I am a retail worker at a relatively new Krispy Kreme location. This is my first job and I have worked nearly all positions on the retail side. AMA!

Proof: http://imgur.com/gkUVT8C

EDIT: Wow, didn't think I would get this big of a response! Thanks! I'm headed off for now, but feel free to drop in your questions and I will try to answer them. Thanks again! :)

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marineturndlegofiend163 karma

What is your store policy on free late night donuts to stoned highschoolers?

When I was in highschool we would roll through the drive through after hours and one of the employees would ask how many people we had in our car. We would tell them and they would tell us to come around to the window. We would pull up and they would give us a dozen original glazed per person. Then stop by the convenience store for some Yoohoos and we'd be set.

trev0b185 karma

Lol, you may be the reason the company has told us not to give out any donuts. All leftover donuts are thrown away at the end of the night, but sometimes we give a dozen to the mall security guards or janitors.

marineturndlegofiend65 karma


trev0b118 karma

Haha. I'd be all for giving some out. We literally throw away about 5 garbage bags full of donuts. Apparently we can't give them out because when they used to, people would turn around and sell them to make money.

Sour_J13 karma

Why cant you take them home??? Seems like a waste

trev0b24 karma

We get a dozen each week, but otherwise they're trashed. Just a corporate policy.

fritobugger99 karma

The Hot Now sign is some powerful neon sex.

How many / percentage of stores actually make them fresh and hot in the shop?

trev0b67 karma

99%. To my knowledge, only ours and one other new store don't. There may be a few older ones scattered here and there, but most have the manufacturing line in the back.

finnknit19 karma

Is it always only the plain glazed donuts that are sold hot? Back when Krispy Kreme was new to the area where I lived, I noticed the sign and asked the guy at the drive through "What's hot right now?" After we drove away, my husband pointed out that the guy probably thought I was hitting on him.

trev0b15 karma

Yep. Only glazed. Sometimes others if you get there very early in the morning.

debeastmode78 karma

At which part of the process do you add the crack?

trev0b68 karma

Usually somewhere between the glaze fountain and picking them off the line. ;)

ScepticalChymist58 karma


trev0b28 karma

I think I missed the joke...haha

ScepticalChymist59 karma


trev0b14 karma

Hmmm interesting, I had no idea. Lol

padraig_garcia54 karma

Is there that one old guy who's there every day, reading a paper and drinking coffee? I feel like every time i go into a krispy kreme, anywhere in the US, there's that one guy...

congrats on the job!

trev0b54 karma

We have a couple. Some people will literally come in at the start of my shift (usually 3-4pm) and won't leave until we tell them we're closed. Usually reading a book or browsing the web.

JonquilStitch40 karma

What kind of crack is in those things?

trev0b31 karma

None (that I know of, lol). I should note that my store is a "test store" for KK, in that we don't manufacture the donuts on-site. They make them at a nearby store, they bring them in each morning and as we need more, and we heat up the original glazed in an oven. We were the first store like this for KK, and to my knowledge there has only been one more since.

mandibunch19 karma

They recently put one in my hometown and the donuts do not taste fresh at all. They are so dense and doughy, I have a hard time believing it was made onsite. Are yours that texture as well? I used to manage convenience stores and they are the exact same texture and flavor of the Prairie City donuts we served, which were thaw-and-serve. The hash browns are epic and the coffee is great, but the donuts just aren't my thing.

trev0b22 karma

Ours certainly taste fresh, just not hot all of the time. An easy way to tell if they are made on site is if there is a window into the manufacturing line in the lobby. If you can't see the line, chances are they're made offsite.

muddytodd4 karma

Can you say what city? There is one near me in VC that has terrible doughnuts in comparison to other KKs, but I don't know of any other nearby stores.

trev0b3 karma

Rather not, but don't know what VC is. We are located in a shopping mall

muddytodd5 karma

That's helpful, you would know what VC is. I was just wondering if our store was the same format as yours since it is relatively new and the taste is so off. Regardless, it would make sense if they were also reheating.

trev0b4 karma

You could always ask. And the oven for reheating should be clearly visible, it's not something KK tries to hide.

ElSummonero3 karma

Are you in Hendersonville NC then? That's where one of those stores is iirc.

trev0b3 karma

Not there.

dillanb12338 karma

Do cops come by for donuts as much as you thought?

trev0b56 karma

Believe it or not, yes! We have about 5 cops that are regulars.

YoureInGoodHands20 karma

Free for cops? I worked for a TV station and if you rolled through in a live truck it was free every time.

trev0b21 karma

Sometimes if they swing by around closing time.

SovereignCloud20 karma

Are you liking your job? What's it like?

What's your favourite thing on the menu?

