Hi friend! My name is TV's Katherine Ryan, what's yours? I'm mostly known in Britain as a stand-up comedian, mother, dancer, pop-culture enthusiast, and metamodernist. I've got a worldwide Netflix Original special streaming on there starting today and am about to present 'How'd You Get So Rich?' on C4 and 'Your Face or Mine' on Comedy Central alongside my pal, Jimmy Carr. You can ask me some things on here if you'd like! I'm a great mum so I can be quite helpful. Xx

Proof: https://mobile.twitter.com/Kathbum/status/830872800466395136

Here's a link to my Netflix special: https://www.netflix.com/title/80134968

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theangryamoeba711 karma

So does Jimmy Carr do that laugh when he isn't on air?

katherineryan687 karma

Yes he laughs all the time! Exactly how he laughs on TV. x

katherineryan455 karma

Hello! I've never been on Reddit. Am I asking myself a question like this or posting a thing?

Aurum_Ryder339 karma

Hey, fellow Canadian here. I'm a big fan of British panel shows, and you are one of my favorite personalities to regularly appear on the shows, especially Cats does Countdown.

What is your favorite thing about Canada? And your favorite part of the country? If I visit Britain, where should I go?

Thanks, look forward to watching you show on Netflix.

katherineryan625 karma

I'm really proud to be Canadian because I think we're lovely people. And I like that I can speak french. Justin Trudeau is a great man who never buckles to Trump's ridiculous handshake.

Vdawgp327 karma

What does David Mitchell's beard feel like? I imagine it contains the secrets of the universe.

katherineryan1909 karma

Victoria Coren Mitchell feels lovely. Skin like an angel.

jitaroo210 karma

Hi Katherine! What was traveling with Richard Ayoade like?

What are some of the quirks you've found as a Canadian living in London?

katherineryan453 karma

Richard Ayoade is high on the list of my top three most wonderful men. My 48hours with him in NYC shooting Travel Man was the most platonically romantic weekend of my life.

katherineryan196 karma

HELLO IT"S OVER! Thank you! I love you? xx

slayernator117 karma

Who's your favourite stand-up to see live? Do you got to a lot of your friends' shows?

katherineryan256 karma

I love Sara Pascoe, Aisling Bea, Romesh Ranganathan, Joe Lycett, Stephen Bailey, I saw a man called Mark Little on Conan the other day who was LOOOOOLLLLLLOLOLOL

Garbagarf101 karma

I've Noticed you've done a wee bit of work with Frankie Boyle. Are you comfortable with the levels of offence he will go to in comedy? Do you feel there is a line and would you feel comfortable crossing it?

katherineryan290 karma

Good question. I love Frankie, he's a lovely man and a philanthropist. I do not think there's a line as long as you're always punching up. There's darkness and light in life so there should be darkness and light in comedy. I'm curious about the world so a lot of my comedy is just asking questions. We never want to hurt anyone. Comedy is meant to make difficult things better. xx

BookaholicBeauty94 karma

I loved your 'fake news' tweet! It was so believable. And now for my question. As a fellow Canadian I find the UK to be very similar in culture and humour, however, what is one thing you were surprised by (or continue to be surprised by) in the U.K.?

katherineryan173 karma

They're definitely not as friendly in London as they are in Canada. When I visit home, I have to allocate extra time while running errands to speak to the bus driver, cashier, stranger etc.

carcrash1290 karma

Hey Katherine!

What was it like filming Taskmaster? Did you really get to keep everyone's stuff that you won?

katherineryan109 karma

We could keep the stuff but I didn't keep anything! I've got too much clutter as it is! xx

MotorHola88 karma

Hi Katherine!! As an American who recently discovered "8 out of 10 cats Does Countdown" and fell immediately in love with the humor, so you have any recommendations for shows/specials that best hit British comedy?

Also, please tell me that Jon Richardson is as afraid of human contact as he makes himself out to be hahah.

katherineryan121 karma

Jon is Jon. He's adorable and I think being a dad has to have loosened him up, idk haha. Live at the Apollo is great, Have I got News for You, Taskmaster, Room 101.....

