After thru hiking the AT, i returned to Vietnam with my son in 2014 to meet my "enemy" and make peace. Thus the film Naneek, directed by Neal Steeno. Here is proof... thank you everyone for your questions. Love them. Peace. Here is my book, "The Good Hike"

For more info and the trailer for our film, got to

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Mexikanen35 karma

Hi Tim, Could you describe the feelings you had on your way to vietnaam back in the day? What were your standpoints of the war?

naneek194681 karma

I was scared as was every GI on our plane. I was very non political and didn't really pay much attention to the news. I just thought I was doing the right thing because my dad was a WWII vet. I never thought my country would lie to me/us. Of course I learned to loathe war. Lost so many brothers.

jestopher30 karma

What was your biggest mileage day on the AT? What is/was your favorite piece of backpacking gear? Least favorite?

naneek194663 karma

Did 26.2 mile into Hot Springs. Did a 35 miler in less than 24 hours because I night hiked.
Favorite gear...not a gear head but my backpack served me well. Duct tape a must. Aquamira to purify my water. There was no least favorite. If I didn't use something for a week I sent it home. Keep the weight down but think comfort at night. You want to sleep well. Always keep your sleeping bag dry. Peace.

mrwatkins832 karma

I did a section hike of the AT this year through the Smokies, and wrote a book about my experience, too. I'm not too keen on hiking the entire trail, but I would like to do more section hiking along some of the better parts.

What was your favorite section of the trail to hike?

naneek19469 karma

All were beautiful in there own way. I had few dull moments. I liked the Shenandoahas because of the wildlife. The White Mountains of New Hampshire...Maine is beautiful. Keep doing sections until you complete the entire trail. My hats off to you.

lolly123451 karma

Did you meet forest gump

naneek19461 karma

I was looking for him


Hi Tim, in America there seems to currently be huge divides between people for all sorts of reasons. If you could speak to the American people for 2 minutes on the TV and radio, what message would you say and what would you talk about?

naneek1946101 karma

It is extremely important to treat each other with respect. Treat your neighbors and strangers as if s/he was your brother/sister, your child. Be generous. Be grateful for all you have been given. Don't worry about things that you cannot control. Begin each day cheerfully and unhurriedly. And smile, even if you are sad, because others around you will smile, which will make you feel better. We all have gifts to give. Give. Peace.

Toots_McGovern5 karma

Beautiful. Thank you for this. Also, I totally agree with the beginning of the day bit. I intentionally wake up two hours before I "need to" so I can have time to myself and to ease into the day.

naneek19469 karma

you are welcome. Don't forget the smile.

peacebuster2 karma

The problem is that many Americans treat their brothers, sisters, and children like shit.

naneek19467 karma

Maybe I should have said someone close to them. Someone they truly love. If all people treated everyone like someone they love, we would have peace. Way less destruction.

TheAnswer0026 karma

First off, thank you very much for your service. Secondly, how difficult was it to return to "normal" life after fighting in Vietnam?

naneek194637 karma

The day I got back I knew I wasn't normal. I have no idea the person I would have been had I not been in a year of combat at 21. But I am grateful. And I think fun is the key to being "normal".

IamRedbutGoodkind16 karma

What is your funniest story from your time in Vietnam and also the AT? What unit were you with in Vietnam?

naneek194651 karma

When a fellow soldier saved bunches of bugs in a can, then ate them all before we went on a combat assault. It sure got our minds off what was to come. The AT? When a fellow hiker thought he was eating from a cooler that was "trail magic". It turned out to be a construction workers lunch. We were in Hanover, NH. The trail cuts through this town.

carlllllllllll6 karma

My friend has a place right by the AT in Virginia and every time I visit I bring fruit, beer, water, and sandwich ingredients which we put in a cooler with some ice at one of the stops. What other things could we put in there that a through hiker would enjoy??

naneek19468 karma

You are hitting it right. You are thru hikers dream. I thank you from all of us. Sugar stuff...I always rewarded myself with a candy bar of some sort when I summited some mountain.

labradorz15 karma

How much money did you need to have saved to hike the AT?

naneek194639 karma

I wish I could give you an exact figure on that. I would say $5,000 could get it done. Maybe a bit more. You can freeze dry food before you head out. But every once in a while you may want to get off ther trail and hitch into town. Shower, a bed, a cold beer, good food. It is life changing...go for it.

VonRatchet15 karma

How do you feel about foreign intervention after being in Vietnam? When is it appropriate? (if ever)

naneek194654 karma

never liked it. We occupy way too many countries. Those who start wars never fight them. Those who fight them never like them.