Employee discount?

trev0b33 karma

I do enjoy it, we only opened right before Thanksgiving so I've only been dealing with the Christmas rush which has been stressful. It's sometimes hard to keep up depending on what station you're on.

Favorite thing is either the new Nutella donut or the Chocolate custard filled and the iced vanilla latte.

50%, one free dozen each week, one free specialty drink each shift (latte, chiller, etc.)

SovereignCloud12 karma

Damn, those are some great benefits. What's your favourite station to work?

trev0b17 karma

They are! I like either cash register (being able to interact with the customers and not very stressful), or packing the orders (also not stressful, better for days when you don't feel like talking to people, ha).

SovereignCloud12 karma

Well, a big congratulations on your first job! Thank you for answering my questions.

trev0b12 karma

Thank you!

BlindSightTF217 karma

What's your favorite doughnut?

(Also can confirm he works at KK)

trev0b25 karma

New nutella donut, and thanks pal ;)

knight_9514 karma

I'm happy KK is coming to my town in FL! I tried it once in Tennessee and was blown away. What is your favorite album to listen to?

trev0b23 karma

You'll probably get the new store design like mine. Very earth-toned and Starbucks-ish.

Also, I've been listening to Death of a Bachelor by Panic! at the Disco for the last few weeks.

FrozentoBits13 karma

What is the most popular donut of your store?

trev0b33 karma

Original Glazed of course, otherwise probably Chocolate Iced Glazed

rolloserpentine12 karma

somebody told me all Krispy Kreme are kosher. Can you vouch?

trev0b30 karma

I'll explain it to you the way it was briefly explained to me by our trainer. They're made with kosher ingredients, but aren't like "certified" kosher.

beans2179 karma

How different do the doughnuts taste from state to state? I live in Winston-Salem where it was founded, and when the sign says "HOT", you have to stop!

trev0b12 karma

I've only tasted KK in my area, but I can attest that people make a point to stop when the sign is lit.

ezzyrd9 karma

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

trev0b16 karma

Getting to turn someone's day around, especially kids. A donut can always put a smile on someone's face. The dozen free donuts each week are pretty good too.

mystic06089 karma

What's a cool "hack" when ordering? Do you get tired of eating doughnuts?

trev0b19 karma

Always tell us how many donuts you will be ordering before you start naming them. For instance, if you start calling out donuts and you end up at a dozen without telling me, it will be more expensive. I have to select the box size before picking the donuts to go in the box. So if you want a 3 pack, say "Let me get a 3 pack of ________".

Also, if you want extra flavoring in your drink, tell us at the pickup counter. Chances are we will just be nice and add it in without charging you, whereas if you tell us at the register, we have to add it on the ticket.

Certain donuts, yes. Chocolate custard, my all time favorite, absolutely not.

HakkuSomen8 karma

What are a couple things that you warn strictly against buying/doing at Krispy Kreme and why?

trev0b19 karma

Hmm. Pass on the raspberry/lemon filled donuts. The flavors just don't work imo. Also don't get pissed at me (at the register) if we are out of something. It's not our fault and, chances are, we're just as frustrated as you. Our shipments were messed up for the first few weeks so we were out of cups, lids, syrups, etc. here and there. Had more than a few people cuss me out, but I couldn't do anything about it.

NoodleSnoo26 karma

Take that back. The raspberry filled donuts there are totally legit.

trev0b6 karma

Lol personally not a fan!

thereij7 karma

Why is the Blueberry Fritter on the menu, yet no store ever has them?

trev0b8 karma

It isn't on our menu. We only carry the apple fritter.

Mahimah7 karma

What would you say is the weight of your average customer?

trev0b17 karma

Being in a southern state known for obesity, higher than normal. I'll leave it at that.

reddditusername7 karma

I had an uncle who told me that in his younger working days, he was a KK delivery driver. He said if anyone were to walk up to him and ask, 'Got any extras?', it was a corporate rule to indeed give the requestor a freebee. Is this true now, then, or not at all?

trev0b10 karma

Hmm. Probably true. I haven't heard that personally though. They did tell us specifically that they give us the power to remedy problems, so if someone didn't like their donut, we have the full power to give them whatever we want to make the problem better. Got the wrong donut? I give them two of the correct donut and let them keep the wrong one.

BRAman226 karma

Are you sick of the smell and/or the donuts?

trev0b10 karma

Absolutely, yes. My uniform and car smell of donuts and espresso beans. I could still go for a donut every now and then.

BRAman223 karma

Bummer that something so damn good is ruined.

trev0b5 karma

I know! I kind of expected it going in though.

trev0b6 karma

Nope. Right into the garbage bag and into the trash compactor in the back...lol. Not my decision, but it's what we have to do.

eggtropy5 karma

What was your craziest moment on the job?

trev0b9 karma

So far, Black Friday and a couple of days through December that have been nearly as busy. Line out the door the whole 7 hours I was on the clock. No time to collect your thoughts. Just make what was on the screen and move along. We had messes everywhere that we had no time to clean up. We somehow made it through.