Scary_80 karma

Is your cat really called Sara Pascoe?

katherineryan124 karma

hahah yes he is.

katmonday70 karma

Hi Katherine, when you and Aisling Bea are on the same shows you seem like you would have AMAZING nights out... Please say this is true?

katherineryan111 karma

We do have amazing nights out! She's a babe. We are professional dancers.

Sanityisoverrated169 karma

How long have you wanted to be a beautiful, independent black woman?

katherineryan122 karma

Since I was introduced to Destiny's Child at 15.

MonteDaddyC64 karma

Have you heard of Reddit before today?

katherineryan340 karma

I had heard of it yes. Specifically, about an AMA by a man who was born with two penises.

forrestdog260 karma

Hi, Katherine. Cats does Countdown is like a dirty pleasure of mine since I'm American, so I'm wondering what the process of getting a mascot is? Do you come up with something and make it or do you contact the props department or something. Someone has probably asked this before, but I never saw it lol. Thanks :-)

katherineryan99 karma

Getting a mascot is a massive pain because I can never think of anything. They chase me for days and usually I grab something of my daughter's without asking last minute and make it work. I think that compared to other people, I have terrible mascots! But yes we choose them ourselves and bring them from home. xx

YourMumIsSexy57 karma

What's something hilarious that I can write inside my girlfriends valentines card?

katherineryan222 karma

OMG on the spot um.......Roses are red violets are blue, I'm sad that I cannot get pregnant by you?

JFK_did_9-1156 karma

Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his own brow?

katherineryan33 karma

Sure he is.

computer_is_hard54 karma

Dear Ms Ryan, what are your opinions on the ice sculptures that have been created by North Korean regiment of the Ministry of People's Security of the Construction Brigade 618 of Division 216 ?

katherineryan33 karma

Ooh I don't know what those are, I'll have to check them out.

Ceen54 karma

What do you miss most about Sarnia, Ontario?

katherineryan81 karma

I was in a really inclusive musical theatre group. Sarnia actually has an incredible theatre scene.

MartijnCvB47 karma

Hi Katherine! Of all the people you've worked with, who do you think is the funniest 'on the spot' - when they haven't had ages to refine their material, but just have to make up a joke then and there?

katherineryan116 karma

Frank Skinner is sharp AF

ThirteenWings45 karma

Predictable question perhaps, but my partner and I recently became parents (at exactly the same time, strange) - what would be your number one piece of advice with regard to raising a human being to be a respectful, empathetic member of society?

katherineryan139 karma

Great joke, first of all.

I treat Violet like a human? That's all. I don't read any parenting shit and when she cried, I always picked her up. I breastfed her for a long time though that's not for everyone. She sleeps with me every night. I tell her the truth and I never tell her off in front of people. I don't take pictures of her if she's sad or crying. I would never humiliate her. I say sorry if I've been wrong. I'm still figuring it out. So far, she's strangely excellent. Really happy, healthy, strong, and smart. x

mbtbh45 karma

Huge fan since first watching you on QI 'K' live. Simple question, what do you watch to unwind?

katherineryan82 karma

I was so scared on QI! It's a really intimidating show because Stephen Fry is such a genius. I'm glad you liked it but I hardly spoke a word! I love watching comedy and I'm so excited that GIRLS has launched it's last series. But I'm sad it's the last. I watch a lot of reality TV because it numbs the mind COMPLETELY. xx

Saw_a_4ftBeaver44 karma

Katherine what is your joke response to "Oh you are a comedian? Tell me a joke"

How do you respond to the people who say women can't be funny?

katherineryan185 karma

I don't care to change the minds of people who think women aren't funny. I don't care about them at all.

Rossioo38 karma

Hi Katherine, you responded to my reddit post about you on your twitter account yesterday,


After dying of embarrassment I felt that I should apologise for mistaking your height, but in my defense you must have been wearing like five inch heels or something...although, on reflection it might have been because you were on a stage....