RLTW9182 karma

I don't know about that. I loved every second of being on target in Afghanistan. I wish I could have been in sooner for the invasion of Iraq.

naneek19469 karma

I appreciate your comments. I didn't like seeing my friends die violently. I would never want my children to go through what I went through. I was forever thinking of a reason we were out there doing our "duty". I think we were just trying to survive. Not appropriate we were in Iraq.
Glad you are safe.

sbhikes15 karma

What's the biggest meal you ate on your hike?

naneek194662 karma

At the Homeplace in VA...3 slabs of roast beef, 6 pieces of chicken, three orders of mashed potatoes and gravy, lots of vegies, 4 rolls, 1 desert, 3 lemonades, 3 ice teas, 3 waters, 2 chocolate milks.

Ich_liebe_Nihonjin14 karma

I've always wanted to walk the ap trail but life is always in the way. What's the good and bad of it?

naneek194630 karma

The good of the AT??? The people on and off the trail. The bad. Wiping my ass with snow because I ran out of TP. Chaffing occurred. You can read about all my experiences in "The Good Hike". Peace

TysonY213 karma

Thank you for your service, and congratulations on both the documentary and book! I aspire to be able to express myself as you have.

Out of all the accomplishments you have listed, which are you most proud of? Why? Which of those was most difficult to see through? Thank you!

naneek194628 karma

hiking the AT was a huge accomplishment for me. It gave me inner peace and I ended up going back to Vietnam. I had been leery of the woods. Going back to Vietnam and meeting my former enemy only enhanced that feeling there is so much good in the world.

TysonY211 karma

Thank you for your response! I plan on beginning my military career here soon, so that definitely helps the fears of PTSD/trauma, etc. It's a problem that will likely arise, but there are always ways to handle it and remind yourself of the good in the world; just have to find what works for you. That's how I feel at least. I wish you the best, thank you again!

naneek19466 karma

you are welcome. Be safe.

Civics4me4 karma

I find this whole thread very interesting because I saw on CNN where a veteran started an appalachian trail hiking program specifically for PTSD and to help transition vets home. It was very cool!! Must be something about hiking ❤️

naneek19464 karma

I saw that as well. I think it is just getting out there with no distractions and letting yourself think about your situation. Where you have been, what you plan to do with yourself, perhaps forgive. We do things in war we would never do as a "normal" human being.

Yourfacepink12 karma

Hi Tim,

Thank you for doing this! I've got two questions:

Serious: Is there still something in life that scares you and what is it?

Not so serious: Is your son single?

naneek194626 karma

All war scares me. I feel for the participants and the civilians. Son is single but in love. He is adorable isn't he

cm_71010 karma

Although there may not be many, did you have a "best" time or favorite/good memory while in Vietnam besides getting to go home?

naneek194622 karma

going on R&R to Australia was big. I had a 6 day R&R I turned into 28 days. Didn't even get into trouble.
The camaraderie with the fellas was so very special. We protected each other. A family really. Which made it difficult when we lost someone.

Edengrrl10 karma

Thanks for posting this, Tim. Two questions: Was there ever a point at which you almost gave up on your hike? And: What was the most memorable moment of your return to Vietnam?

naneek194625 karma

My mentor made me promise I would do 30 days before quitting. I understand why. I wanted to pack it in early because it was so hard for me physically, but I pushed on and got my "trail legs" under me. The hike was life changing. Memorable moment...two things...meeting a former enemy and us accepting each another, knowing we do things in war we would never do in life. Second, returning to Hill 1338 and remembering my friends and the enemy who lost their lives.

ennealioo9 karma

Hi Tim! Thank you for doing the AMA, man. After hiking the entire AT, going back to Vietnam, and now finishing a memoir... What did you find the most rewarding, why?

naneek194617 karma

that is a very good question. All were epic for me. The AT and all its 2,178.3 miles were beautiful. Back to Vietnam helped me immensely as I remembered my friends and made peace with my enemy. The memoir was the culmination of both. I wanted to get it out for other vets and possible thru hikers in the world.

totallyaaccountname9 karma

What was your favorite bit of the AT? Did you have a trail name or any fun experiences on it that you'd like to share?

Also, thank you for service and for being brave enough to return. That takes a lot of guts, congratulations on everything you've achieved- it takes hard work and dedication to do what you have.

naneek194610 karma

For a section hiker, I would say the Shenandoahs. Lots of wildlife to be seen. The White Mountains in NH. Maine was my favorite state. But the entire trail has its own beauty...Trail name of Naneek. So many experiences I have logged in the book. So many special moments. Thank you for your kind words. Peace.

