeah. After our 1st season on PBS, we were cancelled. The new Program Director of PBS was a major supporter of Sesame Street. We did a grassroots campaign to get Barney back on the air. Thus increasing the number of fans

Chinese_vpn374 karma

Did you keep the suit? Follow-up question: Do you use it to fight crime?

barneybody22367 karma

No I did not keep the suit.

Chinese_vpn275 karma

Missed your chance, man.

barneybody22347 karma

It's all good

KingStinkStar374 karma

Is popcorn really neat? Fun to make? Fun to eat?

barneybody22472 karma

Yes indeedy.

tortsy1310 karma

If you could turn back time and relive those years as Barney, what would you do differently?

barneybody22557 karma

I wouldn't do one thing different. Being Barney has been a big part of my life. Plus I wouldn't be Hip Hop Harry without being Barney 1st.

IKingJeremy290 karma

What were some of the more rewarding experiences you had playing the Barney character?

barneybody22470 karma

Being able to travel the world. I Love It. Meeting many different people of all different nationalities. It was amazing.

KingOfSparkles282 karma

Was it awkward for you to perform with different voice actors after so many years with Mr. West?

barneybody22414 karma

Yes, yes, yes. Bob and I knew each other very well. We had a coined phrase, "Dino Sync" Plus I was use to his non scripted responses. There was an adjustment and coaching period I had to go through with the other voices.

KingOfSparkles105 karma

I noticed that in the videos featuring the other voices. But you were able to make all the voices work!

I know you've trained many Barney performers around the world, does that include Mr. Carey Stinson, Mr. Josh Martin and Mr. Antwaun Steele?

I read you had no experience with character performing prior to Barney, so my question is who trained you?

barneybody22230 karma

I did have a part in training all those guys. And yes, I had no previous experience. I took some of what David Voss had already instilled in Barney and tried to bring out more personality. I took a trip to Disney World and studied some of the walk-about characters to see mannerisms and how they reacted to the children. It helped a lot.

MindOfAnEnt251 karma

What made you uncontrollably laugh on set?

barneybody22324 karma

I truly believe in having fun on set. It keeps the atmosphere very light and happy.

JeremyCrispo23152 karma

What is your favorite memory while working on Barney & Friends?

barneybody22284 karma

The joy we had knowing we were doing something very special. I loved being inside the costume. It was like having 2nd skin.

hikermick208 karma

When in costume how big of a deal was it to take a bathroom break?

barneybody22834 karma

It was pretty easy to get out. There were a few times when getting out to use the restroom was not an option. There was one occasion during the Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans when I was on the float and I need to go really bad. The costume wrangler pushed a Gatorade bottle up the crouch opening of the costume and I had to aim, use, put on the lid, hand it back to her, all while waving and dancing on the float. That was a pretty cool thing to do. Very impressive I must say. LOL

RathgartheUgly157 karma

As a child I always felt really bad when kids would make up songs about killing or otherwise maiming Barney because I knew there was a real human in there and I guess I worried it would hurt your feelings. So my childhood self compels me to ask: how did you feel about children mocking and sometimes downright hating you?

barneybody22293 karma

It doesn't feel good. I don't like it. All we were trying to do is spread love and joy to children all over the world. But sometimes love and joy is what some people can't handle. So they try to bring it down.

CypripediumCalceolus155 karma

Do you still have fun brushing your teeth? Do you ever let the water run?

barneybody22326 karma

Yes and I never let the water run.

JustinJ92145 karma

Hello Mr. Joyner,

What was the average day like on set?

Thanks for doing this! :)

barneybody22225 karma

Because you're working with children, the time was important. So everyone had to be ready. We had a lot of fun on set, and it was truly like being with family. Both cast and crew. I must say, we also had some the best writers in the business.

JeremyCrispo23140 karma

You Know What is my Favorite Barney Home Video when I was a kid? The 1994 Spacial Imagination Island that Feature Barry Pearl Playing Professor Tinkerputt :)

barneybody22124 karma

That was a great video to shoot. And Barry and I are still great friends

liveinisrael132 karma

How hot did it get under the costume?

barneybody22289 karma

The suit weighs 70lbs and it could get over 120°.

trimolius113 karma

I loved Barney when I was a kid! In my town, there was a rumor/urban legend that all the older always kids talked about, saying that the actor who played Barney was beat up by a bunch of kids with baseball bats. Did that really happen? Where did that come from?

barneybody22249 karma

There was a person in a fake Barney costume that was beat up by a bunch of kids. Rumor has it, they rented a fake Barney costume for a birthday party and the kids were frightened by the costume and some of the older kids started hitting the fake Barney costume with bats.

