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How do we delete Jason's trousers from reality? Please advise

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Hi Katherine, long time fan of yours, just came over from your twitter.

My favourite meal is boeuf bourguignon, but I've been unable to eat it since I became a vegetarian several years ago. I have yet to successfully recreate it as a vegetarian dish, but I'm honing in on it.

What is your favourite meal?

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One time I saved the url of a YouTube video to a text file and named it "put baked potato but don't" and like two years later I found it and was like "what is this" so I opened it and followed the link but the video had been removed. Ever since that day I have had a burning desire to uncover the truth behind "put baked potato but don't" and it tears me up inside. It is my one dream, my one true desire; to discover what it means to put baked potato but don't.

With all that in mind, when are you gonna do "Artists Draw European Folklore They've Never Heard Of" so I can see Julia's interpretation of a Huldra?

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You did say anything

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Personally I'd fight the latter, just for the sport of it.