CollectingCandles8 karma

Now that we've cleared the air about OPP, is your book available on Amazon? Thanks for your service.

naneek19467 karma

Available on Amazon for sure. You will like. Peace.

beezydeezy7 karma

Hi Tim, what is the perfect mixture of ingredients for a Prairie Fire?

naneek194610 karma

a cheap shot of tequila mixed with a FULL shot of Tobasco Sauce. Not a couple drops. Become a member of the PF club now. Keep crackers handy.

ennealioo3 karma

There's no real preparation for a post PF shot.

naneek19464 karma

no there isn't. but it seems women handle them better than men.

CupBeEmpty6 karma

I have been around through hikers a fair amount and a lot of them seem to be veterans and maybe veterans are overrepresented in the group of people that through hike. Is there a "veteran community" within the normal through hiker community?

Do you think there is something specifically attractive to veterans about hiking the AT?

As a personal anecdote, I have always loved the fact that the US has been fairly good about making peace with former enemies. Japan and Germany stand out but Vietnam is often overlooked. It was a protracted, bloody, and demoralizing war, that falls in the "loss" category by almost all definitions.

naneek19466 karma

I don't know of a veteran community. When I hiked I didn't meet many. None former infantry. I have read about vet groups from Iraq and Afghanistan hiking together. That sounded like a healing and good thing. I don't know how you win or lose a war. Most of the people that are killed and wounded are civilians. The Vietnamese people were extremely kind to me when I visited in 2014. And we devastated their country. Thanks for your comments. Peace someday.

Squatchgrip882 karma

Pedal for ptsd is a good group from what I've seen..

naneek19463 karma

thank you for this.

TheShadowsBetrayYou5 karma

How sick does it make you, that to this day civilians will still spit in a soldiers face for carrying out orders given to them, by public officials said civilians elected ?

naneek194617 karma

somewhat of a bummer for sure. I try to focus myself on all the good folks in the world. Those people you refer to aren't worth our energy.

sacodeadducks2 karma

From a vet to a vet - thank you for our service and I absolutely love this response. I aspire to have this mindset. How long did it take you to stop being angry and come to view things this way?

naneek19469 karma

Angry for years. Getting on the AT helped. Going back to Vietnam helped. Writing about it helped. My friends and family helped.

SlugCarnival5 karma

Worst thing you saw in Vietnam?

naneek194626 karma

This is a very hard question for me to answer in a short paragraph. I tried to write about Vietnam for 30 years but coiuldn't get by certain events and battles. After hiking the AT and returning to Vietnam, I was able to put my thoughts down on paper. Hence I wrote a book. It was good for me to get it down on paper. Losing my friends never escapes my mind. Fear follows combat vets.

redrockroamer5 karma

Would like to come hike with me out in the desert in Moab?

naneek19462 karma

that sounds beautiful. I am heading to Mexico in 3 weeks.

todayIact5 karma

How did you get over the shell shock?

naneek194615 karma

talking with friends and family was a huge support. PTSD never truly goes away. The more goodness in my life, the better I feel.

todayIact9 karma

I watched the WW II series on PBS and one of the wives' husband said the way they got over it was by sitting out on the front porch with their wives and couple friends and talking about it.

I met a 90+ year old guy from the Battle of the Bulge. He said it took a long time. His complaint was that his wife never initiates conversation.

Good luck.

What do you think about meditation?

naneek19467 karma

Meditation is a good thing. Quiet, serene.

stiffman5 karma

What kind of shoes and clothing do you recommend for the at?

naneek19467 karma

I used vasque shoes. Rugged. Jagged rocks out there. These shoes protected me. Clothing. patagonia, or smartwool. Something that dries easily and is light.

stiffman1 karma

Thank you sir. Much appreciated.

naneek19465 karma

Thank you for your kind words. Peace.

thenebular3 karma

What was the first thing that made you think 'My God we're living in the future'?

naneek19463 karma

don't quite understand this question.

lbs-vag1 karma

I guess he is trying to ask what made you realize what technological advances have now become a daily reality.

naneek19465 karma

never payed much attention to technology. I don't like that texting is the gig nowadays. People don't do the one on one personal face to face chats like they used to. They don't even talk on the phone to one another. How can people really bond that way?