Anyway just wanted to say that I love your stand up and I was wondering if you are planning to return to the Fringe again this year?

katherineryan39 karma

Oh my gosh! Don't apologise! I thought it was really funny. x

BumbleChaser34 karma

Hi Katherine. Do you feel pressure to represent your gender when you're the only woman on a show? Or is this women to men ratio issue other people's problem?

katherineryan96 karma

I'm quietly aware that when a woman does badly, everyone goes OOOOH WOMEN AREN"T FUNNY but I try not to let it affect me too much. You've got to keep moving forward and not be distracted because it'll only trip you up. xx

kaolincash26 karma

Hi Katherine, long time fan of yours, just came over from your twitter.

My favourite meal is boeuf bourguignon, but I've been unable to eat it since I became a vegetarian several years ago. I have yet to successfully recreate it as a vegetarian dish, but I'm honing in on it.

What is your favourite meal?

katherineryan65 karma

My step dad is vegan so I'll ask him if there's a good way to make it. I like mexican food, burritos etc. I can't escape my irishness though and I've never turned down a potato in any form. x

saintmorning1024 karma

What is metamodernism?

katherineryan54 karma

My friend Luke Turner writes a lot about it. It's basically the idea that art comes from art and I comment a lot on pop culture and stuff so I like it. Hard to explain short form. xx

CharForceOne22 karma

Do you know the topics for "Scenes We'd Like to See" on Mock the Week beforehand or are they a surprise?

katherineryan52 karma

We know them. x

The_Town_of_Canada22 karma

What's the biggest difference between performing in UK compared to Canada?

Other than being able to have a career, of course.

katherineryan38 karma

hahah yeah, well I didn't really perform much in Canada so I can't comment on that. I was doing open mics and I met a lot of great friends there. I go back for JFL sometimes in Montreal and I find it difficult to adjust to the fact that I no longer have a silly accent there. x

THE_HUGHES19 karma

Hi Katherine! Im a big fan of Task Master, it's a brilliantly simple concept for the show and Alex and Greg do a great job with it. Can you explain how shooting the series worked and any memorable moments?

katherineryan62 karma

It's a blur because you're so invested in the tasks. As soon as it's over, you wish you could start again. We aren't allowed to talk about the tasks until we see them live in studio so you think you've done really well, only to find that you're an idiot.

packetOFfries19 karma

My question is do Canadians or Brits apologise more?

katherineryan101 karma

Sorry, it's Canadians for sure.

katherineryan81 karma

Sorry, it's Canadians for sure.

49th18 karma

Do you think that the BBC was right to cancel "Never Mind The Buzzcocks"? I loved that show and I feel like there was sort of nothing else like it. I also saw you on it live once!

katherineryan35 karma

Comissioning is hard. I wouldn't begin to tell someone else how to do their job. I wouldn't have cancelled Buzzcocks based on the limited information I have which is: IT WAS HILARIOUS. x

MartinSchou18 karma

Obviously none of us here stand a chance of getting a date with you (or any other famous people), but hypothetically speaking, how would one go about it? I mean, I find it rather unlikely that we'd stumble across your profiles on places like Tinder, and I suspect it'd be rather creepy if we saw you in public and approached you with "can I take you out for hot chocolate and gummy bears?"

katherineryan87 karma

I have never been on a date with a stranger and I will never go on a date with a stranger. You have to be friends with me for minimum one year and then you'll be magically living with me before you know what's happened.

CoolHandLuke9813 karma

How long do you have to live in London until people stop teasing you about Canadian stereotypes?

Asking for, uh, a friend eh.

katherineryan27 karma

I hope they never stop. x

kendall100413 karma

Just noticed your special is available in Germany as well, made my day!

Watching right now :o)

Any chance for a Comedy Central Roast? you're definitely one of the best IMO, harsh as Frankie Boyle but easier on the eye

katherineryan23 karma

I love the comedy central roasts. Jimmy Carr was so great on his. I'd love to do one x

RobL9410 karma

Hey Katherine!