Mazrim_Tiem94 karma


Theoretically, how much does one make, dressing up as an extinct species, going on adventures with children, and coming up with arts and crafts projects?

For science.

barneybody22155 karma


Bmc0092 karma

My kids were old enough to just miss the Barney craze, so I really have no idea what the big deal was. Why do you think the show was such a big hit with kids?

barneybody22270 karma

Because we were able to tap into an audience that no other show was able to tap into. Our target audience were 2 year olds, so I whole theme was centered around that age. Plus I really wanted to connect to kids on a spiritual level. Before I would get into costume, I would also pray and ask God to allow his Divine spirit to flow through me and through the costume and let that loving energy draw the kids.

TrulySonicHOG119 karma

That's also the reason why the franchise had a huge backlash that lingers to this day for reasons I can't fathom. The show changed children's programming forever nonetheless. Maybe not to the extent of Sesame Street and Mister Rogers, but Barney's impact and success led to many preschool programs to be created. Some successful (Blue's Clues and Gullah Gullah Island), others not so much ("Ricky's Room," a Canadian Barney clone)

barneybody2278 karma

Yes, Barney helped change the landscape.

SMK6694 karma

I never knew the target audiwnce was 2 year olds. I started watching when I was 6 and loved it! Thank you for making after school special!

barneybody2283 karma

You are very welcome. Thank you for watching.

JeremyCrispo2390 karma

While Playing as Barney, Was it easy or hard for Barney Playing the Keyboard during the song Good Manners as Shown Here? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHeSNwuky4g

barneybody22176 karma

I am also a musician. As well as an actor. So I was able to make it look really easy. That was a lot of fun. I always loved being able to make Barney look like a real person in some of his manners and actions.

howaboutthatgod86 karma

On a serious note, what's one regret about playing Barney?

barneybody22191 karma

Seriously..... I have none. Not one. I loved playing such an amazing character. And now I love playing Hip Hop Harry.

mrnickinator12377 karma

Hi David! Just wanted to tell you were great as Barney, easily the best of the other people in the costume (no offense to the others of course).

My question: after you left the series, were there any changes to the show you weren't very fond of? For example, Barney's new voice (Dean Wendt) or the addition of Riff (BJ and Baby Bop's cousin). Thanks :)

barneybody22139 karma

I was always a fan of Bob's voice as Barney. That is what I was use to. Not offense to Dean, who did an amazing job. But he's no Bob West. Those are some pretty big shoes there. I wasn't a fan of some of the simple choreography on the show after I left. I felt the performance level was less. Not a fan of Riff.

fuckswithducks65 karma

What kind of maintenance was needed for the costumes? In scenes where you had to get the outfits dirty or wet like this one, how did you avoid ruining the fabric?

barneybody2294 karma

We had a few costumes on stand by. And like any fabric, just let it dry. We would spray the insides with alcohol to kill the bacteria.

AlphaThe763 karma

You really made my childhood man, my mom would wake me up before school every day and watch it with me, some of my favorite memories growing up. How did your parents react to your acting career? Any stories? Thank you!

barneybody22109 karma

My parents were very proud. After taping the 1st season on PBS, I went home for Christmas and my mom called the local news paper to tell them I was in town. A reporter showed up at our door for an interview.

Thebiggestkicker59 karma

Were the ponies scared of you in your costume? I always wonder when Barney and animals are in the same shot.

barneybody22137 karma

No. It's about about energy. Animals feel energy and they love a person with calm energy.

JustinJ9256 karma

Did you enjoy shooting the scenes involving children's games (like London Bridge and Ring Around the Rosie), even though you'd have to do them multiple times?

barneybody2289 karma

Yes. I loved them all. There was one director who loved doing a lot of takes, so somethings we would get a little frustrated on so many takes.

tortsy150 karma

If you could change one thing about Barney, what would it be? Also, thanks for the childhood!

barneybody22100 karma

I wouldn't change a thing. I could ask you the same question as a fan watching Barney. The biggest key to being Barney was making sure I was prepped and ready to be in the costume for long periods of time. Plus I always had to have a big smile in my heart in order to share that love of Barney to everyone.

skydiver195848 karma

Hey Barn. My daughter was born 1990.Her first years were watching you. She LOVED barney. I took her down to Disney in 1994-5? She saw a Barney show there and got to hug Barney-I doubt that was you- but that was the highlight of her life at that point. You sir were my daughters hero back then.