31BravoKJ5 karma

Hey fellow Krispy Krew member! I'm a supervisor/baker for a store in Orlando, FL. My shift was recent recognized by the CEO, and I'm feeling proud. How's everything going with you guys?

trev0b6 karma

It's going good! Stressful in the Christmas season since our store is in the middle of a mall. Congrats on the recognition!

system36015 karma

During Chanukah do you see a spike in sales?

trev0b4 karma

We've been crazy busy this whole month, so hard to differentiate.

HoTs_DoTs5 karma

How much donuts do you add to your sugar ?

trev0b5 karma


ihateyoucheese5 karma

how many times have you put your dick through a donut? is that how donut holes are made?

trev0b1 karma


yukithesmith4 karma

  1. Why do you not advertise on TV or Youtube? 2.How is the Nutella Donut?

trev0b8 karma

I've seen a few KK adverts on TV.

The Nutella donut is actually incredible. Everything you would imagine it to be. Get the filled one.

PonytailJesus4 karma

Please come back and answer. Are you familiar with the "Back at it again at the Krispy Kreme" Vine?

trev0b3 karma

Yes lmfao. I actually found that at work. We were dying.

jimthesoundman4 karma

The Krispy Kreme glaze is too intense for me, I like Dunkin Donuts better, you don't feel like you just ate a five pound bag of sugar over there.

Does every Krispy Kreme have a donut machine or do some locations just get the donuts delivered from another location with a donut machine?

What is the strangest thing anyone has tried to order?

trev0b7 karma

I can somewhat agree. Not a huge fan of glazed myself.

We were the first KK in the country that gets the donuts delivered. There is only one more after us. To my knowledge, every other location manufactures their donuts. KK is trying to go to smaller-format stores, and we were the first.

I had a lady order a latte with every flavor we have (caramel, mocha, caramel mocha, vanilla, hazelnut, and toffee). She drank the whole thing and said it was great.

TheNewRobberBaron5 karma

I think New York Penn Station has had a Krispy Kreme inside the station for quite some time that gets the donuts delivered. I've never had a fresh Krispy Kreme from that location, and I worked a block away, so I walked by it almost every day, and never saw fresh donuts coming from the back.

Can you check with corporate on this? If there's a machine in the back of the Penn Station Krispy Kreme, I may have to go there again and just stand and wait.

trev0b5 karma

I'll see what I can find

Machining_Innovation3 karma

Late but I really want to know, when I go to Krispy Kremes baked af do they know?

trev0b3 karma

😂😂 we can tell

An80sMontage2 karma

So when I worked at the Edinburgh Drive Thru branch, they didn't care much for working practices or workers rights, is that across the board or just with new store openings?? Also did that branch end up with court proceedings??

trev0b2 karma

They seem to care about that here.

azick5452 karma

What is it like working for Kk? are they a good business to work for?

trev0b6 karma

They are, I love my boss and supervisors and have had no trouble yet.

dave-n-knight2 karma

How many cops do you see on a daily basis?

trev0b2 karma

2 or 3

fonster_mox2 karma

What percentage of people think it's pronounced "krem"?

trev0b2 karma

Never heard it like that, so I guess 0% where I'm from!

OliveOyl-1 karma

Does the original contain pig fat?

trev0b2 karma

Not that I am aware of, not completely sure.

I_smell_awesome1 karma

Where do you work?

trev0b3 karma

At a Krispy Kreme ;)

guineasomelove1 karma

Why did you guys run out of Glazed Chocolate Cake doughnuts two nights ago?

trev0b2 karma

We don't sell chocolate cake donuts.

spazticcat1 karma

I'm sure this is too late, but what do I have to do get a chocolate cake (previously known as chocolate Devil's food cake) doughnut? One store I went to said they were seasonal, another said they had no idea what I was talking about (and that's the store I have gotten them from previously, for many years). I haven't seen one that flavor at an actual Krispy Kreme location in years; the last one I had was from a gas station. They're still listed on the website as available at select locations, but I cant figure out which ones...

trev0b1 karma

Never heard of it! Sometimes if you call ahead the location can make some just for you.

RWC881 karma

Do you put sodium in your donuts because I'm so damn thirsty after eating a few?

trev0b1 karma

Lol no, but same.

imsmoothassandpaper1 karma

Why is there a Krispy Kreme on Maui in Hawaii and not on Oahu, the most populated Hawaiian island?

trev0b1 karma

That's a question for corporate, I have no idea. Sorry!