Looking forward to watching the special!

If you could have starred in any sitcom on TV, new or old, who would you have played & why?

katherineryan55 karma

I would have been on Seinfeld and I would have been Elaine, but not me instead of Julia Louis-Dreyfus, I just want to BE HER. In every way. Now, then, and forever. x

burgerkingthundercat10 karma

Hi Katherine! You are one of my favourite comedians, both on screen and live. My question is what's the most memorable heckle you've had so far?

katherineryan32 karma

Hmmmmm I don't remember most of them. That's the wonderful thing about live stand up. Stuff happens in the room and then it's gone. You'd have to have been there. x

MakeshiftChemistry9 karma

Valen-tine's Day? What is this Valentine's Day you speak of? I don't even know if that's a thing. I thought you guys knew your audience.

All joking aside, how hard is it to "read" an audience as a comedian?

katherineryan20 karma

I'm lucky that when I'm on tour, people usually know what to expect. At least for the most part. I can read an audience pretty quickly when I'm doing badly though lol

bumbaclaart9 karma

Is Jimmy really an android?

katherineryan47 karma

apple product

Kevl178 karma

Hi Katherine you're my second favourite comedian after Jimmy Carr (sorry), my question is will you please come to The Stand in Newcastle?

katherineryan19 karma

Yes I would love to. I do a show at The Stand in Edinburgh most Augusts during the Fringe and I love Newcastle. x

YourBlankFile8 karma

Thanks for doing this Katherine!

As a fellow Canadian (unfortunately stuck in the US) and an aspiring comedian, writer, producer, etc I'm just curious what it was that moved you out to the UK comedy circuit, and is it something you'd recommend, at the very least, trying once I've got my legs a bit firmer as a comic?

katherineryan22 karma

I didn't want to move to the UK but came reluctantly with a boyfriend. it's funny how life points you in the right direction. All you have to do is GRAFT wherever you are. My friend James Mullinger has an amazing comedy career in Canada and he moved there from the UK just two or three years ago. Everything is accessible to you if you're willing to get your hands dirty I think. x

Too-Far-Frame6 karma

Worst valentine's day story?

katherineryan23 karma

I don't really observe valentines day. My dad always brought my sisters and me flowers and chocolate since we were little. My mum posts me Valentines with stickers and chocolate inside, even today.

pleuvoir_etfianer6 karma

For someone who has (no offense Katherine!) never heard of you and do not know what to expect of your Netflix show, can you prepare me please?

katherineryan17 karma

Um.....it's just a model navigating her way through the modern world. Sometimes she says naughty things but she's quite nice.

ResurrectedToast6 karma

Hey Katherine, thanks for the AMA! Another UK-TV-obsessed Canadian here.

I find this thought popping into my head from time to time and I need to know the answer: why do you say eating bread is like eating a napkin?

I've seen you make this comparison on two separate occasions, and sometimes I'll be eating a sandwich and a memory of you saying this will pop into my head and make me question...everything.

So what's the deal with you and bread?!

katherineryan21 karma

haha I just hate bread. it creeps me out. It's not food. Historically, we needed it for sustenance but we don't anymore. It's everywhere and I don't know why. It's not food! It's so processed. It's the thing standing in between me and food. Wherever I am, I'm like 'WILL THERE BE FOOD" and people say yes but they are LYING BECAUSE THERE IS NO FOOD THERE IS ONLY BREAD sorry. xx

SysTomBrady5 karma

Is David Gandy the best looking Brit?

katherineryan9 karma


EdS9095 karma

What British comedians will break into America soon? i see Jimmy and Aising Bee are on talk shows in the states. I think they would like Greg Davies' ridiculous stories

katherineryan18 karma

Yes! Aisling is in LA with me right this minute! She's a hero. Very funny. Greg Davies makes me genuinely cry with laughter. People were worried I was crying on his Taskmaster show but that's just how funny he is.