If it was you that was doing the stage show at Disney then thank you.

barneybody2264 karma

You mean Universal Orlando.... I was there when it first opended for a brief time training the actors for the Barney show.

Thank you for the love and support. I means a lot to know how much of an impact Barney has had on your daughter's up bringing.

Pappylander42 karma

Hello Mr. Joyner! Its great that the you as the guy who wore the suit for one of America's most famous kid hosts is now open for this one day talk. So:

  • What was the most memorable fan reaction you have ever witnessed?
  • What was it like meeting with Sheryl Leach (Barney Creator)

barneybody22163 karma

I was making an appearance in a hospital in Mexico City and this little boy had a brain tumor. It was very big and he had a really hard time lifting his head. When I, Barney came into his room, He wanted to jump out of his bed he was so excited. All the doctors and nurses was amazed at what he was able to do. It was very moving.

barneybody2276 karma

Meeting Sheryl for the 1st time was pretty amazing. You have to remember this is before Barney was really big and well known. Everyone on the Barney team was like a part of a big family. Sheryl has always been very sweet.

hikermick23 karma

That's real cool you did that considering they could have stuck anybody in the costume.

barneybody2270 karma

I always believed I was spiritually chosen to be Barney.

Pappylander9 karma

Now that's a miracle.

barneybody2217 karma

Yes indeed. There wasn't a dry eye in the room.

tortsy16 karma

You're a good person. Thanks for the AMA and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whether that include making children smile or settling down once and for all!

barneybody2212 karma

Thank you for all the love support throughout the years. This is truly a gift that has been honored to me and I'm very passionate about bringing joy to people.

JeremyCrispo2341 karma

While You Were Filming Barney's Great Adventure, I notice they used 2 Barney dolls. The One with a name on his foot at the start of the film and the other with No name on his foot at the end. How Come they used 2 dolls? I have the one with the no name on his foot which I got for Christmas.

barneybody2272 karma

When we were shooting the end scene it was late at night, and somehow the wrong doll was picked up from the props person. Good eye on catching that. LOL

TheJeck39 karma

How did you get the job?

barneybody22103 karma

That's a very long story and I'm not the best of typing. So let me share this link with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zUNvwdmF9k

barneybody2235 karma

Please make sure to subscribe to my other character, Hip Hop Harry. www.youtube.com/hiphopharrytv/

JeremyCrispo2334 karma

Do you actually ever own a Barney Collection of your own just like the Barney Fans here? Here is my collection https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.crispo/videos/1188809261151288/ https://www.facebook.com/jeremy.crispo/media_set?set=a.1169600093072205.1073741833.100000666777002&type=3

barneybody2242 karma

Hello Big Jeremy: Good to see you here. My collection couldn't hold a candle stick to yours. Well done sir...

feromount27 karma

why did you choose to be a purple dinossaur at a educational cartoon? btw we need a barney movie remake (the power rangers are doing it)!

barneybody2273 karma

Barney's color was decided long before I came into the picture.

They did different color test with 2 year old children and more children like the color purple over all the other colors.

BBBR199225 karma

What advice would you give to someone performing as Barney or any costumed character?

barneybody2275 karma


Xalenes24 karma

How heavy was the suit? Did it ever get hot in it?

barneybody2252 karma

It weighs 70lbs and it could get over 120° inside. I train my body and mind for extreme heat.

BBBR199224 karma

How does the Barney costume work? Also, how did you put the costume on?

barneybody2253 karma

That's a trade secrete.

BBBR199223 karma

When was the last time you performed as Barney and would you perform as him again if given the chance?

barneybody2261 karma

My last performance was 2005. If they called me, I might consider putting on the purple suit one more time.