Prof_Sassafras2 karma

My great uncle was in Vietnam. I've always been told he doesn't talk about it and never brought it. Do you think it would be bad to even mention it to him, and do you find this sort of no talking policy to be common amongst vets? Thanks

naneek19462 karma

No. Tell him about it. Both the film and the Book are for vets. Trying to get a handle on issues. I would tell him. I would bet he would appreciate it. Some vets choose not to talk about it. I don't know many, perhaps because I am one and like to engage.

rbcornhole2 karma

As someone just getting into backpacking, what are some major tips you have?

naneek19462 karma

Get good equipment, your journey will be so much more pleasurable. Don't pack what you don't need. Be comfortable. Keep your sleeping bag dry.

HostileToaster2 karma

Hey, Thanks for your service! What are your thoughs on the Erdős–Stone theorem in mathematics?

naneek19468 karma

fundamentally solid.

KBOSbred2 karma

Just in case you never heard it, welcome back and thanks for serving brother! It's an honor following in the footsteps of you guys.

What branch were you in and what was your job?

naneek19463 karma

I was in the Army. MOS was infantry, 11B. Wasn't supposed to be but when I ended up with my division, they were shorthanded infantry. Bad break for me.

lbs-vag1 karma

Excuse me for asking, but what is shorthanded infantry?

naneek19462 karma

not really sure...but I would assume shorthanded is like we were my entire tour of Vietnam. Never at full strength.

FrederickTheSquirrel2 karma

Any strong political views?

naneek19467 karma

Not really. I try not to go there. It seems our country likes to engage in the idea of occupying. Lord knows we have bombed 29 different countries since WWII. War is a big part of our budget.

ozstar2 karma

Hi thank you for sharing your wisdom. How many countries have you travelled after your service? What hobby interest you the most , other than hike?

naneek19466 karma

The only country, other than Vietnam I have traveled in is Mexico. I go to a little town, Sayulita, for about 3 months a year. My hobby is volleyball. I coached for 30 years. I played for longer. Still play in my age group in the Nationals each year.

TheLeakyWeasel2 karma

Hello and thank you for your service! Have you ever stopped off in Palmerton, PA while hiking the AT? If so when was the last time and do you plan on hiking through again in the near future?

naneek19463 karma

I don't quite recall if I was there. I did hike thru PA, but was in the woods most of the time. I will hike sections of the AT again, but probably not thru hike. The AT is part of my life. I hold it dear to my heart.

Civics4me2 karma

Here is the news story I saw about someone doing a similar program. I wonder if they would like for you to speak or become a guide?

And thank you for your service. You sound like a wonderful person with so much to give.

naneek19462 karma

I have spoken at many events in the past because our film, Naneek, was in several film festivals. I also did presentation on the AT and all its beauty...and what the journey did for me mentally and emotionally. Thank you for suggesting this. Peace.

GambitHollow2 karma

hi Tim, have you meet other veterans since the war, from the opposing force since ?

naneek19468 karma

I am a member of a veterans group that opposes war. I went back to Vietnam and met other North Vietnamese Army soldiers, those that I fought against back in the day. Very healing. Good people.


22 almost 23 year old here. Stuck in a rut. I want help, or guidance, in becoming the best me. What, in your opinion, is the best way to do that?

naneek19468 karma

don't let you dreams be dreams. Have patience and move forward. Too many people want it all now. You will find yourself, but don't sit stagnant. Engage. Peace.

Meshtemataste2 karma

Do you ever regret serving?

naneek19468 karma

I did what I had to do at the time. I had no idea what war was all about until I was in one. Nobody knows the intensity and horror of war unless they experience it. All politiians should experience it before they simply vote and send us off, and then later are so "sad" when we come back in a body bag.

Ringo0072 karma

How do you feel about having been to Vietnam during the war and now knowing you had no business being there at all, that you were duped into it?

naneek19463 karma

I think this is the case with all wars of which we are involved. The politicians that send us to war have no idea the intensity and horror. Their children do not go to battle.
We have bombed 29 countries since WWII It is always about money Ringo. Always. Peace.

Sgt_45Bravo2 karma

The trailer is beautiful. I've got a step father who served in Vietnam as well, and he struggles with some issues from the war and I've tried to convince him to take a trip back to help him. Did your trip back help you? I imagine it must have been an extremely emotional rollercoaster.

naneek19465 karma

yes, very emotional. I don't think I could have pulled it off without the support of my son. He seemed to know when I was having problems. I would recommend the journey to any vet. The people in Vietnam are so forgiving and have wonderful attitudes as they relate to life. Thank you for your kind words.

