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Do you still have fun brushing your teeth? Do you ever let the water run?

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What logistics does it take to get a show ready? How many people in what trades, trucks, buses? How do all these people eat/sleep on the road?

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What is the most comical Wily Coyote vs. Roadrunner attempt to defeat the wall you know of? Don't hold back, I'm an engineer.

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Hello, I work in a semiconductor fab with lots of nasty chemicals like arsenic, acids, and every nasty nonbiological thing in the book. The factory safety protocol in case of whatever is to get out of the building ASAP and go stand in the parking lot and wait for the black helicopters. The city protocol is to shut all the windows and stay indoors. My personal feeling is to run away as far and fast as possible. What should I really do?

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So true. I work for a multi-billion tech thingy, and that is how Apple goes with us, too.