GetRedGetHead17 karma

how was it dealing with the racism?

barneybody2275 karma

Racism is never easy to deal with. After all it is apart of the American fabric. As a Black Man, I've had to deal with it on different occasions. It always give you an bad feeling inside. But I've always believe it's important to try and rise above it. One of the many things I love about my talents, is the fact that I love to bring joy to people. I love seeing people smile. And when I walk away or leave the stage, I want my loving energy to stay with you. I want you to take apart of me with you. And if you do, then you've taken a little bit of this Black Man with you.

cap10wow15 karma

Did you ever hook up with any of the other costumed actors? I'm asking for a friend..

barneybody2229 karma

No. There were no hookups with other costume characters.

Recon_by_Fire13 karma

Were there adults present when the name BJ was chosen for Baby Bop's brother or whatever he was?

barneybody229 karma

BJ was named after the creators family member.

JeremyCrispo2313 karma

In 1994 which was the big year for Barney, There were alot of stuff going on like, The Radio City Music Hall Shows, NBC airing Imagination Island, Bedtime with Barney on Radio, Barney appearing on Phil Donahue, Live with Regis and Kathie Lee, The Macy's Thanksgiving Parade. Do you remember any of those appearances?

barneybody2238 karma

I remember them all as if they were yesterday. That also the year my mom passed away of lung cancer, so 1994 was a very special year for me.

supergoof710 karma

when y'all would do "where is thumpkin" did it get akward doing the "tall man" (middle finger) part?

barneybody2218 karma

Hahaha.... Of course. But I tried to make it look cool wearing oven mitts. LOL

zavatone10 karma

Do you realize how many people hated your character with the burning passion of a thousand suns?

barneybody2258 karma

YES.. And I feel sorry for them. How can you hate something that brings so much joy to little children. If you can hate something like that, then you need to really take a good look at yourself.

nerdyginger277 karma

Hello Mr. Joyner!

Do you feel like being a Christian has ever hurt your chances in the industry? Has it ever helped?

barneybody2214 karma

Never hurted me one bit. I have met many people all over the world of many different religious faiths, and non believers. One thing we all have in common is the SPIRIT to believe and or not to believe. I always try to connect to people on a spiritual level. I also study and teach Tantra. The foundation of Tantra is LOVE. God's Divine, Universal Love. When you are able to share that God giving love, it doesn't matter what you believe or not. Because then you're able to reach deep inside a person. Deeper than the mind and thought. When you're able to connect on that deep spiritual level, then you're able to connect to anyone.

eeman02017 karma

Did the suit smell?

barneybody2232 karma

I did not like a smelly suit.

I took great pride in having clean body scent. Because hair traps moisture, I would shave the hair from my body. Yes,,,, All over. Except my head at the time. I would drink plenty of water and pineapple juice. And I would spray my body down with Wintergreen Alcohol.

MatanKatan7 karma

What's your background, pre-Barney? I'm guessing classically-trained Shakespearean actor?

Also, as a black actor, did you ever hang out with the guy who played Elmo?

barneybody2210 karma

I'm not a Shakespearean actor. No I do not know the gentle that played Elmo.

Crazycatman1236 karma

Hey David! I recently saw that you now play a character called Hip Hop Harry. Do you have to bite a bar to move his mouth as well? 🙂

barneybody2213 karma

There isn't a bite bar in Harry. I have a hand piece in each hand. One for the mouth and one for the eyes.

JohnWad5 karma

What did the inside of the costume smell like?

barneybody227 karma

Like a fresh summer breeze. LOL

Barneymiller123abc3 karma

Mr. Joyner, I know your a bigger fan of Bob when it comes to Barney voices. Born in 2002 and I thank you for being in my childhood. I am 14 years old hoping to make people smile with my similar Bob West voice. I myself, love kids as well If you get a chance, can you please listen to it? It would make me very happy. https://youtu.be/KlKe4WYCUc0

barneybody225 karma

Sounds pretty good. Keep it up.

QueenRubie3 karma

Are you the Barney they fired for smoking pot?

barneybody223 karma

No. And there wasn't any Barney fired for anything like that. Another one of those crazy rumors just to get people's attention.

1mana55ho132 karma

Was the suit hard to stay in for a long period of time?

barneybody228 karma

I would train very hard to make sure I could stay in as long as possible. Some days, I would only come out to use the restroom and eat lunch. There were many occasions where I would stay in the costume while everyone else was on break. I would sit on an apple box, put a fan in the mouth and meditate. I could even get to the point where I could stop my sweat glans from sweating.

pighalf2 karma

Are you friends with baby bop and whatever the other dinosaur was in real life?

barneybody227 karma

I'm still friends with the actors that played Baby Bop and BJ. The guy who played BJ, Jeff Brooks and I were really close when we were shooting the show. We would go bowling almost every Friday. LOL Great times...