IAmGodMode2 karma

Hi Tim. I had a question about your PTSD after returning from Vietnam. You had mentioned support from family and friends helped get you through it initially. Was there any government programs available at the time? Today there is much public support for OIF/OEF veterans and the VA generally does a terrific job of finding therapists to help veterans deal with issues. Plus there are the suicide prevention booklets we get with phone numbers and other general information. So my question is..did the government have anything similar available to veterans in the late 60's and into the 70's?

naneek19462 karma

Nothing back then. Just go home and be good. But many of combat vets and others would never be the same.
I think even still not enough is done to take care of our vets who suffered. There are so many suicides. We do private fundraisers to raise money for new beds at Walter Reed. That should never be an issue for our wounded vets.

GodofWar12342 karma

What are your thoughts on the JROTC program? Or any cadet program for that matter?

What advice can you give to a Marine Corps JROTC cadet who wishes to be an active patriot by enlisting in the Marine Corps after high school? :) ;)

What are your thoughts on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

Who did you vote for in the election?

What was your initial reaction with the announcement of Trump winning?

Who do you think is fit to lead our country?

Have you heard about General James Mattis? If so, what are your thoughts and opinions on him?

What do you think our country does great in? What can it improve on?

How do you view the current US military? What are your thoughts on our current military?

On a scale of 1-10, how patriotic are you to our country?(NOT MEANT TO BE A HOSTILE QUESTION)

What service branch were you in?

What was your rank?

If you kept your uniforms/ribbons/badges/medals, what did you do with them?

What was boot camp like during Vietnam?

Do you have any uplifting stories from your times in Vietnam?

How was it meeting the Vietnamese war veterans? We're there any tensions?

Would you ever support a war if it means that people will be free/safe/etc.?

naneek19463 karma

can't answer all of these because I don't want to get into politics. Probably a 9 on patriotic. I love this country but sometimes disagree with policy....I was in the Army, rank of Sp. 4. I was an RTO in Vietnam...I have my medals and citations, nothing else...boot camp was a drag for me, I was way out of shape...Uplifting stories are pretty much non existent. War was not uplifting. The friends met were super human beings. We trusted each other...I loved meeting the NVA. They were cold initially, but warmed to me. We even did a prairie fire. I then met one of them separately before I came home. That was the highlight of my journey. All in the book.
Support war? I don't know. I would have to truly know we were helping and not hurting. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died as a result of our bombs. I don't like that.
Thank you for all your questions.

Akephalos952 karma

Hi Tim. I'm doing a History masters in University focusing on commemoration and memory. My question is have you ever been to The Wall in Washington and if you have, how did it affect you?

naneek19463 karma

I have been to the Wall. Very moving. Almost like being at a funeral. Very solemn. I found friends names. Remembered them. I was emotional. They were all good people with families and friends, just like you and I.

Cheesed302 karma

Hi Tim,

I am dreaming of a thru hike but currently in no shape to take on such a journey. What advice vis à vis physical training can you give me to make sure I am best prepared?

naneek19462 karma

Look for good light gear # 1. If you are in bad shape physically, I would work my way back into shape before taking on the trail. Not that you have to be elite, just some kind of in shape. Then you take it slow as you start off until you get your "trail legs" under you.

Whiskey_Tango__1 karma

Hey Tim, I hike part of the trail every summer, what was your favorite part of it?

naneek19462 karma

Maine was my favorite state. Maybe because of its beauty. Maybe because of the great weather I had. Maybe because I was so close to completion. I love Maine. But you can pick any part of the trail and enjoy beauty and serenity. And you won't get lost. Folow the white blazes.

naneek19461 karma

Maine was my favorite state. The White Mountains of New Hampshire. The Shenendoahs in VA. Every state is beautiful in its own way. Loved it all. Mostly loved all the people on and off the trail that supported us.

funkbus1 karma

Was there anything you learned from your military experience that helped you or others during trail?

Thanks for doing this AMA, I'll be sure to check out the book.

naneek19464 karma

I would never set up camp at the bottom of a hill. A Vietnam thing. Perseverance and determination I learned as an infantry soldier. I did become determined to finish the AT after I hiked 400 miles or so. Barring injury, I was going the distance. I thought to myself many times...I survived a year in a combat zone. I can do this. And I can do this for friends lost.

TheBellaBubbles1 karma

What are your thoughts on Hannoi Hannah?

naneek19462 karma

grew to love her...But not so much when I was in Vietnam.

zigzagman10311 karma

How come a bunch of the letters on the whiteboard behind you are backwards?

naneek19462 karma

I am a former volleyball coach. An artist who played for me gave me a map of the world, very creative, most backwards. That was back in 86. I loved that gift.

MannequinFlyswatter-1 karma

You down wit OPP?

naneek19467 karma

don't quite know what you are referring to. I am new to this gig.

CollectingCandles-4 karma


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naneek194620 karma