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I remember reading about divers who were in the water during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. They were were unaware of what had happened until they surfaced.

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The vaccine makes a huge difference in the duration and severity of symptoms if you do get sick, too. My husband can't be vaccinated, and he came down with influenza this past winter. My child and I were vaccinated, but caught it from him anyway. When I took my child to the doctor, at first the doctor didn't think it was influenza because my child's symptoms were relatively mild and hadn't been going on for very long. The doctor ordered labs to be sure, and they came back positive for influenza. My child and I both recovered more quickly, and with less severe symptoms than my husband.

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Never swim while fatigued, sick, or intoxicated.

And generally stay away from water if you're consuming alcohol, even if you don't plan to swim. In Finland, they say that "Alcohol and water don't mix." Every year on Midsummer, people tend to drink heavily around water and drown, especially when they aren't expecting to end up in the water.

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Unless you're getting the attenuated live virus nasal spray, the vaccine is made from an inactivated form of the virus and you can't get influenza from it. Some people do experience side effects such as runny nose and sore throat after getting the vaccine, but it's not because they are infected with influenza. And the side effects are mild and short-lasting compared to actually having influenza if you haven't been vaccinated.

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Brasizedetectr: detect the bra size from a picture.

You'd probably have some synergy with the people over at /r/abrathatfits for that one.