Pawprint14231 karma

Why are there Krispy Kreme's in MN?!?!?!

trev0b1 karma

lol I have no idea

SpacePanther171 karma

What do you think it was that made Krispy Kreme unsuccessful in Massachusetts?

trev0b3 karma


xoknight1 karma

How often do you guys replace the glaze in the machine in the window? Everytime I go there I can't help but imagine 3 day old sugar coating the pastry.

trev0b2 karma

Our shop doesn't make the donuts on site. We get them from a nearby shop.

Diggy-Dog1 karma

Many years ago, I wrote KK corporate about false adverstiing because the type of store you describe does not meet the traditional standard of "Hot and Now".

"Not and Then" means eating a doughnut that was cooked earlier in the day and is then just reheated and glazed now. This process is really a slap in the face to anyone who knows "Not and Now".

So, my question is this. What do you think about my rant?

trev0b2 karma

I can agree, and it's as frustrating to you as it is to me. I wish we had a full store where we could just whip up some more donuts if we ran out.

I honestly was skeptical on how they would taste after being reheated. You'd be surprised. They really do taste like they just came off the line (I trained for 2 weeks at a store that actually made the donuts on-site).

falloutz0ne1 karma

What do you have to do to learn how to be an actual KK donut... baker?

trev0b2 karma

Not sure, the manufacturing and retail jobs are completely separate. The only thing retail workers do on the manufacturing line is pick them off and box them up. From what I saw, it wasn't much, just loading the machinery and letting it run.

Diggy-Dog0 karma

I guess I'm a snob, but there is no way that a reheated doughnut tastes anything as close to a fresh-cooked product.

It was becaus of the poor taste of the reheated one that I figured out there was something wrong.

For the record, I'm referencing only the the original glazed doughnut.

trev0b3 karma

I think it does. We've had a few people ask where our manufacturing line is because they think they were just made. The only ones we heat up are the original glaze.

Maybe your location had an older oven setup? Not sure.

BV17170 karma

Have you saw the ThreadBanger Video?

Edit: Added video links

Well you happened to catch me right as I am on a Desktop:

First one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2cd4iSOPaE

Second one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqxLYnNvnu0

WARNING: May have some profanity so do not watch at work

trev0b1 karma

Nope, link when you get a chance

BV17171 karma

Well you happened to catch me right as I am on a Desktop:

First one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2cd4iSOPaE

Second one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqxLYnNvnu0

WARNING: May have some profanity so do not watch at work

trev0b2 karma

Thanks for the warning, ha. Thank goodness I am not having to work today. I have seen that video, and have actually considered trying it myself.

BV17171 karma

I didn't want to mark it NSFW. Since non of my comments are NSFW/NSFL yet.

trev0b2 karma

Ooh, I can see where my comment could have been read wrong. No you're good. I was referring to not having to work today because apparently we have been super busy, luckily I am off.

BV17171 karma

Ok well since it's midnight here where I am writing this comment so Merry Christmas!

Also check out thteadbanger it's a great channel with a lot of comedy.

trev0b1 karma

Thanks! Same to you.

Bubbles_4520 karma

Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts?

trev0b6 karma

Krispy Kreme, honestly, even before I worked there. Not a fan of Dunkin.

Paradoxicorn0 karma

What are your feelings for paying it forward and /or slowly ordering whole high?

trev0b2 karma

We had a gentleman come in and order a cup of coffee. These two girls behind him were considering what to get in their dozen, and he paid for it. It started a small chain reaction and it was pretty heartwarming.

Im_Wiz_Kalista-1 karma

I'm a baker myself, but at a local bakery. It's just two of us and the owner 6 days a week. Closed on Mondays.

My question: Do you guys function as a bakery that makes donuts or are you just a donut shop? (If I ordered chocolate covered strawberries, would you just say no?)

trev0b2 karma

We are a donut shop. The next closest KK is about 10 minutes away, so they make our donuts there and bring them in.

Im_Wiz_Kalista0 karma

Bizarre. Never heard of such a thing. At least when we sell out of donuts we just close. Sounds like you get more donuts shipped in. Rough.

trev0b2 karma

Really depends. If it's like an hour or two before closing, we don't call and ask for more, we just let it run out. But if we run out of original glaze at noon like we did on Black Friday, we've gotta call and ask for another delivery.

Im_Wiz_Kalista1 karma

I'd hate to be the guy who has to now make double the amount of donuts he used to lol

trev0b3 karma

Lol we were just talking about that the other day.

DropKickBabies-2 karma

why do the doughnuts have so much glaze on them compared to dough? I cant taste anything but sugar

trev0b3 karma

At a shop that manufactures the donuts, if you call ahead, you can request a dozen with light or no glaze.