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Thanks for posting! Are there any plans to 3D scan specimens so people can print their own? I would love to print my own T-Rex skull. It would be amazing to print an entire specimen, although smaller, and assemble it. It'd be a really neat fossil puzzle, except more affordable.

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I volunteered to get tazed. I can tell you it really sucked and was painful. It felt like the electricity was travelling up and down my body in waves and I couldn't move. While the wave of electricity was traveling through my body, it fired off the pain receptors as they passed. I suppose if you've ever been shocked by an outlet, it's something like that. Except all over your body.

The really neat part though was that the pain stopped the instant the tazing stopped. No after effects, you could jump right back up and go about your business. Unless you were unsupported when you fell and got hurt that way. Neat experience. I'd do it again if I got an X-26 out of the deal. I did get a hat and coin for getting tazed, so that was nice.

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This exactly what I was hoping for. Thank you!

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This is an X-26

Basically, it's the taser that the police use.

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Hey, someone else that's been there. From what you've said, things must have been pretty mellow then. The fighting was still going on when I was there. I'm glad things have stabilized there. Did you get to see that huge fountain?

Thanks for giving all the great answers.