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The name thing is for if your driver is very rude or something, so it's easier to complain. The nickname is unnecessary though, I'll give you that.

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I am Dutch. I learned surprisingly little about these events in high school (2002-2008). When talking about world war 2, we mostly talked about the European side of the war - not the fighting with Japan on the other side of the world. What is your opinion on this... undervaluing of this subject in my and my generation's education?

For clarification; we did learn something about it, just not a lot.

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Hi Katherine! Of all the people you've worked with, who do you think is the funniest 'on the spot' - when they haven't had ages to refine their material, but just have to make up a joke then and there?

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I have 3 adopted cousins. 1 was adopted as a baby but the other two, like you, came from a foster care background. The difference (I think, you never stated this, but I inferred it)* is, though, that both still have 1 living biological parent, serving a long jail term. Both of those cousins are now in their 30s and for both their remaining living parent is no longer in jail, making for some complicated family relations. ("I visited my other dad last week!" is just a benign example...)

Do you have any experiences with other foster kids like that? Are children who were taken from their families (as opposed to no longer having a family) more prone to getting in trouble, in your experience?

EDIT: Never mind the no family remaining part - I hadn't gotten to the answer yet where you state you still have living biological family members.

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Yes, but knowing their name saves the person on the other end time and since they're on the clock it saves the company money.