Matthewbody232 karma

Hi Mr. Joyner What season I love you song version was used for You Can Be Anything home video? Did all the kids who was on season 4 of Barney and Friends know that you would be leaving for the rest of that season to play as barney for Barney's Great Adventure The Movie?

barneybody225 karma

Yes. They are knew. We brought in different guys for me to train before I leave for Montreal to film the movie. What an amazing time filming "Barney's Great Adventure". That was an AWESOME SAUCE experience.

AgentSmithOnline2 karma

Did you ever hit a child while in costume?

Due to the reduced vision... of course.

barneybody2210 karma

Sometimes I would accidentally swing my tail around if someone kept forgetting their lines. LOL

The_Swarm_Hut2 karma

Why was HH-Harry's house so awesome?...

What is Barney's biggest secret?...

barneybody227 karma

Barney has no secrets.

tokeaphatty2 karma

did you ever get drunk and piss yourself in the costume?

barneybody223 karma

No No No. There were a lot of crazy rumors people would make up to get a buzz. My mom called me crying one day because she heard Barney had committed suicide. How crazy is that?

ThatRabGuy2 karma

Hey David, were the kids all cool or were some divas behind the scenes?

barneybody226 karma

They made sure during the casting process of each kid that they would work great with everyone. NO DIVAS ALOUD!!

djb855112 karma

Do you like kids ?

barneybody223 karma

I love kids. And I love performing and teaching kids.

Right20172 karma

Were you as glad as we adults were, when it went off and we didn't have to hear that song again?

barneybody226 karma

Not at all. I loved singing the I Love You Song. If you could see it from my point of view, you would love it too. When you see the love it brings to a child's eye. When you see a child in the hospital dying of some fatal decease and the only thing to bring a smile on their face is the I Love You song. when you here about a teacher and her students trapped in an elevator and the only thing to calm them down and bring them convert is singing the song. So to answer you question, NO.... That song has touched some many lives and has brought so much joy to people... I love it. And I love singing it even to this day.

Futurejournalist12311 karma

Hi Mr.Joyner, Barney was the definition of my childhood. My question us, do you have any regrets during those 10 years?

barneybody222 karma

None at all. I LOVE LOVE LOVE being Barney. And now I LOVE LOVE LOVE being Hip Hop Harry. www.youtube.com/hiphopharrytv/

Brice-de-Venice1 karma

Ha, I know the Janimation guys. What was the deal, they setup in your old studio or something?

barneybody223 karma

I'm not familiar with that. Remember I left the show and moved to LA in 2001.

Notapseudoliberal1 karma

Did the kids ever becoming tedious to work with?

barneybody222 karma

Not at all. Some people have a gift working with kids and love it. I'm one of those people.

Estacomfome1 karma

Was it hot inside the Barney costume?

barneybody224 karma

Very Hot and very Happy. 120°

taramcclay1 karma

Do you actually like working with kids? Pros and cons. Also you are literally my childhood!

barneybody223 karma

I love kids. And I love performing and teaching kids. Sometimes I like working with kids more than working with adults. Sometimes it's pretty magical to see kids perform. It's like a work of art.

Con: When they're over coached by a parent of acting coach, and they're not themselves.

McClutchinButts0 karma

You ever just hear the word "cut," turn, and then kick a child out of the way as you storm to your trailer to do cocain?

barneybody222 karma

Say no to drugs and violence my friend. Thanks for the question, but Barney is all about love.

[deleted]0 karma


TrulySonicHOG1 karma

Not to answer for David or anything, but that's a knockoff Barney costume (the kind one would rent for birthday parties).

barneybody224 karma

Yes. We sued a lot of those companies and tried to get them to stop traumatizing little children with those ugly costumes.

123456789-00 karma

What are your thoughts on making of an R-rated Barney movie to bring all of us who watched as children up to speed with the course of the character's life?

barneybody221 karma

I have no thoughts of doing such thing. Barney is all about the love of children. You will never see Barney and R-rated on the same screen.