TheHumanSuitcase5 karma


katherineryan14 karma

Practice practice practice. Get on stage as much as you can. x

jams214 karma

Canadian food or British food?

katherineryan31 karma

Poutine all day.

ThisIsTheMilos4 karma

Do you watch the TV show @midnight and have you ever been on it?

katherineryan17 karma

I watch it when my friends are on but usually cannot access it in the UK! We are trying to make the dates work for me to go on while I'm in America. It's a great show and I've loved Alex Edelman and Aisling Bea on it. x

dontfuckwithourdream4 karma

What's your favourite comedy room/show in London?

katherineryan7 karma

Always Be Comedy in Kennington. xx

Simblade14 karma

Katherine you are one sexy Canadian mofo. How does a man impress you on a date?

katherineryan19 karma

By being nice to his wife/girlfriend while I deliver their drinks.

Daimo4 karma

How was it working with Frankie Boyle? He's received criticism in the past for going too far with some of his jokes....I find him hilarious, personally! No V-Day plans btw....unless you're free tonight? I cook a mean lamb roast. Good luck with the show.

katherineryan10 karma

I love him. Enjoy the lamb. xx

Dawn_of_the_bread3 karma

Hi Katherine massive fan. Good luck with the netflix special. Quick question. Who do you find to be the most receptive and involved audience's? Stand up or studio? English or Irish? Etc?

katherineryan5 karma

Thank you! Live Stand up is my fav and I actually love British audiences. Hmmmm maybe Scottish especially xx

Couchmovietime3 karma

Hi Katherine! I had no idea who you were until about 3 days ago when you popped up in my Facebook post as an ad for your upcoming special. I looked up as much as I could and you've risen up to one of my top 10 favorite comedians! Thank you for all the laughs already! What is your dream venue to perform at?

katherineryan14 karma

oOOOOoooh quickly they rise, quickly they fall. I've been here for ten years so hopefully there's enough for you to catch up on before you get sick of me. xx Thank you

DoubleEntendre963 karma

Hi Katherine, what do you consider to be the best premise for a show that you've taken part in? Personally I love taskmaster, can you play a part in every series from now on?

katherineryan32 karma

Taskmaster is my favourite too. It's insane. Such fun. I know they've got two new series already filmed and I can't wait to see them. British comedy is so great and that makes it really hard to choose. xx

SolarGorillaTortoise3 karma

  1. It seems to me that it’s easier for North American comedians to achieve success in the UK/elsewhere than for Britain-based comedians to do the same over here. For example, there are comedians like John Bishop who do can do stadium gigs in the UK but hardly anyone knows him over here. Why do you think this is? If you could go back in time, would you still go to the UK or would you try to stay in Canada or the US instead?

  2. I’ve heard some British comedians complain about the glut of panel shows, but as an Canadian-American, I don’t mind because over here we have a glut of talk shows. There’s Kimmel, Conan, Fallon, Ellen, Seth Myers, Trevor Noah, Colbert, Corden, Maher, etc. I personally find the average panel show to be more enjoyable than the average talk show. What’s your take on this?

  3. How did you get started in comedy in the first place and end up across the pond? How did you then make the transition to doing more panel shows? How did you support yourself financially when you were starting out?

  4. Taskmaster is the best and you were great on it. This isn’t really a question.

  5. Who are your favorite comedians of all time/favorite ones active today?

  6. I’m not British but one of the things which got me into British comedy more - apart from trying to escape all the American talk shows - was that American culture seems far more prudish. On British TV, people are way more relaxed about swearing and talking about sex and stuff. It also seems like Americans are much more easily offended and can’t take a joke as well. Do you think this is true? Do you have to change your material at all depending on where you’re performing?

  7. What is your favorite kind of comedy to do? Stand-up, panel shows, sketches, comic acting, writing, etc.

  8. < 3

katherineryan8 karma

JEEEZ let me get back to you. This is an interview! xx

katherineryan8 karma

  1. I think John Bishop could be huge in any country if he wanted to. I wonder if Americans mistakenly believe that they're the greatest country in the world and that everyone is gagging to move there? I love the US and I think they make great films and TV, but I don't think I'd permanently uproot us from the UK. Never say never.

  2. I love the quality of all those American chat shows. They've got big budgets and great writers. I don't know if you can compare them to British chat shows as it's simply a different flavour. We're possibly more chill.

  3. I worked in an office when I first moved to London and after my daughter was born, I did open mic more and more so that I could be home with her during the day. I needed to make it work and luckily, it has worked. I got started just because I thought stand up would be a fun hobby, not a career.

  4. Cosign.

  5. Joan Rivers, Louis CK, Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Roisin Conaty, Sara Pascoe, Romesh Ranganathan, James Acaster, Joe Lycett, Sarah, Millican, Frankie Boyle, Jimmy Carr, so many. many many many more.

  6. We are very relaxed and I'm in America now. I've already been asked by journalist about the level of potential offence in my stuff, so yeah, the culture is maybe different so we'll see how that plays out.

  7. You've always got to do stand-up to be able to succeed at any of the other ones. xx

Thanks for your questions! xxx

captjons3 karma

Really looking forward to watching your special tonight. Which new acts should we look out for on the comedy circuit?

katherineryan17 karma

Stephen Bailey, Jayde Adams, Lauren Pattinson, Lolly Adefope.....so many. xx

turtleflirtle3 karma

Hi Katherine!

You're on of my "I'll watch it if XYZ's on it" comedians and you're one of my female role-models - so thank you SO much for that!

My question is what's your "guaranteed to make me laugh every time" film? It's super lame but I'm so excited to ask you something before this AMA closes that I blanked. 😬

katherineryan8 karma

What a kind thing to say, thank you! I love Bridesmaids and Trainwreck. Love love love them.

tinkoh3 karma

Who's your favorite comedian? What do you like about them.

PS: You're mine :)

katherineryan7 karma

My fav is Joe Lycett right now in this moment. I'll have a different favourite in two minutes. You can't just have one. xx

Thurgood_Marshall3 karma

What's your favorite thing about Trump?

katherineryan35 karma


BertBerts0n3 karma

What's the strangest thing to happen to you other than the fake radio competition?

katherineryan15 karma

I was once targeted by an inflatopheliac.

blockedcontent3 karma

Hey Katherine, what's your rock n' roll wind down routine after a gig?

katherineryan15 karma

I load up HAYU.COM and watch reality TV with a cup of tea*


dwood893 karma

Would you rather get attacked by 50 duck sized horses or 10 horse sized ducks?

katherineryan20 karma

Duck sized horses please because horse-sized ducks are basically velociraptors.

pleuvoir_etfianer2 karma

Katherine, tell us about a show where you utterly died inside because you could tell the audience just wasn't into it?

katherineryan3 karma

Um like every stand up show I ever did for the first two years? XX

in_me_bum_mum2 karma

Where was your favourite place to do stand-up?

katherineryan5 karma

Always Be Comedy in London xx

drewjamez2 karma

Hey I noticed that Andi Osho tells an extremely similar 'Cheryl Cole/malaria/bathroom attendant' joke that I've heard you tell.. did y'all write that together? or is there some plagarizm going down?

katherineryan5 karma

The Cheryl Cole thing was big news in the UK. She's probably a lovely person and is having a baby now awwwww! xx I can't think of exactly what Andi says but just because comics have the same premise, it doesn't mean they have the same joke. xx

Thurgood_Marshall2 karma

Do you get the same women aren't funny horseshit in the UK?

katherineryan4 karma

Yep. Not very often though. x

Unas842 karma

Hello Katherine! Been enjoying your tv-appearances and tweets for some time now over here in the Netherlands. What are the chances of you doing a live show here any time soon?

katherineryan7 karma

I've done stand up in Oslo and Bergen and I'd love to spend more time out that way. xx

strummist2 karma

What would be your dream tv project?

katherineryan6 karma

I love the late night chat show format. Monologue. Guests. Band. xx

Chucke47112 karma

Hi Katherine! I am an absolute nut for British panel shows. I love you on every one I see you on. My question is this: If you could choose to be on one panel show, with a cast of comedians of your choosing, which show and which comedians would you choose?

Oh, also, was Taskmaster as much fun to make as it is to watch? How long does it take to film the series?

katherineryan11 karma

I would love it if there were a show called 'That Thing on Friday Night' with Romesh Ranganathan, Joe Lycett and me. I think BBC 2 should commission such a show.

mbelf2 karma

What are/have been your favourite TV comedies?

katherineryan4 karma

I love love love Catastrophe, Divorce, Girls, Seinfeld, and I don't remember anything before that at the minute. Oh my friend Roisin Conaty has a show coming out on C4 called GAMEFACE and the pilot was incredible. xx

CharForceOne2 karma

Did you actually go home with the guy you had that sidebar with about other dude and the loch ness monster?

katherineryan10 karma

Yep. He genuinely went to loch ness and genuinely didn't ring me for three days. I dated him for a year.

soulmole802 karma

Metamodernist... I think I just died inside. Ugh. Other than that, you're generally hilarious. Punch Carr in the left tit for me would you please?

katherineryan2 karma

Metamodernism is just a bit of fun. x

BTSHills2 karma

Who is the funniest comedian you've met in real life, as in when they are not performing or on TV etc?

Also, you're super hot.

katherineryan5 karma


I can't be around Joe Wilkinson without laughing, even if he's standing still. Romesh, Joe, James Acaster, Sara Pascoe, Roisin Conaty...I mean I just don't hang out with anyone who doesn't make me laugh. I have a problem where I fully cry when I really laugh.

bethany7172 karma

Hi Katherine!

Firstly, you are hands down my favourite comedian. Yourself and David Tennant together on Have I Got News for You (however long ago that was!) was TV heaven for me!

With all the Brexit arguments and general political madness going on at the moment, do you regret living in the UK? I mean, I don't want you to abandon us, but I wouldn't be surprised if you were at least tempted! I guess if nothing else, the world must be providing some real comedy gold right now!

Thanks, hope you're well!

katherineryan16 karma

Brexit is an unsettling reality, but I don't regret living in the UK, no. My friend voted leave and he's someone i have tremendous respect for. He's not a racist. I think it's important not to block these people out, but to listen to them. The most crucial thing is not to be divided. xx

Smelltastic2 karma

Who would win in a fight, Theresa May or Justin Trudeau?

katherineryan10 karma

Trudeau all day. x

dpkimsecks2 karma

You're amazing. I've been follwing you for a long while through panel shows and I'm glad I can finally expose friends to your work through netflix. People have such issues with watching some shows, Jimmy and his laugh, certain accents being super strong, but this is great. I wish more comedians from the uk had netflix specials to share.

My question to you is.. so you're single?what's up?

No but seriously, how is it being a "foreigner" and doing stand up in another country long term? You and Reginald D Hunter seem to be the only ones off the top of my head who do it, but you both seem to fit on quite well. It's quite impressive.

Either way. Big fan. <3

katherineryan6 karma

British comedy scene is really inclusive. I hope to see more british specials on Netflix too. James Acaster and Nish Kumar are excellent. x

RaithVZ2 karma

As a Canadian expat, how do you feel about citizens having their right to vote stripped away just because they don't happen to live inside the country's borders?

katherineryan5 karma

Seems unconstitutional doesn't it?

samwise09122 karma

On a personal level, what are some of your favorite films?

katherineryan14 karma

I don't like serious films because I don't like to be moved. All the Oscar-type masterpieces frighten and upset me so I like movies like BAD MOMS, Clueless, Now and Then, Bridesmaids, Trainwreck...

tokumeikibou2 karma

How does the sexism here compare to your normal experience?

katherineryan9 karma

There has been WAY LESS sexism on this thread than I expected. Is that what you mean? This has been lovely. x

B3wear2 karma

I watched your special this morning. Love it! You are brilliant. My spirit animal. What is your spirit animal?

katherineryan7 karma

Thank you friend! Im grateful for Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, JK Rowling, Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman, Betty White, all the trailblazers. xx

AvatarIII1 karma

Hi Katherine! Really love you on all your stuff.

Was your success in the UK by accident or did you set out to "make it in the UK"? If it was by accident would you rather have made it in Canada first?

katherineryan3 karma

Total accident, but I was always ready to try my ass off for things. I tried hard as a waitress and I tried hard at school and I tried hard in my office job. I love Louis CK's routine about 'never being too good for your job', even if you're mopping floors. Next week it's the fries, innit.

seahawkes4lyfe1 karma

What is your least favorite thing about men? What is your favorite?

P.S. do you ever bring your stand up to Seattle?

Glad I started watching UK panel shows all those years ago and found you! Stay classy!

katherineryan4 karma

I'd love to go to Seattle! I'm hesitant to make any gross generalisations about men. My least favourite thing about people is when they're closed-minded or mean and my most favourite is when they FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. I don't know. I'll tell you this. You can't be with a man you don't respect. You just lose all ability to fancy him.

warthog_smith1 karma

What does the fourth best asshole look like?

katherineryan2 karma

probably an actual diamond.

vero3581 karma

As someone who recently visited Canada for the first time, Why does Tim Hortons give you a donut with everything?

katherineryan5 karma

DO THEY!?!?!! Wait wait wait I'm going back

Haydenhumper1 karma

Do you still wear the Nikki Minaj body suit from red nose day?

katherineryan4 karma

They didn't let me keep it. :(

yelland1 karma

Hi Katherine!

Loved you on Taskmaster, what's your thought process when given a new task?

katherineryan3 karma

I try to win

ericsimon231 karma

I loved your RHLSTP episode. Any chance we'll see you back on that anytime soon?

katherineryan2 karma

Aw Richard is great! I'd love to. x

IntellegentIdiot1 karma

I'm British and I know you mostly as a mother, great to hear you're giving this comedy thing a go too!

Since I have to ask a question, what are your favourite British comedies of all time?

katherineryan4 karma

I am giving it quite a go, yes! I love anything French & Saunders. I finally got around to watching the new Ab Fab movie on the plane. It was such a love letter to the UK. xx

juggilinjnuggala1 karma

Hi Ms. Ryan, I was wondering what's the biggest diff between UK TV and North America's and are we going to see you on US tv anytime soon?

katherineryan3 karma

I don't feel that I can confidently comment on the differences because I've only worked in UK TV. I think it's diverse and hilarious and I love it though. x

Travelertwo1 karma

Your on-stage persona implies that you maintain a certain amount of promiscuity. Is this an accurate representation of you and if so, how 'bout you and I meet up some time? ;D

katherineryan3 karma

Yeah, I don't sleep around at all but I have to act like the same man is like a hundred men to protect his identity which I have failed to do here. I've had like four bfs in my life.

p2pbshmn1 karma

Is there a better biscuit than a dark chocolate hob nob?

katherineryan2 karma


Bunchofthings1 karma

Any good V Day spot in Sarnia besides the back of a car in an industrial parking lot?

katherineryan3 karma

Yes! I haven't lived there in forever but I think they've redone the waterfront. There are probably really nice restaurants there, but I loved going to Ups and Downs.

sroche241 karma

Hi Katherine, big fan of your work.

Do you have any plans to make a regular podcast with other well known comedians? I reckon you'd excel at it

katherineryan2 karma

I don't really understand podcasts though I recorded one with Sofie Hagen called "MADE OF HUMAN' which was lovely. x

bananforenkrone-1 karma

Why does Netflix hate white people?

katherineryan3 karma

Netflix